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    @taphead - A lot of people forget that, or just plain don't take that into account, when they get beta (or, as Google is putting it, "Preview") access to something. While some functions of it are useful, and others may not yet be up to par, we're all basically testers of the software. Thanks for posting the guide, I look forward to looking at it later today.
    • CommentAuthorZombi
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2009
    @frenchbloke - Obviously not, but it's still interesting to get insights into new web development. It might even prove useful at some point.

    That being said, this poll says a lot:
    • CommentAuthorWakefield
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2009
    @taphead was in beta. For around five years.
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    Okay, it looks like I've had a couple invites make it through in the last few hours, so I'm assuming some of you that I entered should start getting yours shortly.
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2009
    @seantaclaus Hooray! *waits and lurks patiently*
    • CommentAuthorPhranky
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2009
    Technology makes me vomit.
    • CommentTimeNov 4th 2009
    @Taphead -- Woo at there being a gadget guide on that site! That's exactly what I was looking for.
    • CommentAuthoredbury
    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2009
    Now I'm thinking with Waves.
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    @edbury - Indeed you are. ;)
    • CommentAuthoredbury
    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2009
    @seantaclaus - I see you!

    Now uh. To get enough invites and friends that this is useful - thinking it would be perfect for online tabletopping.
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    Tremendous, I just got my invite. Thank you very much D (I think)
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    Mine just came - thanks a lot!
    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2009 edited
    Alright, I've just started a wave for testing between Whitechapel members, adding the members that I had via invites that I sent, and those who have posted their wave addresses here.

    For those with Wave that want to be added, but whose address isn't in the thread yet, feel free to add me via and I'll add you to the Wave. I figure this way it allows those who may not know any others with Wave to still dig in and test it out with the group. Alternatively, you can post your Wave address here if you're comfortable with it, and one of us will add you once we see the post.

    Edit: If we've got this figured out correctly, you should be able to go directly to the Wave by clicking here.
    • CommentAuthorIllogic
    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2009 edited
    Interesting. If anyone has a spare invite laying around I'd be happy to help you get rid off it.
    Here's my mail: cowboybe_bop at hotmail dot com
    Also: the lack of surfer lingo in here is reassuring.
      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2009
    sgrsickness at gmail dot com

    If anyone has an an invite I would love you long time for one :<
    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2009
    got my wave invite last night, been trying to make sense of it ever since.

    @taphead that guide has been plenty of help
    • CommentAuthorAllen
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2009
    Just got my invite, if anyone wants to add me or show me how the hell to use this bloody thing would be much appreciated
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    @Allen - Added. Dropped you into the Wave with the other WC folk as well, as per your request.
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2009
    So, this is the Wave invite begging thread? I would be ever so grateful, kind sirs and sirettes...

    Actually kinda heartwarming to see people sharing like this :)

    I hear some people are experimenting with role playing on That Thing. Could be fun. If you have a spare invite, i'm Bergjylt at
    • CommentAuthorradian
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2009
    Got my invite, thanks D-.
    So it takes ~4 days at the moment.
    Now to see what all the fuss is about.