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    You're too kind. I'm about to pick up a grip of new small canvasses and start trying to turn one or two out per night, in a couple hours. They're lightweight and easy to ship.

    EDIT: page 4 snypa!
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    These eccentric little packages are winging their ways to loving owners at this very moment. Thanks to SWEATSHOP patrons for the good times!

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    These are my fresh, pure white, extremely paintable canvasboards.
    They are 9 x 12", exactly the proper size to slide into a US Post
    Office Priority Mail flat rate envelope, and ship in just a couple
    days to YOU.

    I really think you should get in on this. I've got a set of six
    canvasboards, which I will paint live in SWEATSHOP in 1.5 hour
    sessions. The same length of time as a fine film! Each painting will
    sell for $45, with $5 fast shipping. Tips can be added to the time
    spent on a painting for $3 per 5 minutes.

    Buy paintings via PayPal and Google Checkout, at the address
    eliza.gauger AT Include your shipping address, and what
    you want painted. Painting will be done live on SWEATSHOP.

    I expect these to go fast. Good luck!
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    Progress shots of the Gorgon, which will be finished today, most likely.

    Another angle, showing my shitty cheap brushes (I ruin brushe... on Twitpic Gorgon progress tonight. This is a strange painting for me. V... on Twitpic The highlights are buffed-in gold, a technique that @Intoner ... on Twitpic
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    Painting on this Gorgon and starting Chef Deez' commission, an octopus escape.. (Broadcasting live at
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    $45 Paintup #1 - Octopus Tub (full painting) on Twitpic $45 Paintup #1 - Octopus Tub on Twitpic

    Octopus Tub. I like this so much I'm going to consider it a sketch for a future, larger painting.

    This was commissioned by Chef Deez, who sent me the following story:
    The story:
    I purchase my fish from various fish mongers, (local fisher gentlemen) they come to my back door with their fresh catch looking to sell. Depending on a number of things, I usually buy. Usually they all have the same types of fish and/or crustaceans.

    About 4 years ago on a Friday afternoon I opened my door to a 20 gallon cooler of squirming alive medium sized Octopus. It was glorious! As I was bargaining with the fisherman, he labored to keep them in the cooler, dozens of tentacles slithering over the edge trying to go free, dark sack-like bodies with little eyes peering over the edge, as he unstuck something, others popped up.

    When I saw the cooler, I had no idea what I was going to do with them, all I knew was that this is the SPECIAL for the weekend. I had to have them, they’re so fresh and alive! I would make something great in their honor.

    As usual I was busy getting ready for dinner, which meant the Octopus had to wait. (I had other things to do before I dealt with them, except they had to be cleaned and eviscerated quickly to avoid spoilage.)

    Transferring them quickly to a large plastic food bin with ice (no lid), I then placed the writhing bin on the floor up against a ceramic tiled wall which extends 12 feet to the ceiling in my prep kitchen. After icing down the little guys, they calmed down and barely moved. Planning to prepare them a little later, I returned to my work on the hotline (stove, grill area. The small prep kitchen is in the back and cannot be seen from the hotline). An hour later, I’m open for service, leaving the hotline to my cooks.

    *Returning to the prep kitchen I find my wife (She’s the pastry chef), with her back to me, a bowl of tempered chocolate in one hand and a kitchen towel in the other, staring at the tile wall with this blank/surreal look on her face, cocking her head slightly to the side. I didn’t notice what she was staring at until a dark bulbous tentacle mass came into view inching up the wall! Blargh!! HOlyshitwtf!! Octopus moving sideways on the wall, vertically up the wall, horizontally on the floor, leaving thin clear ooze in their wake. Some wedged themselves in corners, under tables, a few others suspended vertically 10 feet up the wall making their great escape! After gathering them up, I’ll never know if I got them all. I paid for them by weight and didn’t do a head count. The following weeks there were no strange smells in the kitchen so I assume I got them all, but I like to think at least one got away.*
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    @3liza made a song while you were painting octopus tub. watching you paint motivates me to finish stuff lol

    (he wrote a song for the painting)
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    Art lessons on SWEATSHOP: how to draw chubby dancing girls. on Twitpic

    We also had an art lesson after the painting was done. I'm considering having a tip-driven Ask the Artist session that is ONLY tutorials and question-answering. "How do I draw _______?" will be cheerfully demonstrated.
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    It's Friday night, which means Chet Zar is running his #FridayNightArtDorks Twitter party, and we'll run SWEATSHOP right alongside. I'd love to do another 1.5 hr $45 Paintup.
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    Tonight's progress on Donna Ricci's $45 Paintup commission:

    Donna Ricci Paintup Detail on Twitpic Donna Ricci's $45 Paintup Portrait Progress on Twitpic

    Tomorrow we add color. It has to dry overnight so the color can be applied over the top, like a glaze. This method is called "grisaille".
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    It is not tomorrow, but we're adding color anyway. Like Ted Turner, that fucking asshole.
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    Elizabot is now live at
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    Tuned in for the first time tonight - Absolutely loving it.
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    Donna Ricci portrait progress - (Broadcasting live at http://... on Twitpic

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    Looks good. Stopped watching now because I am weak and need sleep.
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    Lorraine Test Sketches Lorraine Test Sketches

    The nose is all wrong, but this graceful creature is nonetheless my

    friend Lorraine, who has just suffered a grievous accident in which

    she fractured her spine. She is a dancer and a model and is now

    bedridden, totally unable to support herself. Tomorrow I will be

    running a tipjar marathon in which I paint portraits of her all day,

    and collect donations on PayPal for her medical bills. Anyone in

    their right mind would love a picture of this Frazetta-noir beauty.

    The paintings, as well as two $50 gift certificates to Clockwork

    Couture, will be awarded to the highest tippers as the day goes on.



    Whitechapel Sweatshop announcement thread:

    E. Gauger's blog:

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    Elizoid, are you going live tonight?
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    Yes I am. In just a little while, actually.
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    We're starting.