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    oops, i fucked that up:

    And finally, any advice for someone planning to break into the industry from somewhere not one of the 'powerbases' of the industry?

    see, i don't think geography is relevant anymore. getting to cons is always going to help put names to faces but i suspect studious and diligent work online, if backed by real quality and vision, will out.

    i'm not terribly connected to a lot fo that stuff so the specifics i don't know but... it's all out there, and it's all looked at, believe me. good luck, man.
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    (Matt — mind shooting me an e-mail at The director of the Stumptown Festival/my housemate would like your contact info.)
    • CommentAuthorDC
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    Question to Fabio.
    I recently bought 10 Pãezinhos Crítica (some of us know your work in Portugal;) )and though I really loved the stories, I’m curious, is there any way we’ll see those stories in English someday? Not for me but for those fans out there (and here) who don’t know what they are missing.

    To Matt.
    Could you reveal a date for Casanova reprints? Even if it’s just a general idea? Please?
    Why don’t you read your stories once they are published? I can understand, I only read mine a long time (like, half an year) after being published so I can make a cold judgement but never? Don’t you feel tempted or something?

    Hope HL is feeling better. Otitis are the worst, I had a lot whn i was a kid.
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    Matt--here's a question I finally got: Is one of the reasons why you had requested this was because it has some of the benefits of doing a con, but from the safety of your home, family, and boxers while at the computer vs. missing your wife, son and pets and dealing with con crud, lost work time, etc.?

    oh, no, far less weighty than that. brian did a twitter-bomb interview this weekend which I had been toying around with doing, and then he did it and it reminded me again i hadn't done an open Q&A in a long time-- six months, maybe? on brian's board-- and since i don't read twitter replies and the last time i was HERE i was still on ORDER and IRON FIST... just seemed like a fun thing to do.
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    today's been all fucked up. i should work but there's a mountain goats show tonight and i really want to read SUPERGOD. gonna go buy comics and come back and see how little man is doing. this might hvae to continue later on tonight.
    • CommentAuthorfod_xp
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    @ Matt, I didn't mean any offense with my second question. But personally, I would love read a mini or something with Greg Land photo referencing the panels and having funny dialogue. Heck, I thought about this idea when I first read Ex Machina (Tony Harris was the artist). From there I thought it'd be a funny idea to mess with comic fans by doing a series with all sorts of shenanigan, and ridiculous faces. Heck, have Tony Harris and Greg Land as alternating artists.

    The intention of this would be poking fun at comics in general, and having a good laugh. I mean even I crack up at some of Tony Harris' panels because of his photo referencing. (I like Tony Harris' art, go figure) :)

    My point was if photo referencing is okay for normal comics, why can't Greg Land for Tony Harris not have fun with Photo referencing panel for laughs.

    I remembered a featurette from the Mask Movie, that the CG artists found they had more fun using CG for comedic effects.

    Anyway, bye
    • CommentAuthormindcrime
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    another iron man question matt: if i did my math right and marvel is planning to do this, iron man should hit issue #500 in 2010 sometime....if they revert back to his original numbering like they did with cap & it only makes since they would do that with iron man too. any news or thoughts on that?
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    Question to Fabio.
    I recently bought 10 Pãezinhos Crítica (some of us know your work in Portugal;) )and though I really loved the stories, I’m curious, is there any way we’ll see those stories in English someday? Not for me but for those fans out there (and here) who don’t know what they are missing.

    Bá and I did some short and medium stories from 2001 till 2005 (I think). We were making stories without a place to publish them (three were originally made for anthologies). We showed some of them to Diana Schutz and she said to keep doing it while she convinced her boss to publish them. In Brazil, most of these stories saw print in this book, "CRÍTICA", and they already saw print in the US as well, in a book called "De:TALES", published by Dark Horse in 2006. "De:TALES" even has more stories than Crítica, because it also had stories we had published before Crítica, and two stories we made after it's release.
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009

    First off, thanks for Invincible Iron Man.

    Second, what do you have to say for yourself now that I have Lady Gaga stuck in my head?
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    (@Fabiomoon — I quite liked De:TALES, btw. Nice work.)
    • CommentAuthorGoran F.
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    Hey Matt,
    I'm gonna get greedy and ask one more question.
    Just wondering if you read any Manga?
    There's some crazy shit out there and wondered if you had any stuff you can recommend?
    Or anything that blew your fucking mind?

    Also, wanted to say the Aja work in Daredevil #500 was fucking awesome!!!!!!!
    And "Best....Whitechapel thread....EVER!"
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    Matt, I'd like to talk about a very serious subject: HOBODARKSEID.

    What the fuck? Why is he in a dumpster? Did things just not turn go his way? Was it a healthcare-related bankruptcy? Multiple ex-wives and illegitimate children?

    Is this a company-loyalty thing? Fuck DC, eh? Surely, you love Jack Kirby's Fourth World stable. Perhaps HOBODARKSEID is a subtle commentary on how far the character has fallen since leaving his original steward? </snark>

    When will HOBODARKSEID come back? We miss him.

