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    To be added to as and when I get the time and/or information. If details seem hazy, then that's often because they are and requests for clarity will get you nowhere. If something's not mentioned, it's probably not mentioned for a reason.

    First off, the brief story of my computer & backups death in 2008, which relates to most of the stoppages below.


    I am doing very little comics work right now. I have a couple of unannounced projects in the pipe, and that's about it.

    My six-issue run on SECRET AVENGERS commences with #16, out in August.

    ANNA MERCURY: look for a completion around Jan 2012.

    DOKTOR SLEEPLESS: Concluding issue will appear early 2012, probably as an extra-long issue.

    FELL 10: written, will be drawn whenever Ben has time. Am writing #11 right now. Ben's had some sad family/personal troubles of late.

    DESOLATION JONES: on hiatus. There was a general intention of returning eventually, at least to conclude the second story in some (possibly truncated) fashion -- all original notes and scripts lost, as with FELL and NEWUNIVERSAL. Of course, Wildstorm no longer exists as a publishing unit, so... assume the second book is a lost work, I think.

    NEWUNIVERSAL -- same. There are pages in hand, but I want to have rebuilt a couple more scripts before we restart. Am working things out with Marvel at present. Tom Brevoort at Marvel confirms here that it's "on the back burner." I think this is basically dead, Marvel have me under contract and are not pressuring me to return to this.

    STEALTH TRIBES: on the very slow boat. It's moving, but not high priority. Some script was lost. What's there needs rewriting, badly.

    SWING -- Not sure why #4 is not already out. Must be imminent. Completed many months ago.



    GUN MACHINE: due from Mulholland Books autumn 2012

    LISTENER: Dead. I lost almost 30,000 words in the computer/backup death. Officially cancelled a couple of years ago, and it won't be back.

    DO ANYTHING: second run is on pause at this time.

    WIRED UK: not writing them any more.

    SFX: not writing them anymore.

    Wrote a foreword for a forthcoming FINDER collection.



    Other media are VERY SLOW.

    RED 2: is just a script commission at this time, which the Hoebers are working on.

    CASTLEVANIA: No idea. I wrote it, they get to do what they want, whenever they want, my part is over.

    OCEAN: currently dormant, I believe.

    DEAD CHANNNEL: Dead at this time. Plans are afoot.

    GRAVEL: Writing it. No timeframe, don't look for one.

    GI JOE: RESOLUTE - DVD's been released. I haven't been asked to do any more.

    GLOBAL FREQUENCY - dead project, I believe.

    BLACK SUMMER - dead project, I believe.

    UNTITLED ARTHURIAN FILM that some people called EXCALIBUR -- dead project, I believe.

    I'm forgetting something, I'm sure.
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    What exactly is Dead Channel?
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    By the power of google, I give you this!
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    I love the "empty and boarded up computer shop, tech dying on the table, employees vanishing into the mists, and your computer long, long gone" thing... I mean, you know... you have my sympathies, and the guy dying is sad, but as far as going down in flames due to situations beyond your control go? That's up there. Big time.
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    Planetary Vol. 4 HC is solicited for shipping March 4th.

    Absolute Planetary Vol. 2 is solicited for shipping July 7th. New printing of Vol. 1 out the same day.
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    Is Morning Dragons completely dead?
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    BLACK SUMMER - in active development with a writer attached, Scott Ryne Pearson.

    Don't you mean Ryne Douglas Pearson?
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    Possibly I do, yes. Was a little early. Will edit later, ta.
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    Good to hear some news regarding the good Doktor! I anxiously await his return.
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    Can we expect a second Doktor Sleepless trade anytime soon ?
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    I haven't finished writing that which constitutes the second trade yet. It'll be mid-2010, maybe?
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    DId anyone catch this blurb in the December WIRED?

    Scott Brown on Film Reviews Written Before Cameras Roll

    Can we talk about how much the new Cameron Crowe movie sucks? I mean, seriously, what was going on with that freakin’ volcano? And all that nonsense about the Chinese antisatellite device? And hoo-boy, that far-fetched third-act turn — oh, hang on. You haven’t seen the movie? No worries, neither have I. Neither has anyone. It hasn’t actually been made yet — but the reviews are already in at Scriptshadow. A no-frills Hollywood blog, Scriptshadow is diabolically simple: An anonymous figure who goes by the nom de Net of Carson Reeves harvests scripts from a network of industry contacts (including hype-conscious writers and their reps). He reviews the screenplays, critiquing structure, story, and character development — basically their DNA. Scriptshadow analyzes a screenplay for flaws and mutations months before it goes into production and years before the premiere. (The Hoeber brothers adaptation of Warren Ellis’ graphic novel Red, starring Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman? Solid. Go see it — in like, a year or so.) The site is the 23andMe of flicks, reviews at the zygotic level, film criticism by amniocentesis. A precap, if you will. ...

    Anyway the blogger likes Warren (and removed links to the script) ...
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    Will there be a No Hero trade anytime soon? I only managed to pick up issue 1, and am eagerly awaiting reading the whole thing.
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    Will there be a No Hero trade anytime soon? I only managed to pick up issue 1, and am eagerly awaiting reading the whole thing.

    That's a question for Avatar.
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    Can we expect another novel in the future?

    Actually would you call Crooked Little Vein a novel?

    ... nevermind, it's right there on the cover...
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    BTNash -- Listener is a novel. It was listed near the bottom of the mostly comics list:
    LISTENER: Again, this is a reconstitution issue, I lost almost 30,000 words in the computer/backup death. It's not looking good. Don't ask. No schedule.
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    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2009
    @Warped Savant - Cheers for that
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    No Hero trade (in the US) out by the end of the month:

    Man, I hope Black Summer executes. By far my favorite riff on "apocalypse by superhero", though SuperGod is hella upping the ante.