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    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2009
    Rough Magic.

    Russell Crowe (pre notoriety) and Bridget Fonda (understated and funny).

    Find it. Watch it. Do yourself a massive favor.
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    These are all homemade movies that I know were put out onto video, at least to a limited degree, and were shown at several festivals back in the early nineties...

    'The Last Chainsaw Massacre of Christ': chainsaws... and paper plates used as halos!

    'Bad Karma': a great hillbilly/demons/brothel low-budgeter. Great stuff!

    'Drillbit': unfinished post apocalyptic movie (with lots of Poll Tax riot footage) from the director of Bad Karma.

    'Crysis': murder is the result as an insane triplet goes home to meet her sis...
    • CommentAuthorZombi
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2009
    A few shorts I'm quite happy about:
    Lyckantropen - Swedish short. Ulver have made the sound track.
    Always Crashing in the Same Car - No, it's not Bowie related, but a short from the beginning of the decade featuring Richard Grant and Paul McGann. Does those names sound familiar? They should. They're playing the leads in the 1987 cult Withnail & I. You haven't seen that either? Go see it. Both of them.
    Sam Raimi's Super 8 Shorts, which includes quite a few goodies from Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell from before they made Evil Dead.

    Have any of you heard about Cinemageddon? A site which is great for filling your obscure movie needs.
    • CommentAuthorsnafu
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2009
    I know this film as Salute of the Jugger. I bought it in a used bin in a video store in Tokyo over 20 years ago. I think the original name was Blood of Heroes. Great Australian post apocalyptic thing written and directed by David Peoples and starring Rutger Hauer and a young Joan Chen. Great movie.
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2009
    Oh yeah! Mechs and bad acting? Let's go!
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2009
    Pale Cocoon Streamed over at crunchyroll
    Le petit lieutenant (2005)
    Tatt av kvinnen (2007)
    Max Manus (2008)

    And here's something I'm not sure if I really want to recommend Ex Drummer (2007)
    • CommentAuthorKelind
    • CommentTimeDec 23rd 2009 edited
    Arse eels be damned... did it really take 8 pages before a Jodorowsky showed up?

    Here are some films which I don't see on any previous pages.

    I Woke Up Early the Day I Died Ed Wood script. Modern production released 2003. Silent film. Twisted and hilarious

    Wheel of Time Werner Herzog documentary, 2003, on worlds largest Buddhist ritual in Bodh Gaya, India. Dalei Lama shows up only to skip town to hang with his clean and wealthy Austrian friends. An associate of mine attended this in 2000. Met up with him in Cambodia beforehand to compare notes and imagery from our wanderings. Three days later he leaves and no one ever hears from him again.

    Cane Toads: An Unnatural History I still want one for a pet.

    For a true step through the weird door, I would check out Matthew Barney's The Cremaster Cycle.
    • CommentTimeDec 23rd 2009
    For some reason, nobody has ever heard of Streets of Fire.

    And I just saw this the other day, and it was awesome. Maybe now that Janus has picked it up, more people will see it.

    • CommentAuthorKelind
    • CommentTimeDec 23rd 2009 edited
    Streets of Fire is a fantastic film. Woulda been a great trilogy if the other two had been made.
    • CommentAuthorthud
    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2009
    Woman in the Dunes - Japanese with subtitles (60's ?) strange, beautiful and kinky, with lasting final truth.
    Fantastic Planet - French animation (70's) wonderful everything!
    Kings of the Road - German (70's) Wim Wenders on decay and redemption in a changing world.
    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2009
    Damn - you made me think of a depressing film called Spetters.
    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2009
    El Topo
    Le Dernier Combat
    Six String Samurai
    • CommentAuthorMandrake
    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2009
    It's probably really mainstream,but anybody know The Kovak Box?
    • CommentAuthorcallisto23
    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2009
    Split by Chris Shaw
    • CommentAuthorsacredchao
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010
    @Kelind - I'd say Barney's sculpture is much more interesting than his films. I've seen the entirety of Drawing Restraint 9 and a nice collection of excerpts from at least two of the Cremaster movies, and I find them basically unwatchable. DR 9, for example, is all about Barney and Bjork (his real-life wife) chopping pieces of each other off until they become whales while up on the deck of the ship, a Japanese crew slaughters and renders a real whale. It drags on and on and on is the problem. One of the Cremaster movies does have Agnostic Front playing in the Guggenheim though.
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010
    'Noise' With Tim Robbins and William Hurt-I watched this over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised by how funny it was.
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    I've been thinking about it, and it makes me sad that I don't know anyone who has seen, nor especially anyone who would like, "Goodbye Dragon Inn" (aka Bu San).

    It's not a movie as much as it's a series of long and slow-moving photographs, of damp, dim, and decaying subject matter. I mean, there's no plot or dialouge, really. Every single shot is perfectly balanced in composition and color. Halfway through the film, I started noticing "hey, there's too much empty space on that side, and there should be something red to -" and then something would move, and the shot would be fully and perfectly balanced.

    Maybe it's a movie for patient photographers and sedated graphic designers.

    It was shown to me by someone I don't speak to anymore, and the first night I saw it, I watched in another two times. I find this film just entralling.
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010
    The original "les visiteurs" is actually pretty funny and worlds abvoe that crappy American remake called "Just Visiting".

    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2010
    I just saw The Creation of the Humanoids (1962) with no real expectations or prior knowledge and I wish everyone could and would do so too.
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    dont know if anyones seen cat soup but it is weird, beautiful, and possibly one of the greatest animations i have ever seen