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    • CommentAuthorOgre
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2009
    I would like to be added to the WC wave if at all possible. Also, I have a pile of invites.
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    @Yskaya - That's crazy talk. (Shhh...don't go giving away all my secrets...)

    @Ogre - Added.
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    I have just used wave to coordinate SDCC hotel booking with a couple friends. It is the worst program, and whoever loves it should be sucker punched in the throat. I hate it on such a base level, if it had children, I would be cruel to them.

    I know it's just a stupid app no one uses; I should just shrug and move on. But my hate for it is far richer and poisonous than merely regarding an app that doesn't work. It's just...imagine if the entire world thought Paris Hilton was some polyglot to be celebrated from sea to shining sea, and you were the only one who could see her for what she truly is. That's how Google Wave makes me feel. It has the functionality of a three-legged rabbit.

    Want to insert a link? No, don't bother hitting CTRL + V, go up to the top, click the Link button, and then you're allowed to paste the URL. You know who let me paste directly while incorporating nearly all of Google Wave's features? AOL 3.0 chat rooms and there's a reason I stopped using those.

    Damn, Google Wave, I wish you had genitals so every morning of your life, I could rochambeau you before you had your coffee.