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    • CommentAuthorSaprophyte
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2009
    I highly recommend checking them out. They're music borders on noise, but there's a bit of cohesiveness in there that is quite pleasing. They're kind of like a cross between Nick Cave's The Birthday Party and Mr. Bungle's Disco Volante. Check em out!

    And a new vid for them here:
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    if you like stuff influenced by the BIRTHDAY PARTY you are in luck, as thats what all of the "cool" punk is slowly moving in to. even the fast hardcore bands are getting in on it ie CULT RITUAL
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    • CommentAuthorSaprophyte
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2009
    @ joe
    Yeah, my faith in today's music is slowly being restored as more and more people sick of what's going on in the music industry are taking matters into their own hands. It just requires me to dig a little harder.

    @ warren
    Thanks for embedding the vid. I wasn't really sure if I was supposed to. Now I know :)
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    i wish i could think of more of this stuff right now, but its not really my deal so i dont remember a lot of them. PIGEON RELIGION and AWESOME COLOR are the only ones i can recall....