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    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2009
    UK PSA about texting and driving- full 5 minute version.

    No boobies, no mud wrestling and really no haha. Especially at 0:32. And 2:11. And well, pretty much all of it.

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    Except that , in the first video, we don't just 'declare someone dead' like that - everyone gets as swing at the roulette wheel of CPR, chest decompression, etc...

    Unless your brains are spread across half the road we ambulance folk do give it a go, if only to keep the coroner off our back.

    (And yes, I know that's not the point of the advert, but likewise a fatalitly from such a 'damage only' crash is unlikely). I can see what they mean to say, but without that essence of truth people are likely to ignore it.

    I say, show what *really* happens at a fatal RTA...
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    Yeah. That's much more like the fatals I've dealt with. Watching it has brought a tear to my eye about some of the folks that I've come across, and about my ambulance being made a temporary morgue for three of the people involved in one particularly nasty crash.

    And always, it seems that the driver survives.
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    Our local highschool showed video tape from real local drunk driving fatalities to the students every year. They forgot to warn the class that the tapes were local and graphic and I remember one girl left the class sobbing, when it turned out one of the splattered people on the video was a relative of hers.


    Couldn't eat lunch for next few days after that one.

    The stockpot of water video freaks me out a bit because I could totally see something like that happening in my workplace (we've had dumber accidents), and because our non-slip shoes are such a fricken' joke. Kitchens are dangerous places, and I've patched up my share of coworkers. (If you are handling a knife, saying 'I know what I'm doing!' usually seems to curse you to hacking off the tip of your finger or so the next second).
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    These videos and others like them inspired my friend Steve to start making similar videos for fun. If he shoots anything soon then I'll post what he came up with...
    • CommentAuthorPablo
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2009
    Oh God. That one in the kitchen. I can still hear her screaming.
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2009
    Tim12: I like that one for most of it, but there are a few moments that seem too directed. "Mommy, Daddy, Wake Up!" and the dead baby's eyes are the worst and verge on making that comedic.
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    Paladine-agreeing w/you that the 'mommy, daddy wake up" lines seemed a bit canned. The dead baby seemed a bit of an afterthought. "here let us incl. a random dead baby!"