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    Via John Crace:

    Dr Nick Troop, principal lecturer in health psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, and an avid David Bowie fan, analysed the singer's 266 songs for links between language used and success in the charts, and then wrote what he considered to be the ideal song to guarantee commercial success and improve the health of the singer...

    And Here It Is.

    Personally, I didn't find it very catchy. It had a kind of soothing element...but, no, I wouldn't buy the single.
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    Well he's only got two elements here; The voice and the twelve string. Essential elements to be sure, but I think it needs the pop 'hook' element to be complete.
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    Unfortunately science can't write good music.

    And the majority of his successful singles have been of the upbeat variety, so I'm surprised he went ahead and tried to do a slow ballad. And like Val side, no hook.

    So, no. Sorry. Not even a good b-side.
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    I really hoped this was going to be about 'Laughing Gnome', THE best Bowie song.
    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2009
    I am a sucker for a 12 string, but still. No Dice.