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    • CommentTimeSep 27th 2009 edited
    I know I asked this once before, but it was a while back. And I have a reason for asking.

    So if you're a Londoner, or can get into London relatively quickly and easily should you so choose -- wave your hands/flippers in the air and let me see.
    • CommentAuthorCompy
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2009
    13 hours for a response? Umm, well, i'll wave a hand from just round the corner from the Olympic site...
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    Hmm... define 'London'.

    Because what constuitutes (or otherwise) 'London' varies depending on who you ask.

    As it happens, my working life has been spent in London, though I commute in. Oh... and Mum was a proper Cockney. So I do kinda regard myself as 'a Londoner'. Innit.
    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2009
    Just about.

    My house overlooks fields and trees, but we have a tube station. They invented 'Zone 9' just for us.

    Can't really get in easily on a weekday evening, but can do weekends.
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2009
    yeah, about 40 minutes by train (a generous estimate tho, considering Great Western trains).
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2009
    Can be in central London in an hour, given half a day's notice.
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    East London here. Is something wonderful going to happen?
    • CommentAuthorWelland
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2009
    live in bournemouth so yeah give me two maybe three hours I could be in london.
    • CommentAuthorjerrell
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2009
    Recenty moved back, confirmed that living in London is much better than not living in London.
    • CommentAuthorcrashd
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2009
    • CommentAuthorlooptron
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2009
    London? Aye.
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2009
    Aye, northeast London (though only just got around to creating an account :)
    • CommentAuthorradian
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2009
    Working there but not suckered into moving there yet.
    • CommentAuthorYenisei
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2009 edited
    I guess I can consider myself a Londoner now. It's funny that we (no, it's they from now on) have a saying that goes something like 'Moscow is not made of rubber', as in 'go away, you can't stick any more people in here'. Well at least now I know a city that IS made of rubber (KX-SP at 8AM).
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    Yep. Live it. Love it.

    New Cross [yes, those scallywags that attacked the Freakangels - hohoh, what jaunts] is my living, working, playing area but I study in central.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2009
    I'm in Guildford, so near enough.
    • CommentAuthorKradlum
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2009
    I'm in central London
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2009
    I'm in Walthamstow; can be in Central London in about 20-30 mins depending on how the Tube is behaving.
    • CommentAuthorScrymgeour
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2009
    live near old st, work in the city (NOT A BANKER!) pretty close to whitechapel itself.

    I'm from manchester originally, but i've been here for all of my adult life, it would take something pretty major for me to move away now. London is babylon, in the new testament sense, ie. rome, and its the most beautiful filthy grimey inspiring decadent city i've ever had the good luck to be a part of
    • CommentAuthorcallumd
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2009
    Live in Hackney, work in the City for now. Pending review from the lovely people at the Home Office.