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    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2009
    This Sunday.
    2 am.
    Fall back an hour.
    Enjoy the sleep.
    Welcome the early sunsets.

    The hallway outside my apartment is cluttered with boxes in preparation for the mid-week move. On a Tuesday.

    Yesterday marked my very first 911 call ever, followed by a trip to the ER with one of my co-workers who may just have been having a heart attack. I fucking love being a librarian. I want to have this job forever. Not here. Not remotely here. Somewhere else. (at last report, my co-worker is doing well. no heart attack.)

    Adventures come in many colors: standing at the desk helpfully shouting 'guard!' in my kitten voice that travels nowhere. Seriously funny shit.

    I plan to have a cold tomorrow so that I do not have a cold next week. In my new apartment. After NaNo has begun. With pissy felines. And dealing with the time change and very early darkness evenings. No. No, thank you.

    Hope your Halloweens are wonderful and the time change is an added level of strange and unreal!
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    I hope I don't forget about the timechange, and come in to work late. Or early. Or whatever.
    Glad your co-worker is okay.