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    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2009
    Bad Boy Bubby - Rolf de Heer. Has squirm inducing scenes fairly early on, especially for male viewers. Here is the synopsis from the website of one of the best video stores in the world which is in Christchurch, New Zealand;

    Locked in his room for 35 years (no TV or Radio here) as not much more than a sex slave, Bubby's perception of the universe is not extensive. Through a series of bizarre events he must venture into the outside world alone, twisted-mind-'n-all ... Nicholas Hope is superb in this messy little masterpiece. Beware animal lovers - this contains some extreme cat teasing.

    Well worth it if you can find it.
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2009
    Also, The Saddest Music in the World - Guy Maddin.

    Isabella Rosselini as an amputee beer baroness with ale-filled prosthetic legs during the great depression in Winnipeg. She holds a competition to find the saddest music in the world. Stylized and surreal, almost a musical, with sometimes stilted acting that adds to the oddness.

    Tagline:"If you're sad, and like beer, I'm your lady."
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    @arklight - closest thing to a real shop was up on Amazon. Holy Mountain is on the "The Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky collection" and by itself.

    has anyone said Jump Tomorrow yet?

    I remember when I first saw TV on the Radio I thought that one of the guys in the band looks a lot like the guy who plays George in Jump Tomorrow. turns out both people were Tunde Adebimpe.
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2009
    OK thanks !

    Any break down on Jump tommorow and why it's so great
    to you?

    This is a cool thread. I'm big on my movies
    and this thread has lots of suprises for me!
    Thanks people.

    • CommentAuthorcjstevens
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2009
    Great thread but couldn't be bothered to read every page b4 posting so sorry if repeated:

    Rolling Thunder
    Duel to the Death

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    @arklight - I guess "Jump Tomorrow" would be considered a romantic comedy, but actually good (I usually hate romantic comedies with fire of a thousands suns, but I guess even the blackest hearts can be won over every once in awhile). the plot is about a Nigerian guy named George who is arranged to be married to someone he hasn't met. He shows up to the airport that she is supposed to arrive at, but gets the date wrong and is there a day late. at the airport he meets this other girl who he knows is the girl of his dreams, but she is engaged too. the movie is pretty much a road picture filmed mostly in upstate Yew York. the film feels almost European and I don't think it is because of the cast either. the way it is shot makes upstate NY look like some place outside of the U.S. the film is quirky too (in a good way):

    every person that I have lent my copy of the DVD ended up liking it a lot.

    I didn't see this on anyone's list or know how "unknown" it is outside of the U.S. is "Der Krieger und die Kaiserin" or "The Princess and the Warrior". one of my all time favorite movies. it's by Tom Tykwer who did "Run Lola Run" which I didn't like all that much.

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    @William Joseph Dunn
    That's Franka Potente, yeah?
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    I really liked The Princess and the Warrior. I thought in a way it felt like Tykwer made a movie where many aspects were the opposite of Run Lola Run - trading in pace for space and action for contemplation and so on. I'll second that, and I'm intruiged by Jump Tomorrow too.
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    "I really liked The Princess and the Warrior. I thought in a way it felt like Tykwer made a movie where many aspects were the opposite of Run Lola Run..."

    exactly! where Run Lola Run was fast and kinetic, The Princess and the Warrior had a lot of space in the storytelling. there is a reveal in the film that is done just by how two characters look at each other that I thought was brilliant. once you see the movie you'll know what it is. I also think it's one of those movies that is good to go in and not know anything about the plot. just discover the movie for yourself.

    @Lazarus99 - yup that's Franka Potente.
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    This thread has really taken off. I need to take the time and mine it for suggestions for WCMC.

    I feel tacky suggesting movies that have been on there, but here's a pair that I particularly enjoyed that I don't believe have been mention here yet.

    Banlieue 13

    The Ramen Girl

    (I fail at embedding, and I'm tired, so I'm leaving it.)
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    Wristcutters: A Love Story
    A road story, low-key comedy and weird romance set in an afterlife for suicides. Depressed after a breakup with his girlfriend Desiree, Zia slashes his wrists and ends up in a run down small town afterlife that looks like a cross between The Last Picture Show and The Hills Have Eyes. When he hears that Desiree has killer herself, too, Zia sets off with his dead Russian rocker pal, Eugene, in the shitiest car in the universe to find her. Soon they pick up the lovely hitchhiker, Mikal, who swears she didn’t kill herself and just wants to find a way back to Earth. Along the way they meet dead cops, inept mechanics, miracle workers and suiciding suicides. Everyone is looking for something, but, as in life and the afterlife, they’ll probably find something else.

    Institute Benjamenta
    The Piano Tuner Of Earthquakes

    The Brothers Quay are most famous for their unearthly stop motion animated shorts such as Street of Crocodiles. Institute Benjamenta and The Piano Tuner Of Earthquakes are their two feature films and are both worth seeing.

