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    There're now several notebookery projects;
    Notebookery UK
    (missing in action! EEK)
    ATX Notebookery
    the Post Apocalyptic Sketchbook

    I've had a great time with the ones I've been involved in;
    PAsketch and Notebookery specifically, and am very happy to see more Notebookeries out there, and hope the UKnotebookery notebook is found again!

    I think the thing that strikes me about all these is that pretty much anyone can join in, no matter their skills, age, or economic level. They're fairly open projects, with community and fun in mind, and they're things other people can also do in their own communities if they aren't able to join one of the larger groups. It's not a competition; it's just damn fun; and all it takes is a notebook, a pencil or something to scribble with, and some stamps.


    Edit #2:
    If you're interested in participating in a dead tree actual notebookery style Post Apocalyptic Sketchbook, please post in the comments here!
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    Cool to see this idea expanding.
    • CommentTimeOct 17th 2009
    And what's more is I've been hearing murmurings of a California, New York and Australia Notebookery. And I'm going to meet with someone on Sunday who may want to do a Toronto Notebookery! I've been advised that the next step may be to register as a non-profit organization (since the final result gets auctioned off for charity).

    I'm glad this has exploded and just become a fun thing. The International one is amazing, but I really love hearing from people setting up their own because each person does it in a different way. Hell, in Austin, Noble_Lion is binding the notebook by himself and will be taking pictures.

    I've heard some people who have talked about having big Notebookery parties where a bunch of people (most of whom have never met before) go to a bar with the notebook and just spend the time drinking,talking, laughing and messing around with the notebook. And really, that's what it's about. Just having fun and contributing to something no matter what your skill is then doing it all over again.

    What I love about this too is that it isn't an original idea. People have been doing projects like this for a while. I guess the only difference is that it's all under one (really awesome) name and we can all get assistance from the community that has been formed. And the support you guys have for each other is amazing!

    The ideas for other possible Notebookery projects have been flying around my head. It's too soon to let them out and try 'em right now, but in a month or so I might have some things coming up.

    Thank you for making this work. And thanks to Warren for putting up with the different Notebookery threads popping up. :)
    • CommentAuthorAnopheles
    • CommentTimeOct 17th 2009
    Thanks for running the PA Notebook. Roo. I'm glad to be a part of it.
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    I was thinking of starting up a proper notebookery style PAsketchbook.
    Anyone interested?
    • CommentTimeOct 17th 2009
    Oh, gods yes.
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    I'd be interested in an exquisite corpse style notebook.

    Because hiding the what everyone else has written would be tricky and unfun. However adding to what was written would be awesome and cool.
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    Hrm. Drawings + a 'journal' that everyone adds to might be fun...
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    Yes, considering I'm not alone in the fact that I can't draw for love nor money.
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    3 80pg. 5x8.5 moleskins got for a dead tree PAsketch.
    • CommentTimeOct 21st 2009
    Count me in.
    • CommentTimeOct 21st 2009
    I just stumbled across a parallel project being run in Austin, with the distinction that it's backed by a publisher, and charges the contributors US$30 to add a page. Interesting model, though. Thought I'd pass it along to y'all.

    Austin Makes a Book
    There's also a New York Makes a Book project that @oldhat stumbled across.

    Food for thought for the Notebookery crew.
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    I'd think that charging people to do it would take away from the spirit of the thing.