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    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2009 edited
    It's Friday, and episode 73 marks the beginning of a new volume of FREAKANGELS. I'm tentatively calling this episode "Schrödinger's Kait" in my head.

    Good morning all you lovely Whitechapel people, and all the rest of ya, too. Who's hitting MCM this weekend? Any other plans? Early Hallowe'en parties? Check in and let us know how you're all doing.

    NB: The next episode of FREAKANGELS will air, as usual, at noon in the UK. That just happens to be an hour later in the States than usual, since BST just ended, but DST is Sunday for us. Adjust your Friday morning ritual accordingly.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2009 edited
    Not sure if I'm among the Lovely or The Rest but I'ma good. Well, I'ma okay.

    Boy, Mark's a cutie.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2009
    Heh, really wasn't expecting the cliffhanger to be resolved, but this should be fun.

    I should be at MCM this weekend, assuming I can drag myself out of bed early enough tomorrow to get there before the queues get too long.
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2009
    Yeah, he's pretty - I couldn't help but imagine him looking more ... villainous. Nice reveal though, getting to see Mark but only in flashback for now. Usual caveats about Warren et al being wonderful bastards apply.

    Heading up to Lahndan for the weekend, attending an early Halloween party at Mass in Brixton. I have theatrical hair and false claws to apply, and then I will be wolfmanning it up good. Of course, I only know one person at a party of people who all seem to know each other well, so there is potential for Massive Social Alienation. On the other hand, I will actually get to talk to people I don't see every fucking week, so Vive La Difference!
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2009
    Nice, been waiting for a flash back :)
    Am in love with them 6 years ago, they are all so cute.

    Doing ok for most, just really broke after last weeks Icelandic airwaves so this will be a quiet work weekend. Have to work on my halloween costume anyway.

    How are all of you?
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    Flashback FTW!

    So much to appreciate. Our first look at Mark, who after all the build-up seems remarkably normal (well, normal for a FreakAngel anyway). I particularly like the variety of clothing and style. Connor as a goth, Luke in his suit and tie and Karl as a punk, which I personally never saw coming. KK foreshadowing her bike and the genesis of the crash - looks like it was Mark's fault all along.

    Page 3, panel 3 - made of win!

    Are those pencil lines showing through on page 4 panel 1, or the effects of some kind of helicopter-avoiding-Freak-power?
    • CommentAuthorWhispering
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2009
    Happy day we have backstory! I've been waiting to see what they did to get the world in it's current sorry state that it's in.
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    Wow, so that's Mark, eh? He doesn't look so dangerous, although I suppose those kinds of people seldom do.

    And wow, Mohawk Karl took me a little by surprise! I like it!
    • CommentAuthorPooka
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2009
    i'm pretty excited about next week, are we gonna get a resolution to our cliffhanger, or more backstory?

    I have a fun filled weekend of really painful family drama and bullshit to look forward to... YAY!
    • CommentAuthorDan Kelly
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2009
    Hmm, first impression was dammit.

    However as it looks like we might see the crash, then huzzah! Various echos already mentioned, but the one I spotted was Karl talking about he and Kirk having the idea for a show of strength... didn't we have the two of them sharing their guilt a back in Volume 1?

    Wonder when we'll find out how they got to be FreakAngels...

    Not going to be able to make it to MCM as too much on this weekend already.
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    I knew it. I knew the experiment in psychological torture was too much for Mr. Ellis to resist continuing on his readership. I will feed his tezzers to stoats, damn it!!

    Great "early versions" of the characters, mind.

    And I'm still filled with dripping mucus cold demons.

    • CommentAuthorZJVavrek
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2009
    I really like Mark's smile on page 6. It's so charming and "Look at me, I'm a hero!".
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2009
    Hi Ariana, hope all is well!

    Nice flashback, finally get to see Mark! I really like seeing the Freakangels pre-disasterness. As always well done all around!

    Any other plans? Early Hallowe'en parties? Check in and let us know how you're all doing.
    I'm doing great! Rodrigo y Gabriela are playing tonight in Boston, a nice 5 minute stroll from my office. Their tour manager was kind enough to return an email I had sent and will be leaving an all access photopass for me at will call (woot!).
    Other weekend plans include cooking & driking whiskey.

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    Oh my. Time has been good hasn't it?

    Still here and still kick'n.
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    Oh boy, we get to see the world get fucked over! Hooray!
      CommentAuthorcity creed
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2009
    they all look so youthful and smooth and yet-to-be-abraded-by-cruel-circumstance
    and I'm happy to wait to find out about Kait - I have an awful feeling that that's going to be a traumatic ep and have no problem with putting it off for a bit while we enjoy some informative nostalgia.
    Lovely art-characterisation. Mark in a tracksuit, who woulda thunk it? Though it does make a certain kind of sense. Am hoping that when we meet him in current narrative time he will have a baseball cap, devil dog and can of extra-strength cider.
    did I say: yes
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2009
    Somewhere in the middle of a cold. Some asshole is upstairs banging a hammer on every piece of metal they can find. Accepting a counter-offer on a house today, which means the next two weeks are suddenly a lot more busy and stressful. It's cold and rainy and depressing outside, even with the pretty fall colors.

    Fine episode this week, ladies and gents. I always thought Luke was kind of Nick Cave-ish, and the suit and tie really completes that. And Mark! Yay for Mark! He's so cool and calm and OBVIOUSLY NOT UP TO ANYTHING AT ALL.

    Just to get my chronology square: they were on the run, THEN they punched a hole in the world? Yes? They weren't on the run BECAUSE they punched a hole in the world?
    • CommentAuthorFan
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2009
    The first thing I noticed was how ill-fitting or unpressed his suit is, on page 2 panel 1.

    Given that "ill-fitting" means at most "a few inches out of place", I'd like the congratulate the artist (named Paul I know but I'm being formal, as in "my compliments to the chef") on drawing such precise detail.

    I also thought that the ballistics of the helicopters on page 1 panel 1 was odd: in real life I'd expect them all to be more nearly vertical, unless they were suddenly accelerating or decelerating, which they wouldn't be doing IMO so low and so close to each other. So, it's cartoonish. But to make the introductory panel of the volume slightly but recognisably cartoonish, like 20% cartoonish as opposed to 100% 'realistic' as in subsequent panels, is neat, almost conventional: it sort of tells the reader, "Settle in, suspend disbelief, here's a story of ...", and makes the subsequent panels all the more highly realistic by contrast.

    The 'copters too remind me of SF pictures of a metropolis: if this were daylight and the camera aimed at street-level, I'd expect to see normal, everyday, high-population-density, pre-crash, able-to-sustain-technology life. It's ambiguous on whether we're looking at a police state.

    What's Connor wearing? I can't read it, his choker for example. Does it say something about him, place in him in a specific subculture?
    • CommentAuthorthud
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2009
    Episode 0073 only adds more questions to the continuing saga.
    No..... wait! .... What about... Kaitlin ? And KK ? And the medical emergency ? And who is that lurking ? And what about the daft girl with the shotgun ?
    Somewhere, someone is laughing that maniacal laugh again . . .

    Now, the way you REALLY leave them hanging is to build the tension and then cross-cut to another timeline with just a single frame of action, then cut back to another single frame, etc and so on.
    Just imagine how many bludgeoned monitors could result !
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    About time Warren started filling in the blanks. All those characters in the box shall just have to wait.