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    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2008
    At some point just before Christmas, I decided I liked NCIS and have since watched all of its 104 episodes in order in about seven weeks. Now maybe its just the rush with which I watched them and the ebbing enthusiasm with which I greeted the last ten or so episodes, but I've got to believe that the writer's strike couldn't have hit at a better time for them. The first two seasons were superb stuff filled with witty repartee, smartly written storylines and genuine surprises. Then they killed off the character that glued the team together, tried to bring in longer story arcs which weren't explained for many weeks and introduced two new characters which still don't fit after two and a half seasons. Granted season three had the most disturbing (and easily one of the best) episode of all five so far and there are momentary glimpses of the old formula but it's lost its way.

    Mark Harmon essentially got Donald Bellisario to quit writing the show after Season 4 because he thought the stories were poor too, but Season 5 isn't improving. Please please may they take stock of the situation during the writers' strike and come back firing on all cylinders post-Oscars.
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    I kinda like Ziva. I think it works, you think she doesn't fit in? I haven't seen any of 5 yet, though.
    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2008
    I think Ziva is a very different character to Kate.
    From the outset, her character line has been her learning about life outside of being a warrior for Mossad. She's had to learn to investigate before jumping to the wrong conclusions and hitting someone (which she still does), how to trust her team and how to deal with feelings of love and jealousy. Indeed, she's had very strong feelings for one guy who died and another who was disgraced. Basically, she's had to learn to relax and it took half of series three before she actually smiled.

    Basically, if Kate represented the fun and smiles in NCIS, Ziva is the pathos and seriousness where most of the time it hasn't been needed because we've had two other ongoing 'heavy' threads of Gibbs character development and Jenny's obsession with La Grenouille. Still, like I said, Ziva definitely has her stand-out moments. (but I wish they'd stop with the cheap gags courtesy of her bad English already)
    • CommentAuthormunin218
    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2008
    I've been following the show for a long time, too. The dynamic has changed a lot, but I think it's still not too bad.

    The one I was pissed about was Criminal Minds. They took Mandy Patinkin off and replaced him with Joe Mantegna. Not exactly and even swap. :/
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    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2008
    Ahh, NCIS - my forbidden love.

    It's shown in the UK on some kind of bizarre schedule - Channel 5 shows new episodes on Friday nights, then throws out repeats on weekends - so I'm never entirely sure what season I'm watching. Still, nothing beats a quiet night in playing NCIS Bingo with the wife:

    Gibbs silences a barrage of science-talk with a withering stare? Check!
    Abby's 'alternative' lifestyle provides key insights into the case? Check!
    DiNozzo's sexually harrasses female staff without reprimand? Checkedy-check!