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    Some non-artistic photographs for commercial purpose:

    owner 2b

    fork bracelet

    I find it mildly amusing that for all the hooplah of Microsoft commercials having been made by design companies using Apple, I'm post-processing my photographs on a Dell for a Mac-specific business:
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2009
    Nice. I like the top photo. The dog's like a little visual Easter egg. The DOF's just right too.
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2009 edited
    Was lucky enough to stumble across some fire spinning artists practicing the other night.

    In Hand


    Next time I need the monopod for longer exposure and less shake.

    [edited to dial down the image size]
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    Raindrops on cobweb

    Cobweb after the rain today . . .

    Downtown Harrisonburg-Bank of America building
    I found the texture of this wall interesting
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    Did some closeups of my eyes this morning
    Tired Eyes Colored
    With selective coloring, I didn't mess with my eye color, I just put it back in the photo.

    Tired Eyes
    Straight black and white

    I can't decide which one I like better.
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    Here's one more, my daugher actually consented to sit still long enough for me to take her picture
    My Daughter's Eyes
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    Okay, I made my husband pose too.
    Brown Eye
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    Here's a couple I made last weekend.

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    Just finished this one!

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    Very cool
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    @thewaltonsare - thanks. Nice cobweb & eyes. The color really set them off.
    • CommentTimeSep 22nd 2009
    From a recent trip to Brazil. The first is from an animal sanctuary just outside of São Paulo. The second is one of a number of photos of the wildlife just in the bushes around the pool at a bungalow hotel in Paraty (Pa-Rah-CHEE), a 500-year-old Portuguese gold port. I have a 70-30mm/f4.0-5.6 lens that's an indifferent telephoto but a pretty good macro, for the €70,- I paid for it.

    6094 Peacock

    6360 Palm bugs under flash

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    Took these at Ynyslas and Ynyshir, near Aberystwyth.


    Reflected reeds
    • CommentTimeSep 23rd 2009
    Another photo of Noel. I got an antique modeling lamp from a friend who rescued it from the trash, and it makes a wonderful fill light when combined with natural light, as shown here.

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    Mushrooms May Cause Madness

    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2009
    @ COOP "Son you are going to drive me to drinking"
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2009

    The Palm Bugs shot is great. Now I'm trying to find diagrams for them. I was wondering if they they were that shade of red without the flash?
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2009
    purdy blue lights

    "Do Not Feed Cats"
    I find this little area creepy for some reason. Wonder where it leads to. Probably something that will electrocute stupid trespassers.
    Do Not Feed Cats
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2009
    @Mr Smite:

    Thanks! They were a little more orangey. By way of comparison, here's another photo of the same bugs on a different flower. This photo is not at all suggestive of anything:

    6601 Flower with red bugs closeup
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2009
    The itty bitty turtle wants you to be afraid of it: