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    Changing gears, I found it intriguing to learn that you and your wife met on Our Sainted Host's old forum. If it's not too personal, can either of you recall what post or topic shifted your thinking from "I always enjoy reading this person's comments" to "I believe that I should like to meet this person for conversation and possibly procreation"? Again, please blow this off if it's too personal, but I thought there might be a funny story or two to be had.

    Matt/Kel: it's okay to not answer this one. But I can't stop laughing.
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    Ha! I honestly can't remember if the KICK SPLODE thread was before or after...? Fraction can tell the story, though. HL's complaining that his ears are hurting him and I need to go call his doctor.
    • CommentAuthorhank
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    So wait, LARP is like indie Drama Production? Damnit I have been doing it all wrong! ;)
    • CommentAuthorMathC
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    The Mandarin bio sounds cool. I hope it focuses on the years before getting the rings. The rings put me to sleep.

    Am I alone in thinking that Mandarin is this cool martial arts villain/criminal mastermind who was ruined by giving him cheesy zapper rings? It's like giving Kingpin the laser-cane; it just detracts from what actually makes the villain cool instead of adding something.

    The Knaufs made him a million times cooler just by mostly ignoring the rings. His coolness is, like, inversely proportional to ring-cheese.

    So I suppose my question is, does the Mandarin bio focus mostly on the gritty pre-ring era or after he gets the rings-o-cheese?
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    Question for FABIO MOON -

    Any chance of publishing Quase Nada as a book? I like the Quase Nada posts on flickr; it would be great to own a collection.
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    Any chance of publishing Quase Nada as a book? I like the Quase Nada posts on flickr; it would be great to own a collection.

    "Quase Nada" is a weekly strip Bá and I have at São Paulo's biggest newspaper. We started it a little more than a year ago, so we still don't have enough material for a book, but we talked about it with some publishers. We would love to have it in books, we just need another 100 pages.
    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    I seem to recall a comment about bleeding eyes. I have an exceptionally weird memory that drags up stuff like that and I'm not freakish or anything. Honest.
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    Questions for Mssrs Aja and Moon;

    - Are there any 'how to' or comics theory or art theory books you'd recommend?

    Hey Nick, I only read those two Eisner books. They were great. Eisner was great in making you think of character posture and mood of a scene. And pacing. I also have the Scott McCloud ones, they also seem very good, but I only got them last year, so I guess I learned everything before that.

    The best way to learn it is doing it every day. And when you're done, show it to people to see what they liked and what they disliked. Comic books only work when they're read, so it's essential that people can understand what you're trying to tell.

    - What do you do about the things you suck at drawing? ie: for me, anything that isn't a person is going to look like arse...

    I practice. I face my challenge until I get better. If you're good at something and terrible at something else, and you have to draw both things, the thing you're terrible at will draw more attention to the reader. Flaws always draw more attention, so you have to keep practicing until you get better, until you have an uniform style. You can avoid drawing stuff you suck at when you're writing your own stories, because you simply don't write anything you can't draw, but to draw somebody else's script, you can't run away from the fact that drawing is a craft you need to practice and nurture and not just fun.

    And finally; what's your favourite cheat? Like, I know I can fake up a light source and its resulting shadows pretty easily by picking one or two sides of the object and chucking some colour onto them. And by doing so, I can make a five minute line drawing look a whole lot better. (btw, no judgement intended with the use of the word 'cheat', substitute 'technique', 'trick', 'illusion').

    Drawing is an illusion. Everything is choice. And comics were made to tell stories with images that stand still. In the reader's mind, the stories move, the characters gesture and hug and punch and jump. If you make a good comic book, the story will gain life and movement in the reader's mind. My favorite cheat is comics.
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    You don't have to deal with a fucking agent (not for a while, anyway)

    I lifted this from an earlier reply by Kelly Sue, because I went "Ooh! There's a question in there!"

    So: At what point did you feel it was necessary to get an agent (I assume from Kelly's 'not for a while, anyway' comment you have one now) to exploit venues outside of comics?
    And was getting agent representation a horrible task or were you familiar with being repped during the MK12 days?
      CommentAuthorEthan Ede
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    @ fabiomoon
    Drawing is an illusion. Everything is choice. And comics were made to tell stories with images that stand still. In the reader's mind, the stories move, the characters gesture and hug and punch and jump. If you make a good comic book, the story will gain life and movement in the reader's mind. My favorite cheat is comics.

    This is one of the best things I have ever read. I am going to buy the next book I see with your name on it, even if I already own it.
    • CommentAuthorr_sail
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    To everything from befor this bit, totally. No need to point for point, because, yeah!

    oh no, no, i was genuinely curious. i don't... like, i'm wary of appearing as if we're asking people to double-dip, is all. we're trying to find new stores, new eyeballs, and to satisfy anyone else that came back without... like, gratuitously dipping in the well. i've been straw-polling CASANOVA readers at shows for the last year about it and have had universally positive responses; i suppose i wanted to see how hyperbolic your statement was, or in what ways your statement was hyperbolic. if that makes sense.

    so... Yeah there's some hyperbole there. There's some truth there, too. But it's not all like, "sell outs!" I'm 29. I'm well past all the art school idealist bullshit. I mean, some part of me retains some sense of it...? Or, like... The comics industry breaks my heart. That Casanova, as originally invisioned/intended isn't supported by the market place - be it shelf space taken by a cheaper book, or people not digging black and white because it's somehow 'lesser' or or or...

    But I get it. It's not a big deal. I'm on board. Full color? Yeah, I trust you guys. Fabio and Gabriel have expressed their opinions on color enough times that I know it won't be shit. That they and you keep making this book despite the money of it all means that you do it out of love - I know you certainly do -so, it's made with care and concern for the product. It'll be great.

