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    o you ever plan on picking up on any of the bits left over from Adam Warren's Iron Man: Hypervelocity? Either the characters or the Marvel Universe transhumanist subculture?

    I've thought about it. I really love his stuff, and think that book is criminally underlooked. I feel though, like, it's his- and i wouldn't want to screw up any plans he might have (if he has any. i don't know.)

    So great, that guy.
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    i... was gonna talk about the thing but now i'm not. whatever, moving on.
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    oh just, like, personal preference, I guess. I dig spot colors. It really let the line art shine. And those two, ya know, that's some fucking line art that should shine.

    yeah, we love it too but... well, trust me. it's not the same but it's all going to work out for the best.

    I suppose there's some part of me, the idealist or some other pretentious shit that hates when art, like capital A "art" doesn't get to exist in it's ideal form because people need to eat. But I don't pay my rent with a pocket full of dreams and I know none of you do either. So like, I don't begrudge anyone the deacision made. Or the necessity of the situation.


    yknow, clyde, the dean of my fine art dept. back in art school and my drawing teacher said to me once, when i'd protested doing some damn thing or the other by saying that doing so was a compromise, he sorta paused for a second and said-- not mean, not cruel or condescending, but honestly-- "But you've been compromising your entire life." And the truth of it hit me, and that urge to protest fell away. It's like xeno's arrow, or something-- you can measure halves to infinity or you can hit the target. which do you value more, and where do you draw the line?

    none of this really means anything but it made me think of it again.

    I remember when Cass was up for an award under "best black and white comic" or whatever it was. I remember you saying the cyan was to make sure that the B&W thing didn't persist. But it did. I know.

    ha! shit, i forgot that. yeah.

    And when I really think about it? I know, as I said, that you guys are going to do a fucking great job with the colors. I know it'll probably be Dave or Fabio doing it. And shit man, if it puts the book in more hands and helps make it the success if deserves to be, and keeps another, as you mentioned, non power ring, weird, different, interesting comic on the stands than that's all that matters. Sorry if it came off as otherwise.

    oh no, no, i was genuinely curious. i don't... like, i'm wary of appearing as if we're asking people to double-dip, is all. we're trying to find new stores, new eyeballs, and to satisfy anyone else that came back without... like, gratuitously dipping in the well. i've been straw-polling CASANOVA readers at shows for the last year about it and have had universally positive responses; i suppose i wanted to see how hyperbolic your statement was, or in what ways your statement was hyperbolic. if that makes sense.
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    All of us have the Casanova love, and can't wait for the next series. From my understanding, a large part of this is due to the justified increasingly popularity of Fabio and Gabriel (by the way-I'm super soaked for Day Trippers). But if you had your way, would you like to write Casanova so as to have the issues coming out much more frequently until completion (with book 7 correct?), or would you like breaks to get a breather, and rethink?
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    What do you think of Longbox, and digital distribution of comics in general? Particularly as a vehicle for smaller, more experimental comics that might have problems finding purchase in the direct market?

    well, i don't think that comics-- printed comics-- are going away for a long time, but i think that comic stores and publishers are. So digital is a new leg to try standing on. The medium isn't there yet-- by whcih i mean the hardware-- but the software surely is.

    and at this point ANYTHING that isn't in the top 50, top 100, has "problems finding purchase in the direct market", really.
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    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2009
    Thanks for the answer about Scott and Emma. I think both characters are really interesting but I have a hard time rooting for them as a couple because I feel like they don't treat each other very well. But that's just my personal reaction, and I'm glad to know you've thought about their trust issues and will deal with it more as Nation X goes on. Keep the stories coming, and thanks!
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    The 'backmatter' for Cass V3, do you know yet what/if it will be? (I enjoyed the BM from the previous albums, and understand your desire to NOT do that anymore)

    i don't think it's going to exist.

    Also:Also: Your favorite album, this year, thus far?

    hm. THE FAME. BLUEPRINT III. The new BARONESS. Wilco: The Album. The amazing WHERE THE ACTION IS set. THE LIFE OF THE WORLD TO COME. HAPPY MAN/SAD MAN. The Beatles stereo remasters. Umm...
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    Was there anything that ended up on the cutting room floor with Cass due to the page count or where you ended up taking the characters? Like, any instances where you thought up a character thinking they'd do A, and found them doing B when it came time to write it, or small beats you had to sacrifice to the big beats for the page count?

    I had a plan-- that i'll do somewhere, someday-- for issue three where it would've had three different endings, depending on what random copy you bought and we'd never announce it. but everybody would remember the ending differently because there were three different ones...

    Zeph was going to die at the end of the first arc, when i started writing, but that changed.

    um... the rest all just gets shuffled around and tabled for later.
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    and hey, thanks for digging the drake stuff. those books are amazingly good.
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    okay, on that note, i go now to rescue henry leo from whatever hijinx he has found himself wrapped up in. today's been kind of a wash, workwise, so it might not be until tomorrow that i come back.

    can't wait to get to tom's question, though.
      CommentAuthorJef UK
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2009
    Man, I am soooo psyched about all this Cassanova news!!
      CommentAuthorJef UK
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2009 edited
    Well, I'll be double (and triple - for color vol. 1) dipping on Cassanova. And not even begrudgingly!

    I really like your short stories (annuals and such). Any more of those coming down the pike?

