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    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2009
    Herzog's the Wild Blue Yonder is something I thoroughly enjoyed at the Melbourne International Film Festival a few years back, but haven't been able to find since. It's an insane, operatic, bewildering beast. Brad Douriff is just great.
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2009
    Two shorts that a classy Broad loaned me:
    One Soldier by Steven Wright
    A Short Film About John Bolton by Neil Gaiman
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    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2009
    Crimson Gold: Iranian film about a messed-up war vet delivering pizzas to Tehran's upper crust.

    Travellers and Magicians: Really liesurely film from Bhutan. A petty bureaucrat gets a shot at a job in America; has to get a ride to the coast ASAP.
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    Edited because I didn't realize it was going to post the trailers on this page. Awesome.

    Come and See is a rather moving film from Belorussia, I think released in '85. This is 'part one,' as I found no trailer on YouTube. If you pair it with Battle of Algiers and you've got a really great double feature that might make you want to kill yourself.

    Valerie and Her Week of Wonders requires a degree in Czech folklore to decipher, but even without that it's a weird trip into a fantasy land of vampire priests and witchcraft and getting your first period.

    Taxidermia is actually fairly well known and quickly developing a cult following. Just don't watch it while you're eating, especially if you're eating meat. Spoiler: In the first five minutes a man masturbating in a broken down shed cums fire.
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    Werckmeister Harmonies is definitely a masterpiece. My favourite of Tarr's. I was lucky enough to see it on the big screen when it was released. Didn't have the same impact on the small screen.

    Something I saw the other day and loved quite unreasonably, which fits the obscure but totally fucking brilliant bill, is Celine and Julie Go Boating. French, from the 70s. Not like anything else, ever. Difficult to describe without spoilers, and is overwhelmingly best experienced without expectation, as it will be a much weirder and more wondrous ride for it. Just see it if you ever can, but maybe be aware it is over 3 hours long. Oh, and "boating" does not mean what you think it will mean. :)
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    I'm sure some people have heard of it, but Short Bus is a wonderful movie
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    Exploder: Taxidermia is really darkly funny in a way that only Eastern European films can be.

    Icelandbob: Have you seen any of Piotr Szulkin's other sci-fi films? O-bi, O-ba - the End of Civilization is easily the most depressing film I've ever seen.

    Speaking of Polish films, I give you the films of Polish lunatic Andrzej Zulawski.

    Possession stars Sam Neill (the guy with the hat from Attack of the Dinosaur Theme Park and Isabella Adjiani. It gets some comparison to Cronenberg's The Brood because it was inspired by Zulawski's bitter divorce.

    On the Silver Globe was based on Zulawski's granduncle's trilogy of1900 sci-fi novels set on the moon. The Polish government shut down production, thinking it was a political allegory, so Zulawski released an unfinished version with narration to fill in the gaps.

      CommentAuthorJonathan H
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2009
    @exploder - It's nice to see somebody posting The Battle of Algiers. Truly a masterpiece.
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    Happy Flight!

    Director: Yaguchi Shinobu

    From the Acclaimed Director of "Waterboys" and "Swing Girls" comes an all-new adventure comedy called "Happy Flight"! The cabin attendant Etsuko Saito (Haruka Ayase) is nervous about her first international flight. On the same plane, co-pilot Suzuki (Seiichi Tanabe) is up for promotion. But before he can get his captain's wing. He has to get through a flight evaluation with the tough-as-nails captain. An unexpected crisis put the flight in danger as the captain discovered a hurricane is brewing just off the coast...... Can they safely land before the storm hits the airport?

    Yesasia has the subbed Hong Kong version -link. if video below fails ...

    Hissatsu 4: Urami harashimasu (1987) Fukasaku Kinji uses Fujita Makoto and Sonny Chiba brilliantly in a movie only matched by his humor films "Kamata Koshinkyoku" AKA The Fall Guy and "Kuro Tokage" AKA The Black Lizard.
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    Geoff Murphy's Utu, featuring Bruno Lawrence and his quad-barrelled shotgun.

    Murphy and Lawrence went on to make The Quiet Earth, which is also highly recommended. I'd link to the trailer but it's filled with spoilers. It's about the last man on earth, left there after an experiment makes the rest of humanity disappear.

    Cédric Kahn's L'ennui, about a teacher who becomes sexually obsessed with a young woman and throws his life into the toilet. One of the best films about obsession I've ever seen.
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    • CommentTimeSep 6th 2009

    Thanks - this is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for.
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    @Danny Djeljosevic

    O-bi, O-ba - the End of Civilization was the first film i saw of Szulkins. I remember it being really long, all in gray and blue, and yes it was fucking depressing. Brilliant!

    I also managed to find a copy of on the silver globe last year. found it rather interesting.

    Here are some more suggestions for you film hounds out there...
    Monanieba (Repentance) - A film from georgia made in 1984 by Tengiz Abuladze. Tells the story of a kind small town mayor who dies but they find his corpse turning up in the town. the event unearths the real truth about his reign and the evils that he committed
    The consequences of Love - An 2004 Italian film about a mysterious stranger who stays in a Swiss hotel and falls for the barmaid. But who is he?...
    Roberto succo - A 2001 French film that tells the story of a real life serieal killer that stalked Italy and France in the 80´s. Kind of like the european Ted Bundy
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    Do people really remember this movie (if yes, I apologise)

    This is a forgotten film here, although it won the Cannes film festival in 1971.
    No dvd available.
    Taking off by Milos forman, although I don't think it's mainstream.
      CommentAuthorDoc Ocassi
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    I would recommend:

    Zelary: a Czech film made in 2003, with reference to WWII and the Russian invasion.

    Die Welle: a German film from 2008, high school group dynamics and fascism.

    Crna macka, beli macor: 1999, Carnivilic eastern European farce.

    In the Heat of the Night: Racism in the deep south.

    • CommentTimeSep 6th 2009
    Jakten på nyresteinen

    Odd and possibly drug induced Norwegian kid's flick.
    • CommentTimeSep 6th 2009
    @Doc Ocassi
    I believe Die Welle is a remake of an american movie from the '80s (there's a turnaround...) called The Wave, which I guess is also the translation...
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    Jim Jarmush' Deadman. I'm not sure how obscure that is, but I really, really liked it.

    Rouge Hong Kong Ghost/ love story.
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    @Danny Djeljosevic: 'Possession' was banned by the Department of Public Prosecutions for a long while in Britain. Although I did read that it was shown late night on one of the terrestrial TV stations during this ban.

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    "Mr Inbetween." A love story about a torturer trying to redeem himself.

    "Soft for Digging." A slow moving but disturbing almost completely silent horror movie.

    Surprised yet unsurprised no one has mentioned "Salo." Pasolini takes on The 120 days of Sodom. It's fucking brilliant in so many ways, but utterly grotesque.

    "Colossus: The Forbin Project." Illuminati Robot Sci-Fi cold War paranoia so hokey and stylish it's great.

    Everyone should also see "Primer"