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    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2009 edited
    There was, way back in the mists of... 2007... a recurrent meme among several comics art blogs. Reclaiming characters from their owners, I guess it could be broadly described as... people were reimagining abused characters (chiefly Supergirl) as artistic call-and-response various places, chiefly LiveJournal. In the aftermath of that, I did a similar thing on old messageboard The Engine, called REMAKE/REMODEL. They were embraced as technical exercises, bits of fun, ways to get the brain moving. I think most people's favourite was the dear late Mike Wieringo's wondrous retro-aristo Buck Rogers...

    I thought it might be an interesting thing to bring back here. So, once a week, I'll call a character, and you art types here can post images of your reinterpretation of that character.

    NOTE: NO MORE PHOTO-MANIPULATION "art". I'll just delete them. People have been drenching recent threads with several pieces at a time that they've knocked out in photoshop in 2 minutes with no thought at all. I consider this to be taking the piss now.

    The point is REinterpretation: remake/remodel.


    Honestly? This one's just a funny name. You can freestyle away. The character appeared in 1940, and the essential information is:

    The Sorceress of Zoom was the ruler of the magical cloud city of Zoom. The city could appear and disappear at her whim and her subjects were magic creatures created by her to use as an army to invade Earth.


    Your task, as ever, is to re-invent that into something a 21st Century audience could enjoy.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with, but bear in mind this is an ART thread. No pen-portraits. This is ART ONLY. Posting just a bunch of text, or a scribble and a vast number of words, will get the thread closed and your account banned.

    You have one week. Go.

    -- W
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    @Ken Miller - Well done. Good on ya for stepping outside your comfort zone a bit.
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    Ha! Good, I'm glad Ken Miller wasn't discouraged by Warren's disallowing of photo manipulation, even though I don't assume that's who he was targeting...
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2009
    @frequentcontributor there's no crying on Whitechapel ... you can assume Warren was distressed with my output and not upset at Ken. I did. You have my word I wasn't taking the piss on anything in the remake/remodel threads. I've covers on my mind so that's what I created ... here's my take on the Sorceress and her subjects.
    Magical Citizens with the Sorceress
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    @stsparky - I'm guessing Warren was referring to me as well, because of the photo-manip stuff I've done and the fact that I usually contribute a fair few pics per thread. The thing is, even when I'm submitting drawn stuff (like my Sanyasi posters), I usually end up contributing quite a lot anyway.

    @Seantaclaus - cheers, but the stuff I've done as photo-manips wasn't a comfort zone thing - I was actually enjoying experimenting with found images/Illustrator/Photoshop/layers, etc. If you look back at previous Remake/Remodels (Gerry Carlyle, Ghost Exterminator, Blue Lady, International Patents, etc), you'll see loads of drawn illos. But of the images that I've contributed to R/R, my favourite is the skull-faced Atomic Man picture (the one that included the trophy jars behind him) which I created using photo-manipulation (that said, I also like the drawn-in-Photoshop/finished-in-Illustrator picture that I did of Atomic Man fighting the Cyber Bear in the same thread.)
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    My adventures with coloring continue. Provided I have the time, I plan to submit another piece drawn in black-and-white high constrast, a style I need to develop and that I like using.
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    @Ken Miller - My bad. That's what I get for not sifting back further to check. *extracts foot from mouth now* Either way, I still dig it. ;)

    @stsparky & Andre Navarro - Well done with the starting volley.
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    @Seantaclaus - Glad you dig it. :)
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    @Andre Navarro - It's really cool the way you've reflected the design of the floating city in her headgear and staff.
    • CommentAuthorJohn Q.
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2009
    Sorceress Zoom

    Sorceress Zoom

    I'll finish the colours and post again
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    oh, I fear this has my attention. I'm going to dare post I think.
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    Work in progress, watercolor; currently set aside to dry until I figure what else, if anything to do to it.
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    Rootfireember: I like the Halloween look that yours has.
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    @Frequentcontributor - I wanted to do something ... fun and playful. Got out the travel watercolor kit and ... I'm still working on it. I'm really having a blast.
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    Your entry is lovely, Roo. The vivid colors are eye-catching.
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2009
    @Rootfireember: Very cute.Llight-hearted and whimsical in a way seldom seen in these threads.
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2009
    @Rootfireember i like! good job }:>
    • CommentAuthorOxbrow
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2009
    The Sorceress Of Zoom by Oxbrow
    • CommentTimeOct 9th 2009
    i had in mind some homage to Kelly Freas - ah well
    Zoom's Sorceress and the inhabitants dance -