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    True, but we saw Sirkka notice Luke use his powers on his ex... he certainly wasn't projecting then. Arkady also inexplicably showed up at the ex's apartment to stop him, and Sirkka showed up in the alley right after he used his powers on the girl he raped. She couldn't have been summoned by Caz, because she got there too fast (not having the teleporting skill down yet, I assume) and she is the least likely to be "in the neighborhood".

    I don't think they have to actively send, but I know they have to actively "screen" according to Karl and Kait.
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    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2009
    Kirk too had been keeping his thoughts to himself (unless, you think the others knew that he was planning to shoot Luke).
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    Well, he was given the gun. I think, under the assumption that it was going to get used.
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    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    The comment I wrote was too long to post here so here's a link instead. I am so out of smokes right now I might start eating refrigerator magnets.

    <a target="_blank" href="">"We've, uh, figured out how to travel through time at the speed of... regular time... with plastic bags."</a> - Dethklok
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    Kurt keeps his thoughts to himself by way of a tinfoil hat.
    Kait goes on silent running, and can't be located, or contacted, unless she wants to be.
    Its lashing it down, so theres possibly a fair amount of calamity in the air.
    Kirk would have been supressing his own signature when he went to shoot Luke.
    Luke's quite possibly capable of supressing the noise local to himself, we don't know.

    Loved what I have termed the "Ka-Bloosh!" panel, where Luke creates the big impact splash.
    I think Luke doesn't want to be the monster everyone thinks he is, I think he definately has issues regarding his superiority to normal people, but doesn't want the hatred of his own kin. Alternatively, he wants to leave Kirk in a situation where he has to explain that Luke has taken off after he was torturing him for a bit.
    Theres a lot of gray in this strip.
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    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2009
    > Luke's quite possibly capable of supressing the noise local to himself, we don't know

    He/they are capable of that:

    The 4th panel of gives some insight into what can and cannot easily be detected by other FAs.
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    Fucking long weekend of shite, just now reading this.

    Impressed with how they didn't take the EASY route with Luke, and make him a total dag.
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    Only just managed to read this week's ep - got home from overseas to find that my landline was (and still is) completely dead, and as there are no conveniently open wireless networks nearby it's no interwebs for me! (honestly, it's like coming home to find someone's stolen all my lightbulbs and bricked up the windows...)

    Just about everything I could say about the episode has already been said by various people, so I'll just throw in statements of support for the theories of Luke play-acting as 'the superior race' by not killing Kirk, the canisters being for water (I think you can see similar ones being loaded onto the water cart in Book One), and someone about to jump out of the shadows and try to brain Kait (not that I actually expect them to succeed, or for that matter survive).

    (Oh, and for the other obsessive nutters like myself the house Kait's investigating is right at the bottom end of Back Church Lane, just south of the railway line - I'll add it to my Google Earth map as soon as I get my net access back).

    Edit: Oh yeah, and my signed and sketched copy of Book One *and* my copy of Book Two were waiting for me when I got back. Yey!
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    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2009
    @rickiep00h - To be specific, Jack gave him the gun. After waiting around for everyone else to leave.

    While his specific motive was never mentioned, it seems to imply that he was acting in confidence rather than from majority consent. After all, if they'd all agreed that Kirk should/needed to be armed while guarding Luke, it seems the best candidate for handing over a tool would have been Kait.

    Especially if that tool comes with a silencer on it.

    So I can't help thinking that there will be some profound issues arising from the fact that a few decided to go above and beyond the group in dealing out justice, to say nothing of the complete ass-up they made of it. So far as the rest know they're still waiting to hold court on Luke. If they weren't interested in that then Caz and Sirkka would have just done him in there in the alley when they found him initially.

    I can't see there not being some sort of falling out because of this. I'm not saying the group will splinter or anything, but there's definitely going to be a different relationship between some of them after this.
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    I'm playing catch-up on this week's installment of "Freakangels." Actually, I read part of it at a Sony store on one of those tiny hand-held computers that made Paul Duffield's detailed art look like a newspaper's postage stamp reproduction of a comic strip. Or maybe I'm just a big viewing screen sort.

    Anyhow, a bit surprised to see that Luke didn't kill Kirk. Was the "I spared your life" gambit a head trip designed to show that Luke is not the monster Alice and Sirkka believe him to be?

    The fish-eye POV raises questions regarding its source. If it's an observation camera, how's it being powered? If it's a peephole, how come Kait didn't detect a mind of some sort? If this is the rogue Freakangel spying on Kait and masking his presence, then she is in serious trouble.

    As for life, I got back from a trip to Las Vegas with relatives. The Strip's architectural excess left me cold after a while. The surfeit of men and women trying to look beautiful made me yawn after a bit as well. Having to walk in mid-90s degree weather for a couple dozen very long city blocks palled after awhile.

    Yet I managed to find a few interesting things. Best experiences were: visiting the Liberace Museum and trying on a sample Liberace outfit, dropping in on the Pinball Hall of Fame and getting my geek on with a vintage Dr. Who pinball game featuring the first seven Doctors, and seeing Lauren Mc Cubbin's installation art piece depicting the socio-economic web that constitutes the world of the average Las Vegas sex worker.
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    • CommentTimeSep 23rd 2009
    ....Was Luke's rant about their abilities and weather control a confession? The rain did give him the opportunity to escape.

    (many thanks to Arianna's Wifi faerie)