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    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2009
    @E0157H7 - I suspect you may have the right of it.

    One notable feature of post traumatic stress is that you often cannot actually clearly recall the original incident - this is by no means universal and often it comes up later, but it is far from evident that *conscious* recall of a traumatic incident is what causes all traumatic reactions. Freud was onto this in /Beyond the Pleasure Principle/, and while I'm also doubtful about many incidences of full-on "repressed memory", I think there's a bit of doubt here.

    I'd want to see this tested using the methods similar to test unconscious racism - expose subject to trauma (turning left down a maze gets you a shock, turning right gets you food), erase the memory about turning left, remove the actual threat and then monitor the actual metabolic response of the subject when confronted with the choice.