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    Click here for a more detailed versionThe image at Left is a drawing I did a while back based on a wax model at the La Specola in Florence, with some Norse influence. Quickly dubbed "Dissection Loki" it is a piece that I'm still pretty happy with.

    The 'loki was done in microns (Mostly the 005) on 9" x 12" Strathmore Bristol, shows off the anatomy of the cheek, jaw and throat. Yes, you probably could name off the pieces of anatomy present in this piece, though I would not say it's proper scientific accuracy.

    My UserIcon is based on a colored version of a selection of this piece. So, in case you were wondering what that was an icon of? Just a head dissection.

    General reaction from friends who have seen the original? Lots of "Oh my god what is that?!" and general hand waving in a dismissive style.