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    Because, satan help up, it's going to be bloody Xmas soon.

    So, first off, people with Etsy stores: help us find Xmas gifts for the people we can barely stand but have to give pretty things to in December.


    -- W
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    Not mine, but:
    Steampunk Jewlery and oddities; lovely weird work.
    Picked up a piece of art from this guy while we were in Maui on our honeymoon. The cobalt octopus is really genuis, don't know if it's on the site yet. Really lovely, tough as nails, and not so weird that you can't send it to your Normal Relatives that don't interject with Fuck every third sentence or speak of the Clustermind and how it's raping you, or whathave you. (Sorry, haven't been by talklikewarrenellis.)
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    If you know any biology teachers, or people who like dissections, I've got frogs, rats, fetal pigs and the Easter bunny -- all knitted and felted, of course.§ion_id=5395372

    ETA: link
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    My wife hand-dyes and hand-spins wool and yarn, out in the garage where I make her live. I told her to call it "Eat Knit and Die", but she called it "Wool Candy" instead.

    Wool Candy Etsy Shop

    It's some really beautiful stuff, for those who love to knit.
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    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2009
    Etsy shop link
    Just a few surreal paintings with lots of pretty colours to distract your friends with.
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    My photo print shop

    I'd also like to pimp Bajema and Myke Amend's shop. Because I don't think they're over here, and they are amazing.
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    Paintings of demon cats, horned men, skeletons and golems, but brighter than you'd expect. You can find them here. I also do commissions.
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    Very interesting handmade jewelry by friend Jennifer Moss.

    There is some more about here here.
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    I make custom toys
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    Waking Antiquity:

    Molly 'Porkshanks'
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    Mostly jewelry at the moment, but I do knit things, printed shirts, and paintings as well. I do custom orders as well, and offer shipping discounts if you buy multiple items.

    If anyone's bothered about the Magic the Gathering cards I cut up to make some of my pieces, don't worry, they were just land cards...
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    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2009
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    Just opened. I make note card sets. :)

    My shop!
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    The Far Grove - jewelry, mostly hairsticks

    Salmonberry Dreams - a variety of jewelry by an Inupiak Eskimo artist

    Janine King Designs - funky bags of various sizes and shapes
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    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2009
    I have no store of my own, as I'm cursed with a dearth of talent. However! I know a great many crafty people.

    Cyrenemyst has lovely steampunk jewelry.
    Saracakes also has lovely jewelry, though of a less steampunk bent.
    lorizav has more pretty jewelry.
    Galahad has chain mail and soap what smells good.
    Superbad and Bunny Butt Apothecary also have things that smell good.
    Mothermoongems has beautiful goddess rosaries.
    Sojourn Curiosities has some of the most beautiful found art jewelry I've ever seen.
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    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2009
    My co-worker, an interior designer, has started making jewelry in her spare time, here's her Etsy page: OnceAgainSAM
    • CommentAuthorKwana
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2009
    Irreverie Alternative fashion. Sometimes steampunk, other times any other kind of alternative... Lots of bright colours. Lots of cute robot themed accessories. Some acrylic jewellery coming in the next few weeks. Also mini bustle skirts, more t-shirts and other fun things.
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    Steampunk jewelry, steampunk goggles, political satire, crowns made by award-winning metalsmith Madelyn Smoak:
  8.  (6975.19) Custom decorations for your parties!
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    I sell hand dyed yarn through my shop Light Brown Hare (fingering and worsted weight).
    A friend of mine sells delicious soaps and scrubs and other bath and body products (including my favorite gin and tonic flavored lip balm) at Urbbody.
    Another friend sells fun hand sewn, beaded, and quilted jewelry at Pookledo.
    And as a bonus, two of my favorite shops (no affiliation): Hansigurumi for patterns to make the most beautiful knitted amigurumi creatures, sea and otherwise. And Sassafras Creations, for recycled knitting needle jewelry.