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    A new first for Whitechapel: photos of girls being blown by clowns.
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    I've changed quite a lot today. Here's the process, from waking up with the patchy, messy beard I've been growing for weeks to how I look after shaving and a proper haircut. I needed to let go of the beard because of some portraits I took today. Not that anyone is complaining. Aside from Oda, of course, who will have my hide for this.

    We start with me after waking up. I'm deeply sorry.

    Now, you all should blame Outlawpoet for this next bit, as he was the one who suggested for me to experiment with my beard before shaving it off completely. Okay, blame me too for listening to him. Anyway, I decided to give Clark Gable a run for his money:

    And then I shaved it completely...

    ... and got a haircut.

    People will start saying I look like a poolboy or Max Minghella in three, two, one...
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    photos of girls being blown by clowns.

    This is very restrictive. Clowns are much more open, aren't they?
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    it was said it's familiar...


    STILL not
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    me in Taipei, Taiwan last month working as technical director in a media team during the Deaflympics
    • CommentAuthorbibbleco
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2009
    kinda gonzo: I read the thread, picked up the camera, and after only about 20 minutes of fiddling about:


    And I didn't bother fixing the redeye or date because, after due consideration, y'know, ROCK!!!; plus, I'm lazy, and the freshly-beaten-with-a-cricket-bat look makes narcissism hard to maintain.
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    @bibbleco: Aaaw, you even included me on the lower left corner!
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    I didn't plan this, I swear, but since it IS October:

    (also found in the Draw Each Other Thread in case anyone wants to have some fun with it.)
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    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2009

    Tiny Cat has gotten in the habit of napping between my arms every time I set my laptop on the floor. She looked up for the picture, but is currently a fuzzy ball of sleep.

    Lazy cunt.
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    I neglected to post a picture of myself last month. So on this first month of October I'll offer this quick shot.
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    Myself and my friend Amanda, working on our new web comic.
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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Bloody flash. Night.
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    Unfortunately it isn't as bright as it seems out, the great rains have begun.
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    Went out training day before yesterday, friend got some good shots of me jumpin' and thinkin'.

    Ruzkin Squatting
    Ruzkin One Foot
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    Bad photo of the new hair do taken solely to marvel at the idea of my hair being straight (Definitely not it's natural state) and not tied back to show some skin...

    Meeeee - after my hair cut

    I have no idea why I'm holding my free hand like that :/
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    October is upon us. It's dark, and I am lazy.

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    Me, posing with my little birthday present to myself

    and apparently looking a little too much like John Goodman in The Big Lebowski
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    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2009