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    I would love an invite, please:

    Thank you.
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2009
    stevencudahy - sent. should be there in a day or two.
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2009

    thanks a lot!
    • CommentAuthorIsaacSher
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2009
    Does anyone still have spare invites for this?

    Much obliged.
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    Arrived already. I'm much obliged to you. I'm in, but I'm not going to be able to play with it until the weekend.

    Now I need to figure out what to use it for.

    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2009

    On its way to you now
    • CommentAuthorAllen
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2009
    @Krogmann You're welcome.
    • CommentAuthorIsaacSher
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2009
    BLESS you, Sneak.
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    If any one of you fine people as an extra invite, I think the Wave could be quite valuable as a collaboration tool for the comic I'm writing.

    Thanks in advance!
    • CommentAuthorIsaacSher
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2009
    Chrisnie, invite on its way.
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    The RP wave has begun! officially and stuff. rusty and i have both posted, just hoping i can keep up, my internet/computer time is pretty limited due to my ridic work schedule and the fact that the gigantic multinational corporation that i work for refuses to have any browser other than IE6 installed on the work comps, for fuck's sake, it's nearly 2010.
    I'm also looking for art to ink, since i'm trying to get back into that, and my pencilling is shite.
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2009
    In response to Howyadoin's tweet, I've attempted a short explanation of Google wave as I have used it a this time, it can be found here:
    Googlewave explained in one A4

    I hope it is of help to people, and I would gladly like to receive feedback to better the document, while keeping it short and low on techno-babble. ;)

    Thanks in advance!

    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2009
    @Ysaka - That was actually very useful. Most explanations I've read are enormous, and the demo video was pretty long too, from memory. Concise but still covers a lot.
    I was using Wave the other day under the pretense of work, but it ended up being like an IM chat about bizarre Japanese movies. I'm looking forward to testing out some of it's more interesting possibilities.
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    anyone got a spare invite?

    • CommentAuthorAllen
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2009
    @vandalhandle invite covered.
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    @allen, thanks
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    Yes! Thanks!
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2009
    I've got 6 invites (they only gave me 8!) reserved for you guys, like I promised. Start lining up, fellows!
    • CommentAuthordahveed
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2009
    i also have four invites to dish out, so send me a message if you need one
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    I have eight invites if anyone needs one still, let me know if you do.