    I can't wait to see it. I can't wait to read Luxuria and Gula again and get to see them with fresh eyes! This is where I have to gush for a second - see, Casanova came along at a point where I was loosing a lot of my love for comics in general. For whatever reasons. Then Cass came out and I figured 32 pages for $2? Matt is pretty funny on The Engine and I've talked to him a bit about the book prior and it sounds great so...

    and there it was, man. Everything a comic should be. And could be. And was. In my hands. It was perfect. In that moment? It was perfect.

    So yeah, Luxuria re issue? Already purchased. Sight unseen. I'll double dip no problem. For my own enjoyment. To help support a comic that is part of the reason I still read these fucking things at all. To help support the three of you. No worries here.

    Will I miss the spot colors and the back matter? Totally. But it's like that girlfriend you had to let go because, much as you love her, and she you, it just wasn't ever going to be what it should be. Or what it could be. And you both deserve that. So yeah, there's some hyperbole. But there's some honesty, too. But it's not like I'm going to stop loving the book just because of a format change. It's the stories and the characters that I love. The spot colors were just an ornimental thing that hung on the parts that mean something, ya know?

    You guys deserve to make money on this book and if this is what makes that happen? Good. I'll help in any way I can.

    Questions: When you made Cass' weird brain stuff spiders, did you know there's a spider named Luxuria?

    And how will going to a regular format (22 or 32 pages) effect the 'super compressed' (Luxuria, anyway) nature of the book? Gula was a bit different, but...

    So, hope my rambling shit answered your questions as well as you've answered ours. Honesty, thanks for doing this. Thanks for the dialog with me. Thanks for caring what one fan thinks. Hope you guys can make it up to Emerald City this year and I can make you sign all, at least, 14 issues of CASANOVA and my Iron Fist Omnibus! Ha ha

    Thanks again,
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    Hey Matt, I'm a big fan. Thanks for doing this interrogation, there have been lots of interesting responses.

    I can't think of a good question, so I'll ask you a dumb nerdy question: what's your Xbox Gamerscore?
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    I love how this has turned into MATT FRACTION TEAM-UP.

    @John Q — There's always Panel & Pixel, the comic creator forum, too. Lots of artists and writers there, from all over, producing comics in whatever format and whatever skill level. Speaking as someone who put it off for many, many years and then finally started doing it — the biggest obstacle is that part of your brain that's saying, right now, "I can't do it because of [my location, my skill level, my...]."

    One you defeat your own brain in single combat, the rest ain't that hard.
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    Looking back, I find that I really enjoyed the Knauf run on Iron Man. I did like the reveal about his rings... and how Tony dealt with it ;)

    Your mention of Emerald City ComicCon just reminded me that I have the tail end of a return flight to Vancouver this coming March (possibly the 9th). Depending on work contracts, I may have to hit up the Con with you.


    Also... to some of the budding creator's out there; a few suggestions to get your art out:

    A) Open a flickr account and a blogger (or wordpress) account. Both are free and easy. Write about your work & post up samples.
    B) The Deviant Art site is also quite a large resource for artist's and designers too. Well worth a look.
    C) the Art & Moving Pictures thread here on Whitechapel has a lot of people requesting artist's and Warren's ongoing Remake/Remodel which is often funny as hell.

    Also.. Brandon is correct, Panel & Pixel is all about the craft. It kicked off where The Engine forum left off.
    Plenty of alternative ways to get your work out there. Don't want to derail a terrible amount so I'll cut it short.

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    Hi Matt & co. !

    I remember the WEF very fondly, as it was my first introduction to comicbook-related communities on the internet, or even communitites and/or the internet in general... And a pretty harsh introduction indeed, but so very memorable for so many reasons, and I'm glad I still recognise some names from those days at the online haunts I hang out nowadays.

    Now. I got on the WEF, just missing one of its most monumental milestones, one of those memorable memes, and I always wondered what exactly it was about...

    "Fuck You Fraction."

    What the hell was up with that?
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    holy crap art garfunkel reads comics
    • CommentAuthorr_sail
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    No, Art gRafunkle reads comics.

    @JP: hell yeah, brutha!
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    "Fuck You Fraction."

    What the hell was up with that?

    Lemme field that, to save some of Fraction's little grey cellmeats: there was a WEF-related meetup, a restaurant or a bar, that Fraction was going to try and get to but eventually couldn't make. I remember him being on the road a LOT during the MK12 days. And the people at the meet decided to give him shit for it. There was a parade of photographs of people (including, I think, their waitress) giving the camera the finger, with the caption "Fuck you, Fraction."
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    >Any chance we'll see you teaching a comics course at Portland State University, a la Diana Shutz and Brian Bendis?

    If I'm invited? I'd love to. that'd be amazing. The brief times I've taught before were fantastic experiences.
    In that case, I'll put in a good word for you with the faculty member who hired Brian. This being a small town, it was surprisingly easy to get ahold of her e-mail...
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    Back from the doctor's office -- HL has a nasty ear infection that came on so fast... I can't even describe it to you. We were fine, having a lovely morning, then "Mommy, my ear hurt." Then okay, mild fussing, I debate whether or not to take him to school ::whistle:: ::whistle::, wake Fraction and ask if he thinks HL should go to school. We agree to call the doctor and ask them. Doc says might as well bring him in...::whistle:: ::whistle::... no big deal. Then BAM! INCONSOLABLE FREAKING OUT SCREAMING AND PAWING AT HIS EARS.

    Not a good morning.