    In Institute Benjamenta, Jakob comes to the institute to learn to become a servant. He attends odd, almost ritualistic classes on servility, movement and drawing circles. But the institute seems like a hermetically sealed place, an end in itself. No one leaves and no new students arrive. Jakob is attracted to Lisa, his teacher, but her brother, Johannes, is unhappy. Things begin to fall apart at the institute. Did Jakob’s arrival doom the place?

    The Piano Tuner Of Earthquakes is a kind of fairy tale about a murdered opera singer and the crazed inventor who wants to reanimate her to stage an opera about her murder. The movie is full stunning visuals and the Brothers gorgeous animation.

    These movies aren’t for everyone. Both movies are full of amazing images, but the stories area secondary to the mood and visuals. And both movies are slow, almost like the memories of a slowly waking amnesiac.

    The most disturbing movie I’ve ever seen in which nothing really happens. The story is set in an isolated school for young girls. They're being trained to be perfect wives and companions. Where they come from and how they got there is a mystery. Each girl arrives in her own coffin and is “resurrected” by the other girls in her dormitory. The story follows the girls as they’re trained for their future lives. There is mystery and dread in all their classes and outings, but only for the viewer as we wonder what they’re all leading to. Girls come and others disappear. A crippled teacher might be a girl who tried to escape, but failed. One day, strangers arrive to observe the girls. Some are selected to leave the school, but where are they going? Imagine Lolita as written by Kafka.
    • CommentTimeSep 27th 2009
    Just watched Sleep Dealer:

    This is an excellent little film. That trailer is really crap - it makes it look like some kind of cyberpunk action film. It isn't at all. It's much more low key and gradual in it's pacing, and it isn't an action film at all - more of film about the idea of technology's dual nature as both mediator and separator.

    The premise is - near-future, telepresence is the backbone of both industry and the military.The US has completely closed it's border to Mexico, but still uses cheap telepresent operators from neural-jacked workhouses in places like Tijuana to operate construction drones, robotic nannies, custodial machines, etc. All the jobs immigrant labor used to do are now done by robots piloted from global sweatshops. Missile carrying drone planes piloted by American soldiers (or American employees of defense contractors - it isn't quite clear, and I think the vagueness is intentional) arbitrarily strike "terrorist" targets in areas where globalized rationing of local resources like water has stirred political unrest among the local populations that always seem to lose control of even the rivers running through their own countries. These deadly airstrikes are televised on an American show that is a cross between Cops, America's Most Wanted and the nose-cone camera feeds of predator drone missile attacks.

    Memo, a young man from a dying farm sets out for Tijuana and a dream of connecting to the world through node work. That's the backbone and I don't want to say too much more about the story because it evolves quite nicely and I didn't guess where it was going the first time I saw it.

    The effects work is spotty - it relies on some clumsy cg in places where practical models would have been easier, probably cheaper and would have looked better. But the effects are serviceable - and the cg work for the various computer interfaces is quite good. There is a character who uploads narrated memories to a kind of online dream-market, and the dream-market profile page she keeps looked nicely convincing. Much better thought out than most movie versions of hypothetical future User Interfaces.

    This movie plays like a Bruce Sterling story, not a bombastic cyber-action thriller, and is well worth some attention. It is smarter and subtler than you go in expecting.
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    Drive, Kowalski, drive...

    vanishing point
    • CommentTimeSep 27th 2009
    Wristcutters also features Gogol Bordello. Rather fun.

    Night of the Hunter is a pretty amazingly shot movie with some spectacularly bad acting and frustrating characters. It makes for a really entertaining movie to watch. There are some incredible shots in it.


    • CommentTimeSep 27th 2009
    @ arklight

    If you like Holy Mountain check out El Topo.

    • CommentAuthorIllogic
    • CommentTimeSep 27th 2009 edited
    I second Time Crimes.
    And add a link to the site for Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus. Very good documentary. Makes you want to listen to country for about a week afterwards.
    And now for movie recommendations:

    Special. Really good, even painfully so at parts.

    The best thriller I've seen in the last few years. And hey, the guys who did the Departed (another remake) is remaking it. Praise the lord!

    Oh, and here's the trailer for Time Crimes. There were some with subtitles, but they were horrible and ruined the movie.
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    I liked "Wristcutters: A Love Story" . I could be wrong, but isn't it based on the comic "Kamikaze Pizza"?
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    It's kind of new, but I just caught onto it.

    • CommentTimeSep 29th 2009
    @Illogic - Special was a fantastic film. I should re-watch it.
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    While its pretty well known to British audiences, here in the US the Up series is unfortunately obscure. I highly recommend watching 7 Up and work you way through 49 Up. You won't be disappointed.

    And Pontypool is fantastic.