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    My first reaction to the news that Del Toro is in talks for the two Hobbit films was, "well if it could not be Peter Jackson, then having a better director entirely is ideal. How nice for us geeks.

    My second reaction is, after a moments thought, well how nice for him.

    I have said elsewhere I love horror films.

    ...Oh just to note it, I shall be ignoring Mimic....

    The Devil's Backbone and Cronos are, in the states anyway, cult classics. Everyone on WC should watch them. However I doubt as foreign language horror they will ever be more then a cult classic. Its hard enough to get Americans to watch sub-titles without adding scare and gore. People do not want to seem to work for their horror films so to speak. So, we will have to wait until they get remade with some other director, SMG, and a rock soundtrack for people to see them. Only so many j-horror films. By happy contrast, Pan's Labyrinth seems to have reached the status of "that incredible movie that your friend saw." I still know more people who have heard they should see it then have seen it, bu they have heard of it and they have seen this Spanish sounding name thrown across their screen a few times. So, we now have this general idea, supported by adds for The Orphanage (not his film obviously) and Hellboy 2, that Guillermo is this amazing director and -hell- perhaps you should watch one of his movies. Eventually anyway. For the record, Pan's Labyrinth was one of my favorite films of last year and, and I am pleased that it has started to spread Del Toro, who fell out of the mist just last year to make it, as a name to "watch." But it is not his breakthrough, not yet.

    Ok, I have also said on WC how much I like super-heros.

    When not doing what he does best, Guillermo Del Toro is doing what he does second best - acting as our near best super-hero director...hmm, what an odd image right there. Moving right along. So despite the fact Hellboy and Blade II are near the top of the food chain for actual craft in super-hero film, the former is largely unknown (reaction to Hellboy 2 seen a few time: "that looks cool, wait is it a sequel?") and the latter is seen as a creature of its lead, as a result the the director, and for that matter the martial choreographer (Donnie Yen), and the writer (David Goyer), are incidental to the films existence in the minds of posterity. Further more, my suspicion is Hellboy 2 will, at best, have slightly better box office that its predecessor , but is not going to draw in the crowds. The buzz of "hey its a movie in english by the guy who made that other movie you did not see" might work but its up against a movie that screams geeks only. And, yes, Hellboy screams geek movie as loud as a move can.

    Guillermo Del Toro, one the best directors working, should have his break out moment, he really should. But I love he keeps making the films he does, horror, dark fantasy, pulp and your better class of fucked up superhero. Hell, he has a Lovecraft adaptation in the pipe. From an entirely selfish perspective I do not want him to make a film that more people might see simply so more people will see. What he needs, like a cult horror and fantasy director before him, is a movie the masses would love to see but that will stay the course for the amazing body of work he has been crafting. (Shoves Mimic under the carpet, scuttle scuttle).

    Hobbit films. Ha. A cult fantasy and horror director movie over to Hobbit films. Sounds familiar. That worked before. What do geeks get out of it? two more damn good Tolkien movies. What does Del Toro get? He can now become a household name doing what he does best. It fits, it fits perfectly. Good for us.

    But more so, good for him. Damn good for him.
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    I'm waiting on Devil's Backbone. Going to order it to go with Pan's Labyrinth. No one local has seen it, so it's nice to hear someone has seen it and found it good.