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    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2009
    Asmus Tietchens - Biotop

    By the way, I was under the impression that someone around here never makes typos...
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    @joe.distort Close the lid! They get up on it and watch the record spinning beneath them. And then, if they're fatties, they knock the whole thing crashing to the floor when they leap off it. Fortunately, Tony doesn't like music at all, but he loves Robocop

    Assorted Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Karen O & The Kids Where The Wild Things Are
    Broadcast & The Focus Group Investigate the Witch Cults of the Radio Age
    HEALTH Get Color
    Fuck Buttons Tarot Sport
    Paul Giovanni/Magnet The Wicker Man
    John Baker Tapes kindly issued by Trunk Records.
    The Flaming Lips Embryonic and The Soft Bulletin
    Iron & Wine The Sherpherd's Dog
    Rachel's Systems/Layers
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2009
    Ora - Isle
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    ALES: "Kronos Quartet - Floodplain" -- any good? I just noticed an ad for it in Songlines today, but I haven't listened to them since, I think, EARLY MUSIC...
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    Jesus, Kemper. The pure 1981 of that is almost a toxic load.
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    By the way, I was under the impression that someone around here never makes typos...

    Only when very tired. Which is all the time lately.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2009 edited
    What was on my MP3 player

    Sam Goldberg - Cycles c20
    Menace Ruine - The Die is Cast
    Om - god is good
    Califone - All My Friends Are Funeral Singers
    Sun O)))/ Boris - Altar
    Part Chimp - Thriller
    Incoming Cerebral Overdrive - Controverso
    Pelican - What We All Come To Need
    The Vexers - Gangland Ballads and The Sex Death Set
    Veda - Down The Staircase

    I also managed to get hold of Broadcast and the focus group after much praising of it on here. I can definitely feel the 70´s Sci Fi/BBC symphonic workshop/Neo Pagan vibe it has. Also on Warrens suggestion, downloaded The audiologist - Question Everything and Zuramone - The Spiders Dance. The Audiologist is especially a pleasure to hear!

    Also was trawling the music blogs for something interesting to listen to.Here are the results
    - Various Artists - Bad Sun Rising vol. 1 & 2: Various Japanese Noise & punk form Steve albini. Contain The Boredoms, UFO or Die & Volume dealers (From Eater of sounds)
    - station 17 - hitparade: A complilation from a German-based collective of mentally handicapped talents that write and produce their own tunes (From the more you think about it)
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    the new FAILURES ep is four minutes of fucking rad.
    the new CONVERGE full length is more metal than i usually like, but fuck its good.
    two new tracks from the upcoming cassette comp THE WORLD ITSELF IS A BAD DREAM by new florida HC band NAZI DUST are rough and uncompromising. for folks that like punk.

    otherwise its been
    ATOM AND HIS PACKAGE-shopping spree 7"
    NEW BOMB TURKS-scared straight cd
    HOLY MOLAR-s/t 7"
    • CommentAuthorales kot
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2009

    Western musicians trying to play Eastern and African music, sounding like Western musicians trying to play Eastern and African music. Almost everything sounds too clean. Too user-friendly. Domesticated. The record sometimes moves into a vicious circle of academic self-wankery where nothing interesting happens for five to ten minutes and musical jizz drops on you from the ceiling like an impatient Facehugger.

    After realizing what I dislike about ''Floodplain'', I can still listen to the album and enjoy parts of it. There are some standout tracks - I especially love the classical/idm clash that is ''Oh Mother, the Handsome Man Tortures Me'' and the energy of ''Nihavent Sirto'', even though it's a song that's about as close to being innovatory as Mark Millar is to being self-promotionally shy.

    I have a feeling that the record might gradually show itself as a perfect demonstration of what globalization can be - academics playing wild people's music. Amusing, entertaining, occasionally very good? Yes. As lively as the music they gain inspiration from? Not at all.

    Anyway, I recommend giving it a listen. I'm interested in what you'd have to say about it.
    • CommentAuthorales kot
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2009

    Listened to it just once so far, and I like it a lot. Don't know if it surpasses ''Theory of Machines'', though. I love that album.
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2009
    Holy. Fucking. Shit.

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    that song is sooo gooood. probably my second favorite on the record.
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    Wow that song was like getting kicked in the face, but in a nice way...
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2009

    Kronos Quartet have been doing that for years though. The Mexican album and the Bollywood album are obvious examples. I don't think you should approach Floodplains expecting spontaneity and rawness. It's not about authenticity, but revealing similarities and points of contact. Even the Early Music album included Partch, Part and Cage and in Black Angels they recorded Tallis alongside Crumb, Ives and Shostakovich.
    • CommentAuthorales kot
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2009

    I'm not familiar with all of their records. Was not expecting anything. I get what you're saying about similarities and points of contact, but that doesn't make the ''Floodplains'' great for me - what makes any record great for me is life pulsing through its veins. Right now, ''Floodplains'' doesn't sound like that kind of a record.
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2009
    I have this theory that Jacob Bannon is actually a starving cheetah being tortured with cattle prods. Now I'm pretty sure that the entity that is "Converge" has gone back in time to 1973, kidnapped Yes, starved them, and commenced torturing.
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2009
    Just going basic this week. The big listens lately have been The Beta Band's The Three EP's and Van Morrison's It's Too Late To Stop Now. Beautiful version of Cypress Avenue.
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2009

    Well, truth be told, I didn't love it either.
    • CommentAuthorAlexGBYMR
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2009
    That theory would explain the last half of "Homewrecker."