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    Squidpops, color theory and underpainting and Bernini sculptures in discussion.
    I'm greatly enjoying this, and the artwork and music are fantastic.
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    Just woke up. Last night's SWEATSHOP stretched into eight hours. I have an art hangover; my head is killing me and I can't even think about painting today. We accomplished something pretty damned impressive.

    We raised $845 for Lorraine's medical bills, total. As I said in my Gibbering leading up to the event, I took ten per cent for materials cost. Sent her the money last night. Now, in the broad scheme of medical bills, $800 isn't that much. But in the scheme of groceries, rent, and peace of mind, it's a lot.

    Well done, Sweaty Victims Unit. I am so proud of you.
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    God damn.
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    She's arrived!

    This rude contraption is just to protect her until we take her into town about 30 mins away to be properly matted and framed. She only made it here today because we live in the boonies in Maine. A long damn way from The Bay (sigh). Among the many wonderful things you do, you give us a connection to the west coast again (My wife lived in The City for a few years) which we miss pretty badly.

    She was purchased as a gift to my wife for her 29th bday this month, and she LOVES HER. And we both feel extremely proud to own an original piece of yours and to support a wildly talented lady. So thank you for being amazing and willing to part with her, she's found a good home. "He" doesn't know what he's missing...
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    I'm sorry, I've forgotten my manners in my glee. Please give your friend our best wishes. And congrats on pulling so much support for her. What you do continues to make people's lives richer.
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    Lorraine's Dancing Bear SWEATSHOP progress shots

    Sweatshop is offline for a few day while I am in LA, celebrating the spookiness. I will be taking Lorraine's squid painting to her tomorrow night, as the high bidder was a friend of hers. I talked to her today and she's walking with a cane and is hopeful about her recovery. She wants to go back to dancing, and she's extremely well-muscled, which I imagine will help with a spinal injury.

    At the suggestion of my friend Qais, I think I may resurrect the idea of a webcam feeding still photos at intervals to my site. I still have my old firewire iSight; I suppose I could point it at the workings-on.

    Anyway, thanks again for all the help with the last Dancing Bear. Lorraine was beside herself with gratitude. SWEATSHOP will resume next week, and outstanding commissions will be shipped.
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    Last night I started on the last of the $45 Paintups. I don't know if I'll do paintings of this size/complexity for this price again. I have been going WAY over my time on these and it's not good.

    Cleaver Pig for Adam Johnson, incomplete. The legs on this pi... on Twitpic

    I'll be working on this pig this afternoon and finishing it up. After the Paintups I think I'll do a run of prints to recoup some of the overtime!
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    We're not really drawing anymore but you can come fart up my chatroom anyway.
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    [copied from Ectomo]


    As I posted earlier, I regularly run a live drawing show on Ustream called SWEATSHOP. I draw, paint, and chat live for the Ustream audience. We have run benefits for injured friends, busked with sketching for spare change, stayed up far too late watching Special Victims Unit, and generally had a jolly good time. This time, I'm offering you the benefit of my 20+ years of art experience, all from the comfort of your own computer hole. Strong tea & loud music ushers us into the SWEATSHOP ATELIER (aka DISCOUNT ART COLLEGE) in ~20min.

    This time on SWEATSHOP: Ask your art, design, or miscellaneous questions. I will answer to the best of my ability, with demonstrative diagrams drawn live on paper.

    $5 gets you a 10 minute lecture on the topic of your choice! We begin when the first question comes into my PayPal account at eliza DOOOT gauger ARF gmail HURRGH com.

    SWEATSHOP [Ustream]

    Streaming live video by Ustream
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    Done. Results:

    The entire SWEATSHOP session, after we moved to, should be available here for 7 days:

    Part 1
    Part 2

    THE HOWLING HARE (3 parts)
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

    I think we're moving officially to, as Ustream has taken a massive shit the past few days, and become impossible to use.
    • CommentAuthorOda
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    Batman number two made me laugh out loud. He looks as if he just shat his pants.

