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    Supervillain Prom Process

    Supervillain Prom Process

    Supervillain Prom Process

    Supevillain Prom, for Logan Mirto. Moving on...
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    The last of the evening.

    Inky Dancer, pencil sketch phase - #sweatshop: Sweatshop!  Inky Dancer complete.  Short break, then back in action:

    And the final drawing, which was so sad I could barely finish it.

    The last commission of the evening, and the saddest thing I've ever drawn (if you know the reference).
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2009
    Thanks for the awesome music. I mostly used the sweatshop as a radio last night but did stop at the monitor every now and then to watch. I love watching people draw, it makes my brain feel like it's being licked by an orgasm.
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    I enjoyed watching and listening to the music. I found it amusing and relaxing, for what part I was there for.
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    Here's a roundup of all the other final images, scanned properly.

    Cakewolf: Properly Scanned Inky Dancer, Properly Scanned We Came to Drop Bombs: Commission for Logan Mirto based on this photo:
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    Commissions left to be completed: Tony & Jhayne; Clockwork Couture; Gentleman Squid. Starting now.
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    Tony & Jhayne

    A Very Commercial Sweatshop: Tony & Jhayne
    • CommentAuthorLani
    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2009
    I missed this until now. I'd like to join in for one of them. Eliza, I love your art, and not being a (visual) artist myself, that process is kind of a mystery to me. Do you usually do them at night?
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    Thank you!

    Well, there is no solid "process", really...the ones above are pencilled, inked, and then painted with thin oil. Lately they have been mostly at night, PST, sometimes in the afternoon. I'll make sure to announce on Twitter when they are happening, and will try also to post here.

    Edited to add: Those of you who want to chat but don't want a Ustream account, we've got a solution. We hacked the Ustream chat backend on IRC. Join server, channel #Sweatshop during a Sweatshop and private message Smushy, who will set you +v.
    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2009
    Haters Gon Hate is the absolute best goddamned thing I've ever seen. Ever.
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    Thank you so much. I am in love with it. I think I might do a limited t-shirt run.
    • CommentTimeOct 5th 2009
    I'd absolutely (want to, but probably not have enough money to) buy a Haters Gon Hate shirt.
    Right now, it's my desktop background.
    My computer is fairly crap, and last time I tried to check out a Ustream event, it lagged the entire time.
    Is there any workarounds to get it to work better?
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    I'm going to make my own screen to cut down on cost. I'll see how cheap I can make it.

    It seems like the lag is mostly on the user end, unfortunately. All that Flash stuff tends to be memory-heavy. I'm not sure what would help, except maybe to make sure all your Flash drivers are updated, extra programs are closed, etc.

    I'm having some travel days, and will be running Sweatshop again once I get back to Oakland.
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    Try right clicking the flash portion of the page and setting the quality to medium or low. If that's still choppy, look into adding more RAM.
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    Planning for a Sweatshop tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon, PST. I'll make sure to announce on Twitter when it's happening. Further updates as events warrant.
    • CommentAuthorD-
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2009
    i loved your batman drawings.
    I already told my facebook friends about you and your SWEATSHOP.
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    Thank you! I have an artist page on Facebook that you should join. So I can see what awful, slimy things you're writing about me behind my back...

    Wednesday SWEATSHOP has moved to Cthursday due to travel fuckups. We''ll be going for a dual episode, co-starring my friend Bree Johnson, who went to a lot more art school than I did.
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    I. Want. That. robot.
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    Nobody is stopping you from owning that robot, son. Live your dreams!

    Clockwork Couture Episode of SWEATSHOP is starting soon. I just got home to Oakland from Seattle, and found my subletters have not cleaned once in their entire time here. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF