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    • CommentAuthorabkosher
    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2008
    Been listening to a ton of old gospel and mountain music lately. There's an amazing box set called Goodbye Babylon which is possibly the greatest thing released by a record label ever, a living testimony against downloading. The whole thing comes in a beautiful wooden box with a sliding front (like a wine casket for two bottles). 6 CD's with over 20 tracks on each, all culled from 78's, 5 of which are amazing old time religious music (all pre-war, some black, some white) and the last which is just sermons from the same era. A book with lyrics and biographical info for every artist. And raw cotton. Yes, raw cotton.

    I'm also still loving that Le Loup album.
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    i heard one of the new meshuggah tracks, it's sounds immense! can't wait to see them live again...
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    Right now it's just an assortment of Lifetime, Finch, Faith No More, and Rise Against.

    Don't ask me why, it's just what my brain wants to hear. Starting tomorrow I'll be adding some Bullet For My Valentine to the mix.
    • CommentAuthorMaC
    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2008
    Currently Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Will be moving onto Hum and Year of the Rabbit before I pass out.
    • CommentAuthorInexperto
    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2008
    Reasons To Be Cheerful (Part 3) by Ian Dury & The Blockheads is the reason why I am currently grinning like a muppet.
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    I've also just ordered the Health album. It is very appealing to my ears. Likewise, this Vampire Weekend business. So painfully white, but enormous fun.

    I am nourishing my ears with Herbert, Boris, Hot Snakes and Iron & Wine. These are good things.
    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2008
    On my way into work, Neil Gaiman reading "A Study in Emerald."

    Since then, Scott Walker "Boychild" and The Magnetic Fields "Distortion."

    Boy Child is an amazing collection and Distortion is growing on me.
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    J-Pop! Monobright - 20th Century Lover's Orchestra. I know I should know better, but I need feel good radio friendly rock right now.

    Japanese Psychedelic Freakouts of the 60s! Love Live Life + One - Love Can Make A Better You. Now this is the sort of mind expansion I should be boning up on.

    Lo-fi! Soccer Team - I'll never fear ghosts again (I think it's called). Lo-fi indie rock for kids!

    Electronic? Subtle - Yell & Ice. Re-workings of my favourite album of 2006!

    Selected highlights from the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. It was a remarkably strong year.
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    ^ Subtle give me ten boners.
    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2008
    In the Absence of Truth by Isis. It's a beautiful record, whether or not it's really about Hassan i Sabbah.

    I've also been listening to the first three Wire albums on shuffle & the song "Mindstream" by Meat Beat Manifesto is a current favorite.
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    this thread has gone from documenting my listening to influencing in odd ways...i need to pull out my HASSAN I SABBAH vinyl when i get home. manic and blown out midwest chaos violence!!

    MCR-3 cheers for sweet revenge cd ( this week i like waking up to pop music)
    panic at the disco-a fever you cant sweat out ( see above comment)
    INDECISION- to live and die in NY (brooklyn hardcore)
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    so far, burial, jamie woon, john tavener, radiohead, arca, the fuck buttons, findo gask and some justus koehncke. I'm in the mood for some test dept. so, no doubt there'll be a lot of that later.
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    L'Arc~En~Ciel - KISS ... JROCK FTW
    Still with the Cobra Starship, they make me want to dance.
    Found out about Airbourne, AC/DC's clones making the same damn music but it's good so I don't complain.
    My girlfriend is listening to Katie Melua, which soothes me.
    Sometimes she also listens to Celine Dion, which makes me want to jump off the balcony and plummet six stories down to the thin, hard and cold crust of ice that passes for snow this winter.
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    Also been into Sunburned Hand of the Man - "Fire Escape" was a dl from eMusic, and "No Magic Man" came when I subscribed to Arthur magazine. Messy noise and some grooves. Good.

    Seems like I've been on a good roll as of late picking up new things to listen to, most without having heard much from these bands before.
    • CommentAuthorvg
    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2008
    Bang Camaro and The SnowLeopards --- the best bands out of Boston, I think, in recent days.
    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2008

    Love Live Life + One is absolutely fantastic! if you dont know them, i highly recommend you pick up "Ceremony - Buddha Meet Rock" by a japanese band called People. i believe it was released in 1971, it's a great hybrid of spiritual chants and guitar-centric psychedelia. trippy!
    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2008
    Currently listening to the latest installment of a goth/indust podcast by a DJ called Kev36663, specifically the tracks Sinfony23 by Down Below, who I just discovered on this podcast and now require more of, and Walking with Strangers by The Birthday Massacre, who are always wonderful.
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2008
    I've been in a twee mood. All over it.
    The Hit Parade, The Aislers Set, Tiger Trap, The Softies, Talulah Gosh, and on and on.
    I'm kinda binging on it.

    Now where is my kite and mittens?
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2008
    A blast from my past: Rush's A Farewell to Kings album.
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    @ knome514 - Thanks! I'll try and track it down, I love this Love Live Life + One album.

    @ Old Moon Face - Standing proud and erect with you.