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    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2009
    Greetings, all!

    You remember that event in May that we dragged Warren along to against his will (but that secretly kind of enjoyed...a bit), well it's back!

    October 24th and 25th sees the Expo return to London Docklands, and with it comes the ComicVillage!

    ComicVIllage details

    The area has grown again and the wonderful Avatar Press are actually going to be coming along! That means you not only get to meet Paul Duffield, Jacen Burrows and other Avatar creators, you also get to meet William himself!

    As well as Avatar, there are a whole host of lovely, lovely comickers coming along, including the likes of Alan Grant, Andy Diggle, Jock, Ben Templesmith, Antony Johnston...oh, you know the sort; people who spend far too much time writing and drawing comics. ^_~

    Check out the link for more details and I really hope to see some of you there!
    Please spread the word!
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    Thanks Emma! Yeah, this is the first time Avatar has set up at a UK show in about... 6 years or so? Anyway, we're really looking forward to getting back to London and seeing everyone. Also, if you want us to bring items over for you, just e-mail me or post about it here on this thread and we will bring them over and you can pick them up at the show. FA KK Field bags, clothing, etc let us know!
    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2009
    I'm there on the Saturday! Woo.
    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2009
    might be there on saturday, though its 50/50 at the moment
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    What moali said. I enjoyed the one earlier in the year enough to elicit a second trip, but costs might not permit it.
    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2009
    I have four files here for you to view and spread about ^_^

    1. Table Plan
    2. Table listings
    3. Stage 2 Schedule
    4. Signing Schedule (many more creators will be signing at their tables.)

    See you guys there. Let's invade the capital with comics!!
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    Woot! :) Can't wait! It should be awesome.
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    OK, I just confirmed we will have a few FreakAngels Vol 3 TPB to debut at this show! It is only going to be 100 copies, so stop by and grab yours early!
    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2009
    cool. i'll grab 2&3 then!
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2009
    Gah. Sadly funding issues may prevent attendance - and I really, really would like to be able to pick up some FA mech. It's so purdy.

    I am, however, likely to be able to meet Brian Talbot this Saturday evening, it's Page 45's 15th anniversary and they have invited Brian to attend their booze-up celebration.
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    I should be attending, though I may also be on a work placement in the press office or something. Which is nice
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    I shall be trying to sit outside it in my ambulance admiring the cosplayers.

    Except that I expect sodding ill people whining for someone to take them to hospital will be interrupting me.
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    i'm supposed to be going, but i've completly forgotten to take the weekend off work, 'cause i'm an idiot. so fuck knows at this point!
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    i'll be there saturday!

    what do ya reckon the chances of a quick Duffield original 'get well soon' sketch for my brother whose bowels are currently exploding. or is that more up templesmiths alley?
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    Sounds perfectly doable to me :) I'll probably be taking a few sketches/commissions if things aren't too busy otherwise.
    • CommentTimeOct 21st 2009
    Looks like I'll be there on Saturday too. Probably too late to snag a copy of vol. 3 though as I foresee a significant amount of time being spent trapped underground while trying to get there.
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    ahaa, awesome.

    i would actually want an image of someone's bowels exploding you know. he'd appreciate that.
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    @halcyonday - We'll hold one for you. See you all there!
    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2009
    Right - I shall be there on saturday, trying to get a project off the ground. I'll probably be wearing an awesome purple pinstripe suit and handing out business cards and working it.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2009
    Ok, decided that I'm going to go to this. Hopefully there'll be some volume 3's left, but if not I'll just grab it from my LCS later on.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.