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    @Dani I didn't know about B13 Ultimatum! Exciting!
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2010
    @Dani: Why not recommend Yamakasi while were at it...
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    On the topic of Brakhage - Criterion is releasing his stuff on blu-ray on 23 May.
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2010
    Did we mention this one?

    Tattooed Hitman
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2010
    I keep wanting to see this:
    Rain Fall

    Wish I was convinced "John Rain" was a native speaker by the trailer.
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2010
    @Draug - I've never heard of Yamikasi, just looked it up. I'll be finding this soon.
    • CommentTimeMar 5th 2010 edited
    One of my favorite obscure scifi/fantasy movies is Zeram or Zeriamu (1991), it has all the elements required to blow the mind of a 16 year old boy, when I saw it, it is not much for plot, it is just a straight forward action/scifi movie, with a beautiful japanese bounty hunter chasing a mass-murdering escape convict alien who has a truly disturbing tiny geisha face embedded in it's forehead, all the while she has to manage to save the comic relief which comes in the shape of two workers from the electric company. It is basically a special effects movie which doesn't feature any swearing or mean spiritedness. I really dug the art and prop design in this one. It was followed by a sequel.

    Another one that I wouldn't necessarily recommend as a great film by any means, but if you are a fan of "Trash Cinema" like me you will have to see it, the movie is "The Crippled Masters" it is a Kung fu movie, featuring two men - one who had his arms removed the other has his legs dissolved in acid, together they learn martial arts and join forces to fight the man who wronged them. Both of the actor's playing the protagonists actually do have the inflictions their characters have and perform the fight scenes.

    Since all these recommendations are mostly based on spectacle, "Meet the Hollowheads" this is a late 80s movie, The plot is nothing special it is a day in the life of a Jetson's type family, only every body lives underground and everyday life is dependent on a complicated system of tubes that emit tentacles, ooze and other things. It features great character actors such as John Glover, Juliette Lewis, Anne Ramsey and Bobcat Gothwait. Worth one watch.

    Another fun movie I'd recommend simply because I'm a huge Bruce Campbell fan is "Mind Warp" it is, I believe, the first and only film by Fangoria. It features genre favs. Mr. Campbell and Angus Scrimm. It features two societies in a post apocalyptic world, one of the wealthy addicted to virtual reality and other are unground cannibals.

    Thanks hope this helps. Keep smiling.
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    A really memorable film that came out of nowhere is "Red" (No relation to Mr. Warren Ellis's creation) from 2008. It an interesting movie starring Brian Cox as the lead, whose best friend "Red" which is his dog, is killed by mean sadistic, spoiled teenagers while he is held at gunpoint, the authorities won't help him because it was his word against theirs and since "Red" was dog and not a person the law has no interest. Great performances, based off a Jack Ketchum book I believe. I would post a trailer but the trailers I found I believe will spoil the whole movie, if you have a netflix account is available for instant play. The review that introduced me to the movie, is here. Shock Cinema is a great magazine if you like film especially the more out-there genre type film. This raises a question with some about the strength of relationships of Humans and Non-human animals. I have had great conversations with people that People and Non-human animals love and dependency on each other can be and is as important or stronger than the relationships People have with other people, be it Husband/Wife, Parent/Child, or Friend/Friend type relationship.

    Also, not as great a movie, but based of a Jack Ketchum book, is "The Girl Next Door", If you want to feel like your soul needs a scrubbing afterwards go ahead and watch, also if you want to shout "Why isn't anyone helping this girl?" few times this is the film to watch. I probably would recommend reading the book first, since usually I prefer the original source material than an adaptation. Which is usually how I prefer movies/films as well.

    That would be an interesting discussion topic. Is there an adaptation of a work that is better than the original source? For example, The television M.A.S.H. was a highly rated popular television show at it's time, it was based off a film, by Robert Altman by the same name. One could argue that the television show is a more successful piece of art because it is more popular and viewed more often then the movie.

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    @Goldsworthy - lots. Fight Club, for example, is a better movie than book, as are The English Patient, and The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I'd say MASH the film is superior to MASH the TV show though.
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    @sacredchao - Fight Club is a great example, I love the movie and dislike the book. I've never watched the MASH film, and have no interest ever to do so, and have no opinion about MASH at all I was trying to use it as an example. Those are great examples you provided, I was just running off on a tangent. I thought of another one that the adaptation is better than the source material, The Wolverine: Origins videogame I've heard is more entertaining than the film it is based on, which usually isn't the norm. I am going to create a new discussion topic as to not distract from this one, I hope I can count on you, sacredchao, to contribute. Thanks, friend.
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    Okay, I know every one in the world has seen it, but how in the world is it I have never seen Six - String Samurai until JUST THIS VERY MOMENT? (He's fighting the Commies, atm.)

    I mean, I was certainly aware of its existence, I just never actually got around to watching it until I saw it at the library today.
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    THE YAKUZA: Sydney Pollack's crime classic from 70s with Japan "Clint Eastwood" Takakura Ken. A kidnapped operation, a war for honor in Japan. Gore, action, katana fight, finger cut and more...

    Soundtrack by: Dave Grusin, Takakura Ken as "Ken", Robert Mitchum as "Harry Kilmer"
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    I love "Yakuza". It's a movie about actual grown ups, and it's very smart. Also, Takakura Ken is BAD ASS.
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    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2010
    Robert Mitchum makes everything better. I just remember all the blood in Yakuza was that electric ketchup red color, horrifying.

    It’s not unknown, but not mentioned often enough because people would rather remember Holly Golightly and Roman Holiday it seems: Wait Until Dark from 67 with Audrey Hepburn, Alan Arkin, blindness, heroin, and suspense.
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    Highway to Hell is a definite must see. Charlie and Rachel are driving to Las Vegas to elope when a Hellcop kidnaps Rachel to become Satan's bride, Charlie has to travel into hell to rescue her. This is basically a fantasy/comedy starring Chad Lowe, Kristy Swanson and Richard Farnsworth, with cameos by Lita Ford, Jerry Stiller and his parents and Gilbert Gottfried as Adolf Hilter. Looks like you can watch it on YouTube.
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    Hmm. This is worth mentioning —
    Hostage (2005)
    Crais is a favorite writer ...
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    Rubin and Ed, a 90s buddy comedy, road trip movie the story revolves around going to the desert to bury a dead cat. Starring Crispin Glover and Howard Hesseman.

    The Reflecting Skin, A dark and distrubing tale about childhood in the rural wheatfields of Idaho. Stars Viggo Mortenson, story involves a neighbor who believes she is a vampire, and a child storing a mummified baby under it's bed believing it's an angel, a much more dark and twisted stuff. I believe it is available to watch on youtube in parts.
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    American Boy, a early documentary of director Martin Scorsese, I heard about this 10 years ago and finally got to view it a year ago, and was not disappointed. The short film is basically a friend of Scorsese, Steven Prince, sitting on a sofa telling various lurid stories of his life. One of the stories is about a girl overdosing, which was why I initially searched this one out, that story was incorporated nearly word by word into the movie, Pulp Fiction. It is on the internet somewhere, definitely worth watching.
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    I hope I have the drop on this one:

    György Pálfi's Taxidermia.

    Something of a black humor horror kind of thing, but really rather indescribable. Watch the trailer:

    (Edited, found a better trailer...)
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    Many know of Roddy Piper's 80's classic, 'They Live' but I think his other film from 88' is less known, but pretty entertaining.

    ""Hey, you try making love in a hostile, mutant environment, see how you like it!"