    You, girl, are a truly talented artist. I'll keep watching what you put up for sale, as I'm moving to my own place in january and need nice stuff on my walls. :)
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    Those links are fabulous for those of us who can't stay up all night watching. Thanks for that.
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    Sweatshop Discount Art College went down alright. I think I need to switch up the programming and dispense with the "tip first; answer second" setup. I made a little bit of money from the students/audience, but I think an open tip jar without a price list would probably work better.

    Thanks again, sweathogs! More soon!

    ALSO: I am negotiating the first live-action SWEATSHOP as we speak. We're looking at the SOMA arts district of San Francisco, time and location TBA.
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    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2009
    This is awesome. awesome. Can't wait to get in on the next one. I am in need of more art in my life.
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    Sorry about forgetting to post this until TODAY, but we have a big SWEATSHOP tonight:

    SIAMESE SWEATSHOP: Tag Team with Special Guest Artist Vol Hydrogen
    Date: Friday, November 13, 2009
    Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm PST

    Vol Hydrogen is an upcoming surrealist designer and illustrator from the SF Bay Area. With a solid background in traditional skills like anatomy, clothing and character design, and concept art, she joins SWEATSHOP slavedriver EG Gauger for a few hours of two-headed horror.

    Vol and I will be drawing/painting on a giant canvas that will then be cut up into jigsaw pieces, and sold individually. You should watch the entire process live, tonight, or you may miss out on snapping up the pieces as they go on sale.
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    Swampy goodness ....
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    We painted on the inverse of a really shitty painting I scored from Freecycle. We couldn't paint on the front because of the acrylic already there.

    Background layer is drying. Holy fuck, is it drying. [http://... on Twitpic on Twitpic
    So we flipped it and used the existing painting for some warmups.

    Swamp sketches. [] on Twitpic
    "SUP" [] on Twitpic
    "THAT BATTLE STATION IS FULLY OPERATIONAL." - [http://www.jus... on Twitpic

    Improvements done to the shitty painting we're using as canva... on Twitpic
    Did I mention the original painting was god-awful. Here it is after some improvements.

    @Vol_Hydrogen working on Odalisques From the Stupid Lagoon - ... on Twitpic
    Finally getting down to the real shit. When all else fails, I poll the audience for suggestions. When that fails, I poll my dad. "Paint the Creature in the rubber swimming cap and the bathing suit the girl wears in the movie," he says. "Those horrible bathing suits you could never get them out of," he adds darkly. Dad hated the 50s.

    Odalisques From the Stupid Lagoon progress shot. - [http://ww... on Twitpic
    It's the best idea he's ever had.

    Odaliques detail. - [] on Twitpic
    Smoke n' swing. - [] on Twitpic
    Chillin'. - [] on Twitpic

    @Vol_Hydrogen: "hurrrr" (broadcasting live at http://www.just... on Twitpic
    Vol and I put on a good show. It becomes hideously cold in my apartment. Commence funny hats, a stately Sweatshop tradition. We have had about four pots of tea.

    Progress! on Twitpic
    Progress. People are tipping and we're overjoyed.

    The Stupid Lagoon marches onward. on Twitpic
    From a movie you're glad we never made. on Twitpic

    Eventually we hit a wall and order pizza. SVU is put on the feed and people start to fall off. By the time we're watching All Creatures Great and Small, Season 3, there are only two viewers left. At 2am the pizza finally arrives. I give the delivery man a nice tip, anyway.

    (not pictured)
    We eat pizza with the painting turned towards the wall. An hour later, bellies distended with Pizza Man goods, we flip it back over. It's done. We gravely shake hands, and discuss plans for another one, soon. This may show in LA in a group show, in the meantime.

    Final photos will be posted later. I'm destroyed.
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    Thankyou for broadcast; and for posting images up, too.