    I have to say, it kind of frightened me when you knew my name this time at Baltimore Con. :) Is the con experience getting tiresome? It seems like it would be fun in year one of Marvel superstardom, say, and then you'd be over it after a spell. Not really a great question, I guess, but I have been curious about whether or not the con travelling experience just becomes wearisome. Sometimes creators just seem so tired and spaced out by Saturday, and it makes me consider creators' states of mind (listless, bored?) whenever you read "this guy / gal was a jerk to me at Wizard World Wherever!" And how do you pick which ones to attend?

    Anyway, it's always a treat seeing you on panels and at signings, so thanks for talking to me and for writing so many (different kinds of) comics that I love!
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    <blockquote>I saw earlier you mentioned Image said no, but have you considered the Casanova script book as POD?

    huh. no. um... i will now, though. we'll see.</blockquote>

    Awesome. I've loved seeing the script excerpts you've shown in the past, and would definitely buy a script book.

    Questions aplenty...

    Okay, so, there were plenty of differences between volumes one and two of Casanova, both in approach and content. And the break between two and three has been longer than it was between one and two, and you've had a bunch of life experiences (more dayjob comics writing, becoming a father, etc.) that may or may not feed into the masked autobiographical comic that is Casanova... Is there anything you're aware of already that you'll be doing differently this time out, either as far as approach and style goes (like the full-color stuff) or thematic content? Any tricks you're itching to try out, or issues you're wanting to talk about, or events you want to have happen in these peoples' lives?


    Thanks for taking time out to do this thread, Fraction. (And thanks for hosting it, Ellis.)
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    Oh, and I don't think anyone's asked you yet (apologies if they have):

    What COMICS are you reading these days?
    • CommentAuthorGoran F.
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2009
    Hey Matt,
    Thanks for answering my question, but now I have another one.
    Music related, have you heard of the band Quasi, that come out of Portland, OR?
    Chaotic, Pop, rock/blues explosions, here's a myspace link:
    And can I recommend the track "the rhino"
    I love these guys.
    Thanks for taking the time here too.
    My work productivity has dropped, but I'm loving the thread.
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2009
    @ joe.distort & r_sail,

    I can appreciate your love of Casanova but also agree with Matt's request to 'unclench' from the purism that the original colouring represents.
    That being said, I can't really see Matt, Gabriel & Fabio wanting to purposefully do their product a disservice purely to sell more books on the direct market.

    The B&W stigma really gets to me though.

    Oh.. and Sail is his real name. We've eaten many doughnuts together recently ;)

    donut make you feel good
    This is a 'seriously' good doughnut shop.


    @ Matt & Kelly Sue

    First of all, thank you both for stopping by.
    I'll save questions for later; as they still need to clarify in my head a wee bit.

    I did want to comment on what I perceive to be a relatively successful high profile that you've had on the internet.
    The mass communication with friends & family was also a primary motivation of my own since moving to New Zealand (from Canada) in early 2001.
    Being from an extremely small community has meant that everyone knows you and.... everyone knows your business. An adage that my father instilled in me was "keep your nose clean" as whatever you do in public directly reflects on your family, your professional reputation and standing within the community. Therefore, adapting oneself to the public forum that the internet represents wasn't much of a stretch for me.

    From your time at the Image forum I was always presented with a great deal of diversity in what was offered conversationally (ie recipes, sports, random pop culture bits, etc). I do appreciate (and support) the work you both produce but what endears me most of all is the fact the your simply behave like normal people. I'd hazard to say that the day-to-day Matt & Kelly Sue isn't terribly dissimilar to that of the Matt & Kelly Sue of the interweb.

    Thanks for listening!
    -John-Paul McCarthy
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    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2009
    @ Matt

    Ever have something mulling around in your brain that you want to write, but think would be a bad idea to put into words? Not just something you'd consider unworkable, or unmarketable, but a bad idea for your career? Like if it were too controversial, or too far out of left field, is that where editors come in handy? Or perhaps friends and family are better to bounce ideas off of?

    • CommentAuthorThe Brad
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2009
    Reading Casanova vol 1 while smoking huka, drinking redbull and listening to Their Satanic Majestie's Request is probably the greatest single comic-book reading experience I've ever had so... uh, thanks for that. You rock.

    Question Time: I know its gonna be a revolving door of Ba and Moon, but have you guys toyed with the possibllity of a guest artist somewhere? Y'know, like Paul Pope?

    Were you nervous about reactions to the end of Vol 2? Besides any usual anxiety an artist may have putting out work, I mean. Cause my fucking jaw hit the floor. Did not see that coming. At. All. And I loved it.

    Sorry if you've addressed any of these before.
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    Just had a thought... Have you guys considered going the Dark Horse or Avatar route with merchandise for Casanova?

    Us Casanovanauts can be pretty fierce, and I imagine that a short run of various bits of merchandise could go towards helping the book out financially. I guess the biggest issue there is that Image don't seem to do much (if any) merchandising, so you'd probably have to do everything from scratch yourself, which would probably not be worth it considering how much time & money you would likely need to invest.

    So, I've probably answered my own question, but if you've got any thoughts on merch I'd love to hear 'em.
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    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2009
    Hey matt, welcome to oregon! im a former portlander myself, born and rasied there. anyway, i want to ask you about your thoughts on writing iron man. i saw in various interviews, you said that you thought tony had to "pay" for his mistakes. so whats your personal opinion on that? do you think tony fucked up in civil war? on a personal note, i have loved everything youve done on invincible iron man, and i cant wait too see what stark disassembled has in store for tony. also, is everything thats happened between tony/thor & steve since civil war going to be addressed in some manner? i would think it would have too with them reuniting for siege. thanks for your time.