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      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2009
    Well played! I think that will be a good mix, based on what you've told us. Adventurous, but plenty of mainstays in there as well. Kudos!
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    1. Put on this mix

    Murderbot - Dance Pop

    2. Find Brides Maid(s)

    3. Booty Dance

    4. ???

    5. Profit

    Chrissy Murderbot's Year of Mixtapes Week 21: '90s Dance Pop.

    1. Snap!; The Power
    2. C+C Music Factory feat. Freedom Williams; Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
    3. Black Box; Strike It Up
    4. Madonna; Vogue
    5. Crystal Waters; 100% Pure Love
    6. Black Box; Everybody Everybody (Le Freak Mix)
    7. Technotronic; Move This
    8. Deee-Lite; Groove Is In The Heart (Chrissy Murderbot Re-Edit)
    9. Robin S; Show Me Love (12" Mix)
    10. Army Of Lovers; Crucified (Chrissy Murderbot Re-Edit)
    11. The KLF; 3AM Eternal (Live At The SSL)
    12. Technotronic; Pump Up The Jam
    13. Snap!; Rhythm Is A Dancer
    14. Haddaway; What Is Love?
    15. Bloodhound Gang; The Bad Touch
    16. Everything But The Girl; Missing (Todd Terry Remix)
    17. Bizarre Inc. feat. Angie Brown; I'm Gonna Get You
    18. Technotronic; Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over)
    19. 2 Unlimited; Twilight Zone
    20. Rozalla; Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)
    21. Jimmy Somerville; Heartbeat
    22. Bedrock feat. KYO; For What You Dream Of
    23. Gigi D'Agostino; The Riddle
    24. Culture Beat; Mr. Vain
    25. The Real McCoy; Another Night
    26. Corona; The Rhythm of the Night
    27. Aqua; Barbie Girl
    28. La Bouche; Be My Lover
    29. Alice Deejay; Better Off Alone
    30. ATC; Around The World
    31. Sonique; It Feels So Good
    32. The Real McCoy; Run Away
    33. Ace of Base; Beautiful Life
    34. The Vengaboys; Boom Boom Boom Boom
    35. The Vengaboys; We Like To Party (The Vengabus)
    36. Pharao; I Show You Secrets
    37. Aqua; Lollipop
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2009
    Holy crap, Taco, I own EVERY ONE of those songs. I am a 90's music nerd as well...
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    Paul you'd love Chris. He's one of my good mates here in Chi and is a walking music encyclopedia (on top of being an awesome DJ, producer, Scrabble partner and collector of fine jokes) His year of mixtapes blog is one of the most BALLS OUT things a DJ can do.
    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2009 edited
    Not much to say about this thread other than all of these songs are good to move too (Sex Boy by Air? Fuck yes)
    I also noticed Paul Sizer put down Superstition, which should be included in every mix ever (horrorcore rap stars of the 1990s mix? yup, needs more Superstition)
    Hope you have an awesome wedding dj experience, Brittanica

    edit: I am going to play some fucking wedding bingo. brilliance.
    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2009
    I'm very tempted to try to sneak that 90's mix in (maybe if the planets align and everyone's in a major dancing mood), and I haven't even listened to it yet. Dude. Mr. Vain. Memories of roller skating...

    Thanks for your help guys.
    I'll be sure to tell you how it goes.
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    Best of luck, Brit.
    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2009
    Just remember that being surprised while walking down the aisle by the theme from Doctor Who instead of a wedding march is the best thing you can do for a friend that you don't want to be friends with anymore.
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    And I had been doing so well by not suggesting songs like the ones my dad was trying to get me to have as my first dance with my wife:

    One that I almost played halfway through the night:

    • CommentTimeOct 25th 2009
    Aftermath: Because of a little disorganization, no one danced to my playlist. Mainly because it was almost done by the time everyone finished their cake. And while pictures were getting taken, most everyone left.
    BUT I broke out Chrissy' Murderbot's 90's dance mix for the six or so friends that stuck around. It was epic-ly fun. My feet were killing me afterward, but it was great.
    And for what it's worth, the groom dug the mix I came up w/.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeOct 25th 2009
    First secret rule for all DJs: Screw the people at the event you're playing for; if you had fun, that's ALL that matters.
    But don't tell anyone, this is a huge secret!