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    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2009 edited
    I listened to this again today while working at the pub. Starting to love it.

    That was the second spin. Didn't expect it to be as entertaining. Like the Beach Boys doing the aural equivalent of the Cottingley Fairies photos.


    Murcof - Cosmos
    • CommentAuthorales kot
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2009 edited
    Popol Vuh - Affenstunde
    Ben Frost - By the Throat
    Kronos Quartet - Floodplain
    5: Five Years of Hyperdub
    Mary Anne Hobbs Presents: Wild Angels
    Sunn O))) & Pan Sonic - Che
    The Mutton Birds: Flock - The Best Of
    Television - Marquee Moon
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    Here we go...

    Smoke & Mirrors
    KEUL - 88.9 Girdwood, AK
    KABN- FM 89.7 Kasilof, AK
    Sundays, 7-10pm
    Presented by The Centipede Foundation - Applied & Implied Art Since 1976

    Sept 27, 2009

    Hour 1:

    Tristan Honsinger/Massimo Simonini - Page Comes of Age
    Pascal Comelade - Teresa
    3MA- Hanatra
    Kronos Quartet - Asleep (Astor Piazolla)
    Bill Frisell - Lonesome

    Les Triaboliques - Hora Anicuta Draga/Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
    A Hawk & A Hacksaw - Raggle Taggle
    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Beh Haadh Ramza Dhasdha
    Tinariwen - Tahult In
    Forro In The Dark - Lilou

    Hour 2:

    Robin Holcomb - When Was The Last Time
    Michael Bellar - Yoga For Prison Girls
    Robert Wyatt - N.I.O. (New Information Order)
    Samara Lubelski - Walking In The Waves
    Massive Attack - Future Proof

    Kate Bush - The Fog
    Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog - For Malena
    Tom Waits - Downtown Train
    Richard Leo Johnson/Gregg Bendian - Shack In The Back
    Groupa - Golbelangdrommar
    Von Zamla - Harujanta

    Hour 3:

    Blast 4tet - Sift
    Rich West - Five Lane Parasite
    Third Person - Procedure Against Rain
    The Bad Plus - Semi-Simple Variations (Babbitt)
    Univers Zero - Meandres
    Hurdy Gurdy - Galgen

    Heiner Goebbels - The Italian Concerto/Writing II
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    I'm on a bit of a Mellotron kick at the moment. I wish I could find/afford one... but my Mellotron shirt will have to do until that day comes.

    Sinoia Caves - Dwarf Reaching the Arch Wonder
    Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song
    Yes - Close to the Edge
    King Crimson - Epitaph (well, anything off Court of the Crimson King)

    Then the rest:

    Vessels - White Fields and Open Devices
    Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
    Hella - Hold Your Horse Is
    Acid Mothers Temple - Do Cosmic Shepherds Dream of Electric Tapirs?
    ...and anything by Giraffes? Giraffes!
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    @newspaperdrone: old hella is good hella
    • CommentAuthorAlexGBYMR
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2009
    It's rained pretty much all the time for the past two days, so they have been mostly about;
    The Decemberists - Castaways and Cut-outs, Her Majesty and The Crane Wife.
    Daniel Johnston - Continued Story/Hi, How Are You

    and Japandroids - Post-Nothing
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    i discovered that the cats (who just moved in with me) DO NOT like low end powerviolence vocals. so:

    pj harvey-whitechalk lp
    ringers-hurry up and wait lp
    blood bath and beyond-jihadcore 7"

    hatred surge-isolated human 7"
    get destroyed-s/t 7"
    kung fu rick-statues to stones, soldiers to bones 7"

    edit: also, i need to close the lid on the turntable. i see them eyeing the spinning records, and shaking like they are about to jump up on it. sigh....
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2009
    @ ales kot

    5: Five Years of Hyperdub

    looking forward to this, literally counting the hours until it arrives.
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    Hawkwind - Silver Machine, with a much younger and less warty Lemmy!
    • CommentAuthorales kot
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2009

    It's a lovely package. I hope they will be able to continue with their high quality releases. Planet Mu had great stuff for years, but I can't even remember the last time when something they released truly blew my mind.
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    Today I've been listening to Platon's Stalker (maybe a reference to the film of the same name?), an album you can find here. It's from, a Russian netlabel which currently has exactly twenty releases available for download. Next I think I'll try Spasibo Stalinu by ALOAB (Artificial Limb of a Beard). Zapiski Puteshestvennikov also look interesting:
    "Zapiski Puteshestvennikov" ("Notes of Travellers") - the psychodelic project from Nizhni Novgorod, which all songs represent the free improvisation which has been not limited to stylistic frameworks.

    The structure includes Zvyara - a vocal, a guitar; Scheloch - all other tools and noisers, and also the Cat Vasily - presence nagual.
    I had to Google "nagual", and I'm not sure if its this nagual, or this one, or something else entirely.
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    @Ales Kot

    How are you enjoying the new Ben Frost Album? It´s a massive improvement to his last album. Much better sounds and it includes rabid wolves! yes!

    @ Nigredo & Warren

    Broadcast being loved by you two AND on the front of this months Wire? Looks like i´m definitely going to have to hunt this lot out....

    As for me i´m listening to the free CD given away from this months Wire. Some interesting tracks on there....
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    Ow a bit late on this one, but here's my top 15 from the last 7 days according to

    01. Hirasawa Susumu
    02. The Longest Journey Original Soundtrack
    03. Gackt
    04. Dreamfall, The Longest Journey Original Soundtrack
    05. Pet Shop Boys
    06. Pearl Jam
    07. Akira Yamaoka
    08. cLOUDDEAD
    09. Fischerspooner
    10. Final Fantasy VII - Crisis Core / Takeharu Ishimoto
    11. Cell Division
    12. My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
    13. Final Fantasy 10 / Nobuo Uematsu
    14. Massive Attack
    15. Media Nox
    On a side note, Pearl Jam's new album is surprisingly good -_- Spotify premium users can listen to it for free yay~
    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2009 edited
    Yeah, the new Pearl Jam is better than I expected. If you didn't know anything about Pearl Jam, it wouldn't be that weird to assume that this was their debut album. The songs are short and fairly simple, with lots of energy and less artsy noodling than their actual debut album.
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2009
    Von Sudenfed - Tromatic Refeflexxions

    Mark E Smith from the mighty Fall and two germanic nosebleed techno heads - it's been out for quite a while but is magnificent if you need cheering up
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    Asmus Tietchens - Litia

    Natural Snow Buildings - Shadow Kingdom

    Cluster - II

    Pauline Oliveros - Deep Listening
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    Kelcey: I got sent FIVE YEARS OF HYPDERDUB a few weeks ago. It's very good.
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    Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
    Television - Marquee Moon
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2009
    Lately I find my friend, Buggers been sliding his music into my head so lately its been a royal mash up of genres... Off the top of my head:

    Emelie Autumn
    So much drum and bass, but I have no idea who the 'artists' are there so *shrug*
    Led Zeppelin
    The Animals
    Jefferson Airplane
    The Doors
    Sixpence None the Richer
    Five Iron Frenzy
    and Halestorm
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2009
    This CD is the one I'm loving currently :
    Noisettes - Wild Young Hearts
    two classics making a bid for the top slot:
    Apocalypse Hoboken-House Of The Rising Son Of A Bitch
    Dr. Hourai - Post Apocalyptic Nightmare Vol. I-Vibrations In Hyperspace maybe not that classic