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    Matt Fraction is the writer of INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, UNCANNY X-MEN, CASANOVA, and a bunch of other stuff. In his previous life as co-founder of motion graphics studio MK12, he's made music videos, short films and, yes, a bunch of other stuff. He is husband to writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and progenitor of and warden to tiny human whirlwind Henry Leo Fraction.

    It's been a year or so since Matt last did a residency here, and he has stupidly kindly volunteered to come back for a week to answer any and all questions.

    So fire away, and Matt will get to them as best he can.

    Note: this thread is being watched, and obvious nutters will be disappeared. Disappearing you from Whitechapel is a one-button operation that takes a lot less effort than you expend in making new accounts and being a nutter in public. Plus, it amuses us.

    So, with that out of the way: please speak your brains to my friend Matt and make him regret volunteering for this. If you can keep him engaged, I think he may have some news for you by the end of the week.

    -- W
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    Hey Matt,

    Who designed your website? I'm figuring it was Ariana, but that question has been lingering on my mind.

    Thanks. Have a good week.
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    I asked Warren who said Hunky Dory, so What is your favorite Bowie album?
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    Hey Matt,

    How easy was it to convince Marvel to go with the 'radical' (well, in comics terms anyway) cover redesigns for Iron Man by Rian Hughes?
    Are they a temporary thing (connected to a story arc), or is it supposed to be a long term trade-dress?
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    Any updates on that Lincoln project?

    Also, I gotta say it was pretty cool how you parlayed the character/plot work done on The Order and exploited it for Invincible Iron Man, particularly with Pepper and Ezekiel. There was a fun sense of continuity there.

    Lastly, my nerd-squad D&D pals now fight a type of monster we call ZOBOs.
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    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    As someone who was completely suckered by the Casanova April Fool's joke... any Casanova news?
    • CommentAuthorj4k3
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    Hey Matt.

    Do you have any idea how long you'll be on Iron Man? Here's to hoping you maintain a death-grip on the book as Brubaker has done with Cap. Are there any updates on your Spider-Man project?

    I need an engaging documentary. Any suggestions?

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    Hello, Matt --

    My kids loved the Rachel-Grey-as-an-Elephant sketch you did at Baltimore Comic-Con, thank you! (I'm reasonably certain my daughter now wants to see an Emma Frost elephant, a thought that fills me with glee for reasons I'm not explaining to a six-year-old. Emma would be *mortified*.) I have a few questions, but I won't monopolize your time expecting you to answer all of them. If you have time to answer one or two of the following, I'd really appreciate it.

    What, if any, are the differences in your approaches to scripting Uncanny and Iron Man?
    What music do you listen to while you write?
    Do you have plans for any creator-owned projects in the next couple years? If so, can you discuss in general terms the sorts of things you're contemplating?
    Which of the characters you're currently writing do you find the most difficult to write, to get inside their head?
    Has moving to your current location affected how you collaborate, seeing as how you're living in the West Coast comics Bloomsbury? (That's complimentary and refers only to quality and influence of the body of work, please ignore/disregard all Bloomsbury-related-assumptions regarding elitism, infidelity of members, class origins, socialism, and sexual orientation.)
    Do you guys know, yet, if you'll be homeschooling HL?
    If you can, what percentage of your writing time is spent in the staring-into-space-thinking phase, how much in writing first drafts, and how much in revising?

    Again, I don't expect answers to all these. But any would be appreciated. I hope you and yours are well, and that HL gets over his "gentlemen's toilet" confusion soon. I recall that phase being really tedious.

    Thanks, and take care --

    Sigrid Ellis
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    Who designed your website? I'm figuring it was Ariana, but that question has been lingering on my mind.
    I may as well field this one: It really depends on which definition of "design" you mean. What you see on is all Matt -- he came to me with a photoshop mock-up and said "Hey, I want this. Do we have the technology? Can you build it?" My design is the invisible framework that holds all of the dynamically-generated content to that original spec via css and php -- very little of that is hard-coded design, so it can be reskinned in the future with little-to-no headache. So layout/aesthetic: Matt; implementation/hitting things with a wrench: Me.
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    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009

    You continue to blow my socks off with Iron Man. Thanks.
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    With the upcoming colorized Casanova arc, what's the plan in regards to the backmatter?
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    Casanova Questions! Why does volume two remain unavailable and what's this about a colourized future arc?
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    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    Hi Matt!

    Two things --

    As part of 'Blackest Night', DC is reviving several defunct titles (Suicide Squad, The Question, Starman, etc) for a single issue. Are there any Marvel comics (or indie titles, or canceled TV shows or whatever) that you'd like to see get a similar treatment? Or is better just to let things that are finished stay that way?

    Also, I really enjoyed watching the movie "Charley Varrick" based on your recommendation in the back matter of "Criminal". Are there any similar movies you can recommend?

    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    Are there any characters you're looking forward to bringing back into Uncanny X-Men? Any Marvel said you couldn't?

    Aside from Casanova, any more indie work coming from you?
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    whats up matt? i was going to ask why you stopped HOBO DARKSEID, but i guess its the kinda thing that cant go on forever or it will just be played out eventually. was that the case?

    also, i know you are a baseball dork (were you wearing a misfits pin on a baseball interview? haha, please say yes) but are you as big of an NFL/NCAA football fan? just curious.

    keep kicking ass...and i hope this new tease is what i think it is
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    Hey there Matt. Thanks for writing what you write. It's wonderful.

    Okay, now that the sucking up is out of the way... I know someone else already asked if you know how long you'll be on Iron Man for, but I was wondering the same thing about X-Men. Is there a set time for either series?

    The big news isn't going to be about Mantooth, is it?

    I miss that giant Ape...
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    haha, when i was doing a distro, people were way into MANTOOTH and 5 FISTS just for its balls out crazy. i totally second wanting more MANTOOTH!
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    Thank you for the great work on both Iron Man and X-Men! I'm wondering if you've thought about bringing The Mandarin back to the pages of Iron Man? What are your thoughts on the character?
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    Fraction! Thank you for the multi-character Elephant Starman drawing. I framed it.

    Casanova Album 2 Hardcover? Luxuria was so pretty I bought it even though I had the issues.
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    Matt, you do great work. I've loved just about everything I've picked up with your name on it. It's nice to have writers like Warren and you and Ed doing great work that you can depend on.

    I've got a general, sort of nitpicky question about the industry, I guess. I've noticed a trend in recent years of not titling stories. Is there a particular reason for that? I'm assuming it has something to do with trades, but I'd love to know the actual reason for it.