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    Some great stuff listed here - Saul Williams, NIN, Tom Waits, Mars Volta, Pumpkins (nobody mentioned Machina, but that's OK since the original concept got shit on by Virgin and the resulting album was not stellar or cohesive by any means)...

    What must be mentioned is a little-known band from New England called Mercury Radio Theater. They write fun little macabre tales, have folks outside the band narrate and illustrate them, and then construct dark surf-punk albums around the stories. Absolutely fantastic; they've got two albums out already, with a third dropping "soon".

    And I'm not sure this counts, but there's an old industrial metal outfit called Argyle Park that came out of New York in the early 90s who released one album titled Misguided. It's probably more of a themed album than a concept album, but it was, at least, written and recorded as a collective catharsis for the members and feels rather unified in subject and purpose. Featured quite a few guest musicians and vocalists, too, including guys from Foetus and Prong.