    Now I'm gonna try an INSIDE THE ACTOR'S STUDIO type of thing: May I speak with HOBODARKSEID now?

    HOBODARKSEID, how are you?

    HOBODARKSEID, why so angry?

    HOBODARKSEID, if God exists, what would would like him to say to you when you arrive in Heaven?

    Thanks, Matt .
    • CommentAuthorales kot
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    Give me your Top 5 of The New Pornographers songs, please.
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009 edited

    did i just write jean-luc godard into a script? on panel?

    yes. yes i did.

    in my secret invasion thing, i wrote an almost-splash homage to WEEKEND and found it both hilarious and sad when i realized i'd made poor nick postic rent it as reference in a book about superheroes fighting aliens. or rather, i hadn't MADE him do it, in fact i explicitly told him it was an absurd thing to have written and he should probably ignore it, but he didn't.

    and he totally nailed the homage.
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    I'm a youngly man with a taste for the comics and I have a question for you.
    Do you have any advice for someone who wants to break the industry?
    Thanks for doing this,
    Chipford Z. Zdarsky
    • CommentAuthorThe Brad
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009 edited
    Thanks for answering my question, Matt, and I anxiously await more Cas in any form.

    P.S. you both (WARREN, MATT) fail at Bowie. Its goes Station to Station, Diamond Dogs, Young Americans, Scary Monsters (really Warren, how is that not your favorite? Its got Dystopia,sissy 80's music, and snarling rebellion all rolled up into one!) and plenty of Blow. Lots and lots of Blow.

    It just occurred to me that I talk wayyy too much Bowie around here.
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    Monsignor Fraction, hello.

    Two questions:

    1. I've been wondering for a while your thought process behind Tiger's Beautiful Daughter (from Immortal Iron Fist) being scantily clad except for carefully placed belts. Is there a lens or reference or a piece of culture or larger conversation you had in mind when designing her character? (I mean this as respectfully as possible.)

    2. As a fellow Chicago Cubs fan, do you think your child will see the Cubs win a World Series in his lifetime?

    Also to Mr. Ba, though certainly not to the exclusion of any of the creators here: Please don't stop doing Umbrella Academy. Who'se idea was it to have the Earth go Pop from the perspective of the robot on the moon? That was an inspired touch.

    (The edit was to make the spacing a little clearer.)
      CommentAuthorDavid Aja
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2009
    - Are there any 'how to' or comics theory or art theory books you'd recommend?

    I would recommend comics. McCay, Eisner, Krigstein, Kirby, Ditko, Miller, Kane, Steranko,Breccia, Crepax, Muñoz, Mazzucchelli, Toth, Raymond, an on and on... I think comicbooks are the best theory books, at least reading them is the way I have learn.
    Both Eisner and McCloud have great theory books were they study the subject , but for example, I think you can learn much more reading 'the Spirit' than 'Comics and sequential art'.

    What do you do about the things you suck at drawing?

    Same I do if I find a difficult question to answer.

    what's your favourite cheat?

    Not sure if there is one. But for sure one good thing about deadlines is that, sometimes, you look for a faster way to do some complicated stuff that you had in mind, that turns into something with better narrative and visual solution that you would have not found if you would have had more time.
      CommentAuthorDavid Aja
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2009
    What was your working relationship with Ann Nocenti (!) like and how much does her, or Matt's, scripting dictate the layout of a page?

    Thank you sir!

    Working with Annie has been great. I asked Warren Simons (DD editor then) for getting her for a short story for #500 and he did!
    Annie and I start talking about story for the very first and there was lot of communication during whole process.
    At last there was kinda a final script, but was a very opened one, with some suggestions but definitively not a closed layout, it was more like some kind of novel, there was far more stuff than I drew, and some other stuff I did by own. Was a great experience, maybe we will do something else together in a near future, we are still in touch.

    Well, about fights, Matt also knows that usually I do not follow script exactly, it is not the same a drawn fight than a written one. When drawing you have to think on panel composition, size, diagonals, strikes movement direcction and all that stuff for let the fight flows.

    About the style yeah, little experiment, I tried to do it in a more 'iconic' way. Closer to design? well, design is always very important in a comic book, isn't it? sometimes even more important than to know how to draw.
    A comic is for being read, so I tried to do pictures for being read not pictures for being looked, does this have any sense?
    I asked Matt Hollinsworth for doing flats because I thought it would fit the kind of style I was doing and also, I think that if you render to much a picture, it will stop it. And, as usual, he did a fucking great job.
    I also did sound FXs and tittle by hand, I wanted to lettered it by my own but it was not possible, anyway, Chris did a great job too.
    I'm thinking a lot lately about how to get text and picture just a whole thing andzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...oh god, I'm still writing?
      CommentAuthorDavid Aja
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2009
    "Happy Birthday Danny", Iron Fist #16, it is one of the fav things I have done cover to last page, Matt knows, and I could not give him thanks enough for writing that script, let me do that paranoid meditation scene and let me finish our run with a whole black page.
    By the way, did somebody notice the 33 on the cover?