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    This is a thread where I am going to post music videos from acts I'm currently listening to. This will all be fairly new stuff.

    No-one else may post videos or links to this thread. This is for me. Comment if you like. No copycat threads, please.

    I begin with one of my summer's favourites, Zola Jesus.

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    hmm - i very much like the music, it's got a nicely orghanic industrial feel to it but i'm not sold on the vocals. i think they would drive me insane quite quickly.
    i generally prefer instrumental music though.
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    If you prefer instrumental music, then, yeah, obviously...!
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    I see they used the old make it sound like we recorded it from outside / the sound you get when your neighbours are playing something really loud two doors down trick and looks like they got the bloke who made the terrible 'story of the eye' film to do the video.
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    @Warren - Does it resonate with another group or piece of music that you've heard in the past? The sound is damn familiar to me, but I can't put my finger on it (and I'm pretty certain I haven't heard/seen this before).
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    @seantaclaus - I'm thinking probably Dead Can Dance, no?
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2009
    @seantaclaus - I hear some Jesus and Mary Chain in there too. In fact, you can pretty much sing the lyrics to "Just Like Honey" over the beat in this video. All that's missing is some really fuzzy guitar.
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    @Rachael Tyrell and Infomancer - It's entirely possible on both counts, though I'd need to refresh myself a bit on the Jesus and Mary Chain works. I still think there's something else there though.
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    Lucky Dragons:

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    The second Lucky Dragons video is like watching ANDY WARHOLS T-cell count drop.
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    Re: Zola Jesus

    It's pretty close to the "Be My Baby" beat by The Ronettes. Which JAMC also payed homage to. Warren wrote about it in a column for Suicide girls, I think. I also hear echos Heroes by Bowie as well. The piano sounds insanely familar too. Maybe it's just that good though. Really like the track.

    ETA: Also Atmosphere by Joy Division
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    The first thing that came to mind was the similarity with Bat For Lashes. The whole cavernous post-punk/pre-goth sound.
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    Love Lucky Dragons.....dayglo Steve Reich.
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    Well... not EXTREMELY modern. Last year. "Little Ones" by Parts & Labor. Really needs to be heard on CD, or at least high bitrate, so you can hear the "underpainting" of sample textures sent to the band.

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    The first thing that came to mind was the similarity with Bat For Lashes. The whole cavernous post-punk/pre-goth sound.

    I think that may well be a good chunk of it...
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    "Little Ones" by Parts & Labor

    It's like if you paired Bowie with The Doors and let Phil Spector record it and then Martin Hannet piss on it: Good stuff!
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    Horse Steppin' reminds me of John From Cincinnati. Deadwood being strained through washed-out surf abstraction.

    I dig it, but I think I dig it because of that.

    (Video wise, the moment at 0:3X, when the beach scene looks like it goes atomic, is amazing to me.)
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    I love Moon Wiring Club. And not just because I got their new record this weekend, which I am going to play tonight because I’ve been sick and/or unconscious with some weird bug since Friday morning. Oh no. (What if it cured me?) No, I love them because they do things like this, too:

    In 1982, Gelographic RadioTelevision co-broadcast a test transmission for the tentative BBC5 channel.

    Although the station idents were deemed a massive success, sadly the only known survivors of this viewing were unable to be traced, due to radiation issues. This archive footage has been recently unearthed, and provides a tempting glimpse into what those who watched through the smoked glass were able to see.

    The musical accompaniment, acclaimed in some quarters, features on the new Moon Wiring Club album ’Striped Paint for the Last Post’, due ’sometime’ November. Certainly before the feast of Syllabub in any case.

    Remember: confusing electronic music is a great British tradition.

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    Baron Mordant's package arrived today, so :
    Mordant Music - SyMptoMs
    Mr Maxted - Lives & Privacy ( in wonderful grey vinyl )
    Flying Lizards - Fourth Wall.