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    Superb Aussie films you haven't seen.

    Sunday Too Far Away

    Dirty Deeds

    Two Hands

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    Too Late The Hero - trailer
    This below is smaller but better:
    "Bloody Mess"

    Odd item: When originally released the US and UK versions each had a different survivor at the end of the film.
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    i kinda named my record label after this little beauty

    The Quiet Earth

    i love this scene...

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    My favorite that no one else seems to know of is 'Reflecting Skin' . If anyone else has seen this let me know.
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    Currently looking at this French historical thriller, The Army Of Crime. The film does a wonderful job of messing around with the viewer's moral standards. Fan of law and order? Then, you're siding with the French police...who happen to be helping deport Jews to the death camps and extracting information from prisoners by applying a blowtorch flame to a man's bare chest. Fan of the protagonists of this film? Then you just have to accept that they're mostly Communists committing what could reasonably be called terrorist acts.

    One truth offered in this film is that in Occupied France, remaining neutral is not an option.
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    FredG: I know Reflecting Skin and been thinking that I should watch it again, but finding it seems to be a chore (unless you go to .torremolinos)

    I recommend White Reindeer, a Finnish horror film from the 50's. The plot synopsis makes it sound silly, but although it's dated, it's quite effective.

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    I watched Reflecting Skin on VHS probably in '98...I think my band at the time even named a song after it. Haven't thought about it in a long time.
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    I'm currently 2/3rds of the way through the 20th Century Boys Trilogy.
    Japanese Sci-fi spanning 48 years. Dystopian futures, growing older, realising your dreams, giant virus spewing robots, the end of the world. And according to the trailer for the last part, an alien invasion.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3
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    Retroactive. Nifty Nineties time-travel flick with Jim Belushi as a murdering redneck.

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    This thread is amazing. I have a lot to check out.

    I saw someone recommended Calvaire which I would second. It's a very slow paced horror movie, albeit with comedic moments. It's like watching a Francis Bacon painting come to life. One of my favourite films ever.

    Something I didn't see recommended was the excellent Rhinoceros Eyes from Canada. David Cronenberg's nephew directed it. It's a weird coming of age/unrequited love story. And there's some fucked up animation worked into the film as well. I love this film.

    And, yes, they're easy because they're on the Criterion Collection but are none the less brilliant; Le Cercle Rouge and Kind Hearts And Coronets. The former for being what I believe to be the best crime film ever made, including a nearly half hour silent heist that was lifted from 'Rififi' and the latter for being a wickedly funny British comedy that could've easily been a heavy drama film. Both are essential viewing.
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    I found this one online this week, expected alot of ridiculous slasher murder's from Umberto Lenzi but got an amazingly weird Hitchcockian nightmare instead. Truth be told I can't stop thinking about it and am happy to share my bewilderment here if for no other reason than to exorcise my Spasmo obbsession and move on with my life...

    Thanks to everyone, I've found a few more ways to dement myself.
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    Just saw a British film I've never heard of called 44-INCH CHEST with Ian McShane, John Hurt, Joanna Whalley and Ray Winstone that was pretty fucking amazing.
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    If you liked 44 Inch Chest then you definately need to check out Sexy Beast. It's from the same writers and so much better.

    Also; since the Black Swan trailer has been kicking my ass for the past few days I think it wouldn't be out of the question to recommend everyone go see where Aronofsky got his start, if you haven't. For your consideration; Pi.
      CommentAuthorIron Imp
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    I looked through as many pages of this thread as I could to make sure I wasn't repeating anyone.... I apologize for any unseen redundancies:

    Zoetrope 1999 (took it a long time to reach's DVD catalog though... >:/ )
    Directed: Charlie Deaux
    Music by: Brian Lustmord
    18min long

    It's expensive if you're looking at the price tag at a per minute ratio, but this is solid black gold nihilism with beautiful industrial grayscale photography.

    Must see for fans of Eraserhead, Tetsuo: Iron Man, Pi, or Franz Kafka.
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    Thank you one and all for doubling the length of my Netflix queue. Based on my favorite modern blessing, that doubles my lifespan.

    I've read through most of this thread, and did not see Liquid Sky!! The awesome 80's music and "brilliant" acting! Without giving anything away, it shows what aliens REALLY want from us.

    Liquid Sky Trailer. IMDB

    BTW, can anyone hook me up with a Cinemageddon invite? The list seems to be closed.
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    Just saw the film "Triangle" recently. I wouldn't say it's a film nobody knows, but it went a little under the radar. I liked the director's previous movies "Creep" and "Severance", but I think "Triangle" is his best yet. I've heard it compared to another recent movie, "Time Crimes" (which I hear is good, but haven't seen myself). If you like sci-fi thrillers that make you think like "Cube" or more recently, "Inception", I highly recommend "Triangle".

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    Timecrimes is the dogs doodahs.

    heartily recommended folks.

    it's a brilliant piece of low budget classy sci-fi film-making but whatever you do DO NOT WATCH THE TRAILER it's full of bloody spoilers and will ruin a bloody good film for you.
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    @ punchdrunkblake

    Haven't seen SEXY BEAST in ages, but I still get chills thinking about the Ben Kingsley's character reaction when he's gets an answer of "No." It's the British version of "the offer you can't refuse."
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    I've been interested in Soviet-era films lately, mostly Tarkovsky's films. I recently purchased "Stalker" and "Solaris," which I can both highly recommend. I'm 3/4 of the way through "Andrei Rublev," which i've been watching online in chunks. It's very good, I've just been too busy to watch the whole through in one sitting.

    I highly recommend anything Tarkovsky's done, but be warned they move very slowly. My wife fell asleep during the first 5 minutes of "solaris". :)

    The next one i plan on watching is "Kin Dza Dza". Having not seen it myself I can't recommend it, but was wondering if anyone else around here has seen it. I've heard it's really funny.

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    If you can get to it, I'd recommend Skeletons. A weird British flick that seems to be making it's way around the smaller cinemas (I saw it at the cornerhouse in Manchester).
    It's really rather good, you could classify it as Sci-fi but that pigeonholes it a bit too rigidly. Anyway, this is the trailer/opening.

    Website is here.