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    Hi all
    Hopefully it's cool to pimp my little fanzine here as I've just uploaded the latest issue.

    Wonderful Wooden Reasons (the name is a line from the song Meadow Meal by Faust) is now in it's fifth year and has a monthly readership of around a thousand hits. I've tried to keep it as predominantly a music review zine but occasional book and movie reviews do creep in when I get the urge to write them.

    The music featured tends to be from the more abstract ends of the spectrum - drone, noise, free-improv, psychedelia, jazz - but other forms creep in now and again.

    If you're interested the new issue and several years worth of archived reviews can be found here.

    there's also a myspace page where I try and upload the new issue on a roughly monthly schedule.

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    Very cool.
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    hello, the new issue (#30) of the zine is now online at and at

    there's a massive variety of music in there including drone, industrial, electronica, ambient, noise, post-rock, jazz and krautrock.

    hope you find something interesting enough to investigate further.
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    Wonderful Wooden Reasons 31 now online and as it's xmas and i'm a bit of a sad old traditionalist there's also a best of 2009

    The new issue features reviews of new releases by...

    Max Bellancourt - The Stone Tape
    Birds of Tin - Altarwise
    Broohaha - EP
    Ctephin - Liber XXXI
    Dead Labour Process - People Are The Same All Over
    Miguel A. Garcia - Live at El Tanque Gallery, Santa Cruz De Tenerife, 2007
    Gish - Pilfer
    Iker Ormazabal - Sesiones Acusticas
    Andrzej Piontek - May You Live In Interesting Times
    R.J. Schrey with Kenji Siratori - Future Embryo
    Wander - s/t

    also included in the new issue is a comprehensive set of Top Ten Releases of 2009 by myself and a host of others such as...

    Jean-Herve Peron (Faust / Art-Errorist)
    Darren Tate (Monos / Ora)
    Kevin Wienke (Alluvial Recordings)
    Mike Fazio (Orchestramaxfieldparrish / Faith Strange Recordings)
    Ralf Rabendorn (ContraMusikProduction)
    Manuel Marrero Cubas (R.O.N.F. Records / Mixturizer)
    Susan Matthews
    Rani (Heart & Crossbone Records)
    Ryan Huber (Olekranon / Inam Records)
    Pierre Gerard (et le feu comme)
    Mirko Uhlig (Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf, Ex Ovo Records)
    Terje Paulsen (Three Strings)
    Sylvain (Ini Itu Records)
    Brian Shea (The Bordellos / Welshcake Records)
    Adrian Shenton (Phonospheric)
    Mark Valentine (Tartarus Press / Persepolis Records)
    Yui Onodera
    Kevin Wilkinson (brb>voicecoil / Muzzedia Verhead)
    Brian Lavelle
    Kyle Wright (Diophantine Discs)
    Dan Hopkins (Hurra Caine Landcrash)
    Hideho Takemasa (Trumn)

    You can read the zine at it's myspace page or at it's own website.
    if you are reading the myspace version then please feel free to leave your own selection in the comments.

    hope you all have a great new year and an outstanding 2010

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    new issue online now - here & here - featuring reviews of albums by...

    Banks Bailey
    Maurizio Bianchi / M.B. & Maor Appelbaum
    Mark Bradley
    Paul Bradley & Colin Potter
    FM Einheit + Irmler
    Lawrence English / Shinkei / Miguel A. Garcia / Andy Graydon
    Etrangler L'etranger
    Francisco Lopez
    Mister Vapor
    Montauk In February
    Nigel Samways
    SAP(e) feat. Bernhard Gunter
    Luigi Turra & Christopher McFall

    and also a brand new feature for WWR, an accompanying podcast which is also here.
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    After a well needed month off the new issue of Wonderful Wooden Reasons is now online - here and here.

    As ever it's an eclectic assortment of music - drone, field recordings, improv, dark ambient, psychedelia, stoner-rock, grindcore and more.

    reviews of new albums by...
    Andreas Brandal
    Content and Daruin
    Hearts of Palm
    The Infinitus Ensemble
    The Rick Jensen Trio
    KonstruKt + guests
    James McDougall
    Money I$ God
    Mountain Witch
    Nurse With Wound
    Terje Paulsen
    Dave Phillips
    Seconds in Formaldehyde
    SHG - M
    Shinkei + mise_en_scene
    The Shitty Listener
    Darren Tate
    Test Phasen Negativ
    Test Tone Anthology Vols 1, 2 & 3

    I didn't have time to make the mixcloud podcast yet but i'll get it online later in the week.

    Hope you find something of interest.
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    Lots of interesting stuff here, most of which I've never heard of.....excellent !
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2010
    i´m reading it right now...
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    hope you both enjoy and find something that tickles your fancy.

    it's a shame i couldn't get the podcast uploaded as well but i'd killed most of a bottle of rum and was flying by the time i posted the announcement.
    the joy though is that most of these fellas have myspace pages so they're easy to check out.
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    That's what I need to find time to do -- sit here with WWR open in one tab and google open in the other, and just paste names into google from WWR... that might well be my Sunday night...
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2010
    Damn, this is awesome. A couple of the artists that I've googled sound pretty damn awesome. Thanks for this!
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    @ oldhat - it's my pleasure. glad you like.

