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    @CaitlinK Wow, in that pin-up gear you have a Rosalind Russell vibe. Awesome!
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    My blind kitty, in her favorite spot, a sunbeam.
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    Again, because I love it so much, I gotta say that picture of the bridge is wonderful.
    Is it possible to get a more high res version, I'd love to have it as my background?
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    I am being such a photo nut this weekend . . . .
    Converse Black and White three
    Egg Black and white
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    I've been concentrating on trying more creative things with my camera, and work on projects with my creative other half of "The Sticky Friends". This isn't a double exposure, or just layered in photoshop - we've been taking long exposure shots with movement and multiple flashes. There is a great deal of photoshoppery invovled to bring out the right colors and contrast....


    (his ear makes my face look like it's fading into skull, and my hair gives him a 5 oclock shadow. This is my favorite thus far.)


    My website (where the best of what I've got is): RAE FOX DOT COM
    My flickr (where art and posterity all mingle): Agathicka Smileypants
    The Sticky Friends flickr (until i get the site up again): ooey gooey!
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    I photograph letters and related stuff for my blog. It’s not intended to be artistic (or even especially pleasant), but it gives people who buy my fonts some insight into what I’m looking at as I walk through life.

    Stamped label
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    • CommentTimeSep 7th 2009
    @PintSizedCat - Why certainly

    @thewaltonsare - casting for the Cheshire Cat there?
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    @Pi8you-Perhaps . . . . she does look like she's fading a bit . . . .
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2009
    @thewaltonsare And smiley. She looks very smiley. I like the selective color, that's one of those effects that's really difficult to make look not-cheesy and you've pulled it off really well in this shot.

    @pi8you that bridge shot is amazing

    @coop as always I love you, and I hate you. You're just that fucking good.

    @Rachæl Nœl That's a really sweet effect. Well worth the effort.

    @James Puckett You are AWESOME! I am so totally subscribing to that. Huge font geek right here. I think type may be the only thing I love as much as photography. I'm in the middle of editing a batch of signs that I've "collected" because apparently no one in South Dakota has updated their signage since like 1965.
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    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2009
    @lexmachine - Thanks here as well! The SD signage set sounds like fun (so long as it's not all Wall Drug signs anyhow), as I've been across the state too damn many times and can wholeheartedly agree.
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    @lexmachine drop me an email ( when you get your signage photos posted. I love seeing good signage. I’m still kicking myself for having a dead camera battery when I visited Skagway, Alaska, where carved and painted wooden signs are mandated by law.
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    @thewaltonsare, all of those closeups are lovely. nice work.
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    @lexmachine and allana-Thanks! I hadn't quite noticed the shadow-smile on the kitty . . . hence the Cheshire cat comment above . . . it's fun to see what other people notice about photos, that's why I like posting here.
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    i should mention that i also met some boxer puppies last week.
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    Okay, I seem to be taking pictures of my shoes . . . don't know what this says about me . . .
    Silver Shoes
    Silver Shoes Too
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    @allana-awwwww, too cute!
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    I'm so much the amateur it's embarrassing, but I'm having fun.

    Flickr account

    Sackets Sunset


    An evening's entertainment