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    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2009 edited
    There's lots of threads in forums about Music,
    what people like, what people don't like,
    new artists blah blah blah...

    well the physical apprectiation of music
    is dancing and i've been thinking of doing
    a couple of threads on the hidden history
    of urban dance styles
    and a proper thread
    on naming all the various modern urban dances
    which i don't think has been done anywhere

    Not that strictly come dancing
    all soul sucked out stuff.the real
    organic dance styles
    that are bubbling up all the time.

    Hope you guys are intreasted!

    in the meantime here's Jody Ann C
    I think she's 14 or something (!!)
    with a home video of practically
    half the new urban dances and their names.

    Her whole youtube channel is like this!