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    I do like these. Thanks.
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011
    Thanks for these!
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    my pleasure both - hope you found something good. The Albert Beger and the Tomo albums are superb.

    warren - i'll happily keep posting when there're new issues if you'd like to be kept up to date.
    i don't want to look like i'm taking advantage and cluttering up the place.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2011
    am listening to it right now and it's brilliant! Certainly shows how broad your aural tastes are. Right now digging the Art Ensemble Of Chicago track...
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    glad you like them, bob.

    i love the way the Art Ensemble singer pronounces 'Champs-Élysées' - 'shawmps ill izay' - makes me smile everytime.

    In case anyone's wondering. the mix me and bob are talking about is here
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    As there was such a nice response to the last issue I thought I'd carry on letting people know here about new updates to my zine (until such time as the powers tire of it and shut this thread down)

    Issue 38 is now online at the usual places...



    both of those have the mixcloud attached but it's also here

    the new (shorter as it's now fortnightly) issue features reviews of...

    Chemins - impasse #1
    Glowing Pixie & Ghoul Detail - split
    The Infant Cycle - Plays Fender Bass Guitars and Birdcages of Unknown Origin
    Kaeba - Ianurek 5.0 X 100
    Andrea Marruti & Fausto Balbo - Detrimental Dialogue
    Olekranon - {bilal}
    The Stinking Badger - Chunx Volume 1 1990-1997

    hope you enjoy.
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    There's a new issue online tonight

    as usual it's at...

    the mix on it's lonesome is here

    features reviews of...

    Andreas Bick - Fire and Frost Pattern
    Ghoul Detail - Medicated
    Brian Lavelle - Lambent
    Susan Matthews - The Whispering Void
    Pink Venom - Waste of the World
    Adrian Shenton - Slowtime
    Zanzibar Snails - Caveat Emperor

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    It's been a while but there's finally a new isue of WWR online.

    You can read and hear it at either

    If you don't want the words you can just listen to the Mixcloud mix here


    Eric de Jesus & Minus Pilots - We Won't Be Here Forever
    Hearts of Palm - Ball Glove Mask
    Rolf Julius - Music For A Distance: Small Music no.2
    Phantom Heron Seas - The Unkindness of Ravens
    Colin Andrew Sheffield - Slowly
    Sujo - Qatada
    Various - Playing With Words
    Bettina Wenzel - Mumbai Diary

    Hope you enjoy
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    And thanks to this, I discovered Minus Pilots. THANK YOU.
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    my pleasure.
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    I'm on a mission at the moment to try and reduce the backlog of unheard music piled on the floor next to my desk so, only two weeks on from the last, here's another issue for your perusal.

    Issue 41 (with player) is here

    myspace is here

    mixcloud player without all those tedious words getting in the way of all the nice noises is here


    Acte Vide - Noeud
    A Guide For Reason - I-IV
    Amelia Cuni & Werner Durand - Already Awake in the Night
    Faust / Band of Pain - John Cage - Radio Music
    Head of the Taurus - Calamity / Perdition
    Francisco Lopez - Fango de Euripteridos
    Jeremie Mathes - Arset
    Dave Phillips & Cornelia Hesse-Honegger - Mutations
    Revenant - Zeltini
    Seasons (pre-din) - Lesser and Still
    Skafandr - Escape From The Past
    David Wells - Resolutions
    Z'ev - Live in Athens

    hope you find something you enjoy.
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2011
    Thank you!
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    you're very welcome. i'm glad you like it.
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    Been away for a while but the new issue is finally online.

    As ever Wonderful Wooden Reasons is available in a number of locations. it's website, it's myspace page or, for those who just want to listen to the pretty noises, it's Mixcloud page.

    the current issue features...

    Abhorrent Beauty & Jan-M Iversen
    Banks Bailey
    Juan Jose Calarco
    Coeval / Miguel A. Garcia / Miguel Prado
    Dog Hallucination
    Pierre Gerard
    Hallowed Circuit
    Heart of Palm
    i AM esper
    Pink Venom / Playing With Nuns
    Nigel Samways
    John Sobocan
    Syrinx / Hoist
    Darren Tate
    Violence and the Sacred

    and a whole host of pithy movie reviews

    hope you find something you enjoy and if you are able please support the artists.
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    New issue of the zine is now online at featuring...

    A Guide For Reason - VII-VIII
    Maurizio Bianchi / M.B. - Industrial Murder / Menstrual Bleeding
    Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry - Vowl
    Cliff Bastard - Recondite
    Gushing Cloud - Prism Shelter
    Olekranon - Listerga
    PS Stamps Back & Olekranon - [no title]
    Second Thought - Since Every Hour Is Too Late
    Simon Whetham - Slopt
    Various - Dark Meadow’s Lonely Christmas Vol.2
    Violence and the Sacred - The true Poison 1986

    Merry Xmas to you all and I hope you have a 2012 filled with love and peace.
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    i haven't pimped one of these here for a while but there's a new one online.

    the mix is here

    the magazine is here -

    Adrian Dziewanski
    Half Asleep
    Tetsuya Hori
    Tom Lawrence
    Francisco Lopez & Carlos Villena
    Christopher McFall
    David Velez
    Simon Whetham

    hope you find something of interest.