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    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2009 edited
    There was, way back in the mists of... 2007... a recurrent meme among several comics art blogs. Reclaiming characters from their owners, I guess it could be broadly described as... people were reimagining abused characters (chiefly Supergirl) as artistic call-and-response various places, chiefly LiveJournal. In the aftermath of that, I did a similar thing on old messageboard The Engine, called REMAKE/REMODEL. They were embraced as technical exercises, bits of fun, ways to get the brain moving. I think most people's favourite was the dear late Mike Wieringo's wondrous retro-aristo Buck Rogers...

    I thought it might be an interesting thing to bring back here. So, once a week, I'll call a character, and you art types here can post images of your reinterpretation of that character.

    NOTE: NO MORE PHOTO-MANIPULATION "art". I'll just delete them. People have been drenching recent threads with several pieces at a time that they've knocked out in photoshop in 2 minutes with no thought at all. I consider this to be taking the piss now.

    NEW RULE: no more than TWO submissions by any one person in any one REMAKE/REMODEL.

    The point is REinterpretation: remake/remodel.


    Today I am evil. Also, I am busy. This character from 1940 has a one-line description on a wiki, and it is this:

    Zero the Ghost Detective would exterminate evil ghosts by any means necessary.

    Work with that!


    Your task, as ever, is to re-invent that into something a 21st Century audience could enjoy.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with, but bear in mind this is an ART thread. No pen-portraits. This is ART ONLY. Posting just a bunch of text, or a scribble and a vast number of words, will get the thread closed and your account banned.

    You have one week. Go.

    -- W
    • CommentAuthorKayne0X1
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2009
    has brilliant idea, can't draw for shit...why, oh why!
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2009
    ... Oh i'll have fun with this, my boy's nick name is Zero :)

    now, the question is, will I get it done in time?
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    A Good Ghost is a Dead Ghost
    D.S.A.E. Agent Zero is one of the very rare 'One-Footers' who have the proverbial 'one foot in the grave'-- and being half-ghost is a hard life, especially in this line of work.
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2009
    Excellent! Mr. Mitchell kicks us off with a BANG.
    Beautiful character design, lovely palette.
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    @Alexander Mitchell: OMFG, How fast was that???
    Neat illo ,by the way. Reaaaaalllyyy nice. And a great start, too.
    @Warren Ellis: It is evil, indeed. But also a good one.
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    I'm excited to see what other folks do with so little to start from...

    @Rooth: Thanks! An ectoplasmic headshot is a good way to kick off most anything.
    @JP Stargazer: Thank you, and yes-- it was a quick one for sure. There is much I wish I'd taken more time on.
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2009
    I know I'm not finished but I get antsy so here you go
    Zero, he loves his specters with lettuce, mayo, & tomato on dark rye. MMMMM!
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    @Alexander Mitchell, that's a really solid design! I definitely want to know more about the character you drew.
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    Alexander Mitchell: Wow! A great way to start things off. I love the "dial 0" detail, and the ghost getting blown away is neat-o!!!
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    Ohhh, nice start for this REMAKE/REMODEL threat. Here is my contribution for this "Zero" ...

    Zero Ghost Detective

    I've got to admit that at first this character was called "Lady Molotov" and is a test for a totally undefined project.

    More of my stuff at Les Fonds du Tiroir.

    Gosh, I just saw that I misspelled "exterminate" into "extermintate". Maybe because she loves to improve her cocktails with a mint perfume ...

    Ta !

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    Another nebulous concept to run riot with as some have clearly done already.
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    in before malcolm x in ghostbuster attire
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    What a terribly quiet REMAKE/REMODEL threat !?!?
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    I wrote the entry 22 hrs ago, but only pushed it live 13 hrs ago. It's fine.
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    Good news. I'm very curious about some participations about this "Zero" the Ghost Detective.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    Some of us (like me) have to push all kinds of paying work crap off the table before we can dive into the weekly soup that is REMAKE/REMODEL.

    I'll join up as soon as I extract some design money from a local Christian group who has a lot of cash to throw my way apparently...
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    in before malcolm x in ghostbuster attire

    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    Nice. A chance to run rampant. Looking forward to this one.
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    Wow 1 day gone by & only 3 entries! You guys must really be taking your time. I can't wait to see what you all come up with
    @ alexander - I really like your style. Kinda a Tim Sales thing there.
    @Kieran - Your Zero looks like a drinky girl. Ever spend time in Korea?