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    This may be cheeky but...

    is there any way I can reserve a copy?

    I may not be able to make it down to the ICA until about 4 and I don't want to miss out on this and so many other good stuffs.

    I am not afraid to post in this here forum my most public of details. L)
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    Thanks Warren - and if you can't make it along on Sunday I'll reserve/send a copy for you.

    Minos - happy to keep a few copies aside for latecomers on the day. Will be taking around 150 copies so we should be well stocked enough. Orbital comics, local book stores, and the website will be stocked after the launch though if you don't make it.

    Hoping to send out some advance review copies tomorrow so if anyone on here is after one, please get in touch at

    Here's a quick flyer I drew for Comica about the event:

    comica comiket
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    Just got back from ComICA and - though I said I shouldn't - ended up buying more than just Solipsistic Pop.

    Thanks Tom for taking the time to talk and I hope you enjoy the day and evening as much as I enjoyed the Comiket.

    As you said, once I've read it, I'll be sure to put a small review up.
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    Some quick updates:

    The book is now available to buy online here

    Launch photos from Sunday are here

    Original artwork by contributors is being exhibited at Orbital Comics in London - details here

    Guardian write-up here
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    Just got my copy.