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    • CommentAuthoredyhdrawde
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2008
    You know I read comics, and I'm just an average Joe. But I figured that I would review a comic or two each week. Will it help you choose a new title to read that you might not normally pick up? Maybe. Will it give me something to do, when I should be doing something else? Most likely.

    First, I just want to give a quick review of Messiah CompleX, yes I capitalized the X at the end. I enjoyed the storyline a good deal. I thought it was well thought out. I liked the tough team leader Cyclops. While "Slim" has never been one of my favorite X-Men, this recent change in him is a pleasant change. Not sure what I think of the new "X-Force" though, but I like Crane's art so we shall see. I would prefer Kyle and Yost stay on New X-Men. I like the idea of Bishop gone bad. Not sure I like the "M" on Madrox's face now. There were no big deaths. My one issue with the story's end, just as I had the same problem with the end of House of M. I was just waiting for Cyclops to utter "No more X-Men" ala Scarlet WItch's "no more mutants", I enjoyed where they went with the story after House of M and hopefully I will feel the same about the X-Men, but in both cases it felt a little out of place, especially that Cyclops would end the X-Men with.

    Okay, so I have rambled on incoherantly enough for now. I'm getting ready to sit down and read Virgin Comics, The Stranded. I'll pass along my opinion afterward.