    @warren - i'm hoping to have the mixcloud podcast up later tonight if that helps.

    hope you all enjoy.
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    here you go folks.
    WWR 33 cloudcast
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    hi folks
    the new issue (#34) of Wonderful Wooden Reasons is now online as is the mixcloud mix.
    It can be read either here or here

    It's the usual mixed bag of genres. I hope you find something you like.

    albums by...

    Fukuoka, Garcia, Henritzi, Izarzugaza, Karpenter, Mantizidisor
    Grozny Penthouse
    Rolf Julius
    Marinos Koutsomichalis
    Richard Moult
    David Newlyn
    No Context
    Quetev Meriri
    Seasons (pre-din)
    Philip Sulidae
    Darren Tate
    Carlos Villena
    David Wells
    Simon Whetham
    • CommentTimeJun 7th 2010
    Ian, thank you for the cloudcast. This is amazing.
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    my pleasure. glad you like.
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    The August issue (#35) is now online complete with attached Soundcloud mix. (which is here if you just want music without the words)

    As usual you can read it at it's own website - here - or at it's myspace page - here.

    It's the usual ragtag assortment of drone, ambient, noise, psychedelia and wierdness with even a touch of post-hardcore lunacy this month.

    reviews of...

    Beequeen - Time Waits For No One
    Andrea Borghi - Moltiplicazioni
    Chemins - cdr#4
    Clutter - Yellow Light Discarded
    Rod Cooper - Accepting the Machines
    Dead Shall Not Have Died In Vain / Dysthymia - split 7"
    Everything But The Gargoyle - Four Flies on Grey Velvet
    Hall of Mirrors - Forgotten Realm
    Marinos Koutsomichalis - Trevor Jones Studio Sessions vol 1
    Goh Lee Kwang - Hands
    Dale Lloyd - Akasha_For Record
    Mopey Mumble Mouse - I Am Happy Being Nothing
    Lasse-Marc Riek - Habitats
    Mathieu Ruhlmann - As A Leaf Or A Stone
    Hiroki Sasajima - Nille
    Seasons (pre-din) - Occasionally I Forget To Breathe
    Spoils & Relics / BRB>Voicecoil - Split LP
    Syrinx / Playing With Nuns - Split
    Nicholas Szczepanik & Juan Jose Calarco - Lack Affix
    Various - Dark Meadows Recordings sampler
    Viosac - Dawning Luminosity
    VipCancro - Tropico

    I hope you find something you dig.
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    The October issue (#36) is now online complete with attached Soundcloud mix. (which is here if you just want music without the words)

    As usual you can read it at it's own website - here - or at it's myspace page - here.

    It's the usual hotch potch assortment of drone, ambient, noise, post-rock and some krautrock

    reviews of...

    Keith Berry - The Cartesian Plane
    Blindhæð - Laguna Sunrise
    Andrew Chalk - Ghosts of Nakhodka
    Chemins - cdr #5
    Erik De Cordier - Dyshim
    Faust - Faust is Last
    Fougou - Atlantis (for John Michell)
    Mendel Kaelen - Remembering What Was Forgotten
    Kassel Jaeger - lignes d'erre & randons
    Brian Lavelle - Magdalena
    Susan Matthews - In Search of the Shadow Walker
    Adam Pacione - dobranc
    Terje Paulsen - Coastline
    Jonathan Read - Voltans
    Matt Shoemaker - Isolated Agent / Stranding Behaviour
    Sujo - Dimona
    Darren Tate - Late Afternoon (for Keijo)

    I hope you find something of interest.
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    After a 4 month hiatus the new issue of Wonderful Wooden Reasons (#37) is now online.

    This'll be the last of these long issues because as of #38 I'm moving to a more me friendly format of smaller issues on a more regular fortnightly schedule.

    Also, I'm conscious of cluttering up Warren's board with postings so this'll probably be the last time I announce a new issue here.

    in the meantime. the new issue is here and (for those of you still using the hellhole that is myspace) here.

    if you just want to listen then the mixcloud is here.

    this issue features an eclectic mix of drone, noise, free jazz, freak folk, shoegazer and plain old strangeness.

    reviews of...

    Banks Bailey - Upwelling
    Albert Beger Electroacoustic Band - Peacemaker
    derschlaeger - Blogs
    Giant Bears - Whisper in the Hollows
    Daniel Jones – MTT
    Ian Middleton - Aural Spaces Versions
    Yui Onodera & Celer - Generic City
    Orchestramaxfieldparrish - Crossing of Shadows
    The Raw Men Empire - Elodie
    Colin Andrew Sheffield – Signatures
    Matt Shoemaker - Soundtrack for Dislocation
    Philip Sulidae - Banish
    Tomo - Butterfly Dream and Other Guitar Works
    Various - Underwater Noises
    Simon Whetham & Paul Khimasia Morgan - The Grey Area

    hope you find something worth exploring further.