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    Scientists send rats into suspended animation with hydrogen sulfide.

    This is absolutely nuts. This guy has developed a method to stop and start the hearts of small animals by use of a gas. The applications of this seem limitless. It can even help with heart attacks, apparently.

    From the article:
    Animal trials that test sodium sulfide have produced some striking results. Lefer found that it protects mice's hearts during simulated heart attacks. He gave each mouse a dose so small that it was gone from the body 15 minutes later. A full day later, he would induce a heart attack. Subsequent examination found that in the mice that were given sodium sulfide, cells suffered 72 percent less damage than in unprotected mice.

    Thoughts? I think this is one of those giant leaps for mankind everyone here's always talking about.
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    There've been a number of experiments with different methods over the last few years, some of which have been really promising... and some of which SEEMED promising, but didn't work out that well (see: Zombie dogs).

    If they get it working in a reliable manner, it could eventually have some pretty damn useful applications... but for now, everything is pretty preliminary, AFAIK.