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    • CommentAuthormunin218
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2009
    I've got a friend (who's actually on this board, he just doesnt get on here as much as he'd like) who needs money fast, so he is looking to sell off some of his recording equipment. He lives in Michigan, so if you're farther away but interested, you'd need to pay shipping as well.

    What he's getting rid of:

    DBX 1066 Compressor/limiter/gate (150 or best offer)
    DBX 166 Compressor/limiter/gate (100 or best offer)
    2 Alaesis 8 Track ADAT recorders (75 apiece, or 100 if youll take both)
    DBX EQ (150 or best offer)
    Kurzweil K2000R with sampler and P-RAM upgrade (500 or best offer)

    All prices are very flexible, if a reasonable offer is given.

    If interested, reach him at:
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeSep 27th 2009
    i'll get back to my roommate who's a big gearhead. He might be interested. Thanks for the tip.