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    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2009
    It's the Friday between volumes, so it's time for a little break.

    Now, I reckon at least one of you is gonna GAH about the suspense killing you and all that. Whoever you are, you're obviously quite new. Those of us that have been paying attention for a while know that Warren's a bastard-- next week's episode is just as likely to switch to chikkinz-cam or a six-page-long shot of the river as it is to give any sort of satisfactory resolution to the current suspense.

    Clearly, your best course of therapeutic action is to buy the first three trades of the book, and inflict this same pain on one of your best friends.

    Now, once you're all done shopping and laughing at Warren's apt description of his "signature" -- how are we all doing? Any NYC folks (or visitors) hitting Big Apple Comic Con today/this weekend? Avatar are already set up in a booth there, so swing by and say hello if you are. Everyone else: how's things?
    • CommentAuthorSilvith
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2009
    Hi :) No, not gah...I like suspense and it won't kill me to wait for a while :) And I'm looking forward to the new print edition, I am displaying the first two proudly in my trade paperback bookcase...or well, the bookcase where I keep the tpb's anyway.

    I have a merch request: I would love to see a no chikkinz shirt for women. That would be so awesome. I would be able to blind everyone at work.

    Unfortunately the Netherlands are too far away to drop by the Comic Con, but I wish you alot of fun and fame :)
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    What!? No splash page!? Curses!! :D

    I am well, as in well looking forwards to an early night after way too much junk food and not enough exercise over the last week. You really start to notice your age when you realise your body will no long casually absorb the unthinking abuse you used to dole out to it on a regular basis as a bright young twenty-something. Blech.

    I look forwards to Chikkinz-cam with anticipation!
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2009
    Not too bad. It's bloody cold out and I have to ride 25km on my bike. Upside? It's payday, motherfuckers!

    More disappointed at no Ariana Appreciation Week that a essay/catalogue advert by that nice old crazy man who writes Freakangels.
    • CommentAuthorDan Kelly
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2009 edited
    mutter mutter mutter skip week mutter.

    next week's episode is just as likely to switch to chikkinz-cam or a six-page-long shot of the river

    Have you been peeking Ariana - if so can the rest of us have a shufty?

    As for the carrier donkey, I hear that it's coming to London next week...
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    All is as expected around here. My oldest daughter is with child. This is my sixth grandchild and I have been informed that he shall bear my name into the future.
    Ariana Appreciation Week

    I like the sound of that.
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2009
    Not so much GAH as PHEW tbh. No episode at all is better than another week of suspense being heaped on an already teetering tower of suspense. I'm not sure my poor heart can take it!

    Anyway, all good here - having one of those weeks that reminds me why I like my job, and going to a club with some fiends this evening.

    Have a good one, folks.
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2009
    My first skip week. I knew it was coming, and I _still_ don't like it.
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    I am looking forward to an evening of drinks, movies and junk food with my girlfriend. Then my friend Chris comes to visit from London tomorrow. More drinking involved.

    Life is quite excellent, apart from this GODDAMN SKIP WEEK AAAAAARGH *gnaw on furniture*
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    Things go around here the way they always do. Though, this is a first post so that really means nothing.

    I had to though because this was the most Bizarre skip week yet. Is it me or did the crotchety bastard sound almost... nice and chipper?
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2009
    Interludes stimulate the mind in a manner quite consistent with the joy of serial fictions. If I had the whole immediately to hand, I would neither stop nor rest til I had it read, and that without savour. So it's fair to write that I am satisfied to be re-reading last week's episode.
    • CommentAuthorergogrrl
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2009
    Damnit Warren!

    As far as online vs print readers, my first introduction to Freak Angels was when I saw the first book at a comic book store. Bought it, read it, loved it--then I spent the next few days perusing my favorite comic stores trying to find current issues of the comic because I thought it was a monthly comic. When I didn't find it, I figured I'd have to look for issues on ebay, so that was the first time I googled "Freak Angels"...and promptly felt like a raging idiot.

    My only comfort is that I didn't ask any comic book store employees when they expected to get the next issue of Freak Angels. At least google searches don't laugh at you when you ask a stupid question--well, at least not audibly.
    • CommentAuthorsamishah
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2009
    Which thread can we discuss merch questions in? The KK Diamond on Black Field Bag is what I am lusting after but doesn't seem available.
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2009
    Ahhh. There we go.
    I am enjoying the first real day off I have had since August, and so I decided to spend it sitting here with a pot of coffee and read all of the Freakangels I had not read yet (and there were many, since I had only read the first tpb last year).
    What a nice way to murder a Friday morning, and now future Freakangels Friday will mean so much more...
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    Which thread can we discuss merch questions in? The KK Diamond on Black Field Bag is what I am lusting after but doesn't seem available.

    Just called the crew at the Big Apple con and had them pull a couple aside there and got them put back into store inventory, so it's orderable as of now. But that's all that's left pending order cancellations/etc.
    • CommentAuthorDatDude
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2009
    This makes me wonder how well the FA trades are selling. Do we have any word from Warren on that?
    • CommentAuthorarturus
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2009
    With regards to Warren's statement 'I wonder if some weirdo is actually scanning the print books and “pirating” them, completely unaware that we put it out for free every week?': I can report that there are definitely actual scans of at least the first printed volume of freakangels circulating on p2p networks and attributed to established comics scans groups. Whether or not they know it's up on the site for free is up for speculation.
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2009
    Thanks for this whole wonderful experience. Now that I have the day off - I'll head down to the local and buy the 2nd trade.
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    Ha ha, I'm made of sterner stuff since I've been half-waiting for weeks, literally weeks mind you, to see if Warren was going to kill off Kait. So a skip week is pffft.

    As for new FREAKANGELS merch, the only thing that's come to mind is a line of steam-powered vibrating condoms named after each of the Freakangel characters. Which only demonstrates a massive case of Marketing Fail, so don't mind me.

    That aside, the week has been a mix of insane lack of sleep hell and the horrified realization I'm about to embark on a couple of small writing projects over the next week which may result in my speaking in bizarre tongues by the time the next FREAKANGELS episode roll around.

    The only liveliness provided by the week was a pop-by for the crowds hoping for a glimpse of President Obama during a fundraising visit. The crowd was a mix of teabaggers, single payer advocates, US out of Afghanistan sorts, and the like. I left before the President emerged. But my eyes at least rolled after getting a re-confirmation that teabagger groups are stupidity magnets. How else to explain the idiot seriously holding up a sign reading "No Marxist Czars"?
    • CommentAuthorcallisto23
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2009
    Re your interlude text, "waiting for the trade" may not mean what you think it does.