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    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2009
    I've been trying to get Google Wave forever. I've signed-up on the google site and retweeted messages promising me invites yet here I sit with no Google Wave. I suppose it'll be available to everyone eventually, and by then no one will care but for now I just wish I could check it out.
    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2009
    Could I be added to the Whitechapel Wave? charleneridley[at]gmail[dot]com

    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2009 edited
    Alright, I've seemingly got my Wave functionality back. Will be adding people to the WC wave momentarily.

    @ZJVavrek - Fixed and added.

    @danielferraz - Added.

    @Beth Wagner - You appear to not have an account yet. When I get more invites, I'll check back here to see if you still need one. Invite sent.

    @Jonny - Already added.

    @JoeViturbo & Charlene - Will put each of you on the to-be-invited list, along with Beth Wagner. Invites sent.

    @Internaut - Do you still need an invite as well? Invite sent.

    I figure I'll get more invites in short order, so I released the earmarked ones to take care of those 4 here.
    • CommentAuthorMaC
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2009 edited
    A: Could I get added to the Whitechapel Wave? mfs3kiryu @

    B: I've got 5 invites to give out for folk here.
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    I started this damn thread and I haven't even taken the plunge yet. I think I will.

    MaC, you think I could get an invite?

    dmillwee @
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    @MaC - Added. Would you be kind enough to send lampcommander an invite? I'm officially really out until I get a new batch.
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2009 edited

    Can I play too? I'd love to get (or join late?) a Whitechapel 100 Hours Challenge going in google wave.

    • CommentAuthoredbury
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2009
    I've been reading up on all this Wave RPing business. Is anyone interested in getting a game going? If so we can start a new thread (OR WAVE OHSHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT).
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2009
    @edbury i'm intereted but how much dedication would be required? i'd forget to keep checking wave
    • CommentAuthorMaC
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2009
    @Seantaclaus Thanks for the add, sent lampcommander an invite. I don't think they send automatically but I put him in my invite list.
    • CommentAuthorJonny
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2009
    I recommend this:

    Basically you create a Whitechapel google group -> add users -> add the google group account to your wave contacts -> then add the google group to any wave you want wc users to see.

    To see waves by other wc users, all you have to do is save a search - eg
    • CommentAuthoredbury
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2009
    @Alastair I'm guessing day to day play by post with maybe scheduled encounters for combat?

    I'm actually more interested in playing than running a game (as I'm already DMing it up twice a week in our apartment).

    Come on WC. One of you horrible miscreants wants to run a game.
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2009
    Add to WC Wave please:

    • CommentAuthorradian
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2009
    Add me too please, can't find it by searching:

    andy . radian @ googlewave
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    @MaC - No problem. The turnaround can vary-- my most recent batch all sent within a day, but the initial batch took 2-4 days on average, and in at least one case an invite took 2 weeks.

    @Jonny - Groups, eh? Sweet. I'll check that out when I've been up for more than 10 minutes.

    @COMTE - I'm assuming from that email address that you need an actual Wave invite first. Will put you on the list.

    @radian - Added.
    • CommentAuthorZombi
    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2009
    @Phill_sea - Added.

    @Alastair - Dedication will be more than welcome, as what you get out of it is largely dependant on what you (and others) put into it.

    I think it might be neat if we tried to start a collective wave project, now that the initial "hey, it's not quite chat and not quite e-mail" experience has come and passed. Don't know what the project might be, though, but wave has an insanely good potential when it comes to collaboration and it would be fun to use it while it's still new.
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    @Zombi - The question then becomes, what ideas come to mind?
    • CommentAuthorZombi
    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2009
    @Seanta - I did mention the 20 man paint battle royale, just by inserting a photo editing frame (I think those are available somewhere), and some people draw something, others more, until we say ourself satisfied.

    Otherwise you have the short story thing, where someone starts doing a paragraph, then others follows. The advantage here is that one can see as you type, so people won't work on the same paragraph. Here it could also be cool if people could reserve paragraphs for later, for instance, you write the first paragraph, Phill reserves the second, I write the third, then Phill can come back later and tie the two paragraphs together. It'll be just like it always is with these things, only more interactive

    Can't think of anything else at the moment.
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    @Zombi -
    I did mention the 20 man paint battle royale, just by inserting a photo editing frame (I think those are available somewhere), and some people draw something, others more, until we say ourself satisfied.

    I missed that one... that could be entertaining.

    I wonder how viable a one-shot comic or illustrated fiction piece would be... expanding on the short story idea, with different artists illustrating different segments (or perhaps collaborating between pencils/inks/colors/finishes where applicable). Then again, it might be a good way to pair artists and writers up if they work well together, pushing the "Get Excited And Make Things"/"Do Anything" side of things. Hmmm...
    • CommentAuthorZombi
    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2009 edited
    @Seanta - just added a small paint gadget to the lower parts of the wave